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Full Version: Marcus Starr
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Nice to see the return of Marcus Starr on Psychic Today, heres a clip of him when he made his debut on Psychic TV
No idea if this guy is any good or not, but he was part way through a text reading when he got a call, promised to go back to it after the call and didn't.

It may not have been deliberate of course, but it makes both Marcus and Psychic Today out to be at best disorganised and at worst a total con.
I saw Marcus logged on to a call for ages the other day and thought he must be good. It took so long to get hold of him only for him to start saying the most disgusting sexual things that made no sense whatsoever. I hung up. Absolutely rubbish.
MarcusStar on Psychic Today for me was pretty good, fast, accurate and got straight in there. He was correct on a bad neighbour i was having trouble with at the time. I never found him pervy at all, quite chatty and friendly but certainly not offensive in any way. Mind, that was a few years ago I read with him.
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