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Above is the Live Stream from Psychic TV. If you have Sky, you can watch Psychic TV on Channel 886 24 hours a day.
Are you aware your internet stream is down and has been all morning ?

Shouldn't someone check sometimes?

Down again Huh
(23-02-2011 11:49 PM)Muffins Wrote: [ -> ]No sound Sad

Apologies Muffins,

We have experienced technical dificulties with the Live Stream .We take it as a matter of utmost emergency so we will bring both sound and vision your way very soon!
Thank you for your patience

Love and Light

Psychic TV
I just love Tamara, she's so pretty don't you all think?
is it just me that this is down for? its got the tel numbers and everything but no sound and a black background?
Is Layla due in the studio anytime soon?? Thanks
Not working today..all black someone should always check..
Hi guys. I'm so excited. Iv just got tickets for COLIN FRY. At the swallows liesure center in sittingbourne, kent. Its on the 14 July. The tickets were only £15. Amazing. So chuffed. Hope to see some of you there
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