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Full Version: Trial date set for TV pyschic Sally Morgan's libel case against Daily Mail
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A trial date has been set for TV psychic Sally Morgan’s libel claim against Daily Mail publishers Associated Newspapers.

Morgan is suing over an article published on 22 September 2011 headlined “What a load of crystal balls!”, which alleged that she pretended to have psychic powers when she was in fact simply repeating instructions from members of her team via a microphone and hidden earpiece.

Morgan, who was Princess Diana's former psychic, claims the story caused substantial damage to her reputation, as well as hurt, distress and embarrassment.

The libel trial is due to start on 10 June and has been scheduled for three weeks.

The story was widely reported in the national press at the time but Associated Newspapers is the only publisher named on the writ. It was written as an opinion piece by the magician and former psychic Paul Zenon.

The Daily Mail published another article on the same day – headlined 'Only the lonely believe in ghoulish psychics'– which repeated the substance of the allegations.

Morgan is seeking aggravated damages, citing the serious and offensive nature of the allegations which effectively accused her of perpetrating a deliberate fraud on the public, which struck at the heart of her professional and personal reputation, integrity and honesty.

In her High Court writ, Morgan described herself as a professional psychic and claims to have privately helped numerous people overcome traumatic or emotional situations.
I don't know much about Sally Morgan... but I do know that I have seen some strong evidence to suggest she may have been being fed information through an ear piece, which she is seen clearly wearing. And I believe the magician in question was the one who actually backed up what he was saying with some strong evidence, in the wake of members of the audience hearing her being fed information.

Only Sally knows the truth, but unfortunately, the fact she has been damaged by the articles and the related hoohah surrounding her ear piece, people being over heard giving her information etc etc, does suggest there may be something to it?

I hear a lot of stuff about the bigger named psychics and I take it all with a pinch of salt unless someone gives me evidence, and sadly in Sally's case, there was some evidence to back up what was being said.
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