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Brick Tarot cards :)
Posted by: curiouscat - 19-02-2018 05:31 PM - Replies (1)

If there’s anyone with any experience with tarot your insight will be greatly appreciated.

I’ve had a lot of readings and felt uncomfortable when readers would mention what cards they drew for me and not fully understand their meaning so I decide to study tarot just to educate myself.

I had a reading where I asked the question why a man I had been dealing with who didn’t want commitment kept returning every time I walked away basically asking what his intentions were. The page of pentacles and the fool came out. How would you interpret this ?

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  10 Bizarre Facts About Lupercalia, The Original St Valentine’s Day
Posted by: mecheeta - 18-02-2018 08:30 PM - No Replies

Long before we started giving cards to girls to let them know that we choo-choo-choose them, the Romans were celebrating love in their own way. Every February 15, they held Lupercalia—the original Valentine’s Day.The holiday has gone through a few changes over the past few thousand years. But don’t worry—if you’re hoping to celebrate a truly traditional Valentine’s Day this year, Listverse has you covered. We’ll let you know everything you need to do.


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  All aboard the ghost express: London's 11 most haunted underground train stations rev
Posted by: mecheeta - 10-02-2018 09:18 PM - No Replies

bit old but fun nevertheless

Halloween revellers may not be the only high spirited apparitions to watch out for if you're travelling around London this weekend.

Zombies, witches and goblins aside, Brilliantly British have revealed the eleven spookiest cases of the ghosts that are said to haunt some of the busiest railway stations in London.

With the underground network dating back to 1863, from Liverpool Street to Elephant and Castle, the subway stations blighted by otherworldy sightings and the frightening tales behind them are explained.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel...z56jqsEcku
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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  Samantha Hamilton
Posted by: _ps_user_ - 05-02-2018 10:10 PM - Replies (7)

Just out of curiosity..

Has anyone ever tried Hamiltons' sister ?

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Thumbs Down Psychic apps
Posted by: curiouscat - 05-02-2018 09:29 PM - Replies (2)

I’m yet to see a Thread on here on psychic apps and text services

I’ll review the ones I’ve tried for anyone interested.

In regards to apps I’ve tried psychic txt & fotunica

Fortunica has a few decent readers but it’s cheap if you’re willing to try it. the only readers that seemed half decent are Tracey, Kate P and Lorraine. The rest are hit and miss and some are just Awful. There’s a reader on there I asked if I had been scammed out of my money and she told me this man was a genuine man and turns out the man was professional fraudster the psychics name was bigi scholl.

I’m new to psychic txt

I’ve tried the highly recommended psychics

Ferne, Diane, Shawn P, Tommy, sherry, Barbara, Amber and I had a live reading with April.

All of them told me my relationship is far from over except Shawn P who told me it was time for me to move on as this man wasn’t for me. Diane gave me a prediction for positive change for 2-3 weeks it’s been officially 4 as of today and still nothing I went back to her again but this time for a general reading she mentioned me making some personal changes for myself before any love energies can fully come In which left me confused but she validated very well in regards to other things.

My live reading with April seemed accurate but something stood out to me, I’m questioning how she managed to connect with me, type up that long in-depth response she gave me all in under 2 minutes. I was gob smacked however she did give me a prediction for 6 months from now.

Barbara and tommy didn’t give me dates but their readings were pretty similar by telling me this is a temporary break.

The highly rated amber gave me a very basic reading, wasn’t in-depth at all didn’t provide dates just told me all will be well in my relationship if I practice some patience and positivity.

I am not a fan of texting psychic lines, I especially don’t like their promotional messages they send because I don’t actually know if they are personal or they send the same message to everyone. Michelle Knight service pissed me off the other night they kept sending me a message telling me they had a message for me from the spirit world which I responded to and got a generic reading in turn. I am yet to find any good text services

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  Have you ever had a rude psychic?
Posted by: Dee Dee - 05-02-2018 08:41 PM - Replies (4)

Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to this forum having joined less than a week ago.I use a lot of readers over the past. Ive come across some readers who I have found quite abrupt & want to know if any of you have had the same experience.

KESA I found to be v snappy & cold. Her reading for me was based on psychology that mans behavoir which didnt really interest me much because I wanted to know my future about him. I know men go in mood swings & things, I know they have pride & blah blah blah, when I said I wasn't interested in that could she give me my future she became quite sharp & cold. I didn't like her attitude one bit. I'm sure she's good for some but that put me off her & wont use her ever again.

DEE WELLS is another one I found to be rude. I couldn't get much word in because she kept on talking & wasting all of my minutes. I didn't even have much chance to ask her a question either. Found her rude & arrogant v full of herself. A lot of guesswork involved & validations v standard. Some readers think they are gods. Another one I wont use.

TANGERINE was negative, I dont mind being told what I dont want to hear but she came across as cold & unfeeling. Nothing was delivered with any compasion. Her valids were completly off.

I would not use any of them 3 readers again. Clarity is another one who's rude but in a different sort of way. She's weird.

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  Eclipse 2018: Today’s blood moon to trigger SATANIC SEX RITUALS
Posted by: mecheeta - 03-02-2018 10:03 PM - No Replies

TONIGHT’S super blood blue moon will be accompanied by a massive rise in SATANIC RITUALS with Satanists promising human and animal sacrifice and bizarre acts of sexual promiscuity.

The end of January and beginning of February is already an important time in the calendar for Satanists – but tonight’s once-in-a-lifetime conjunction of a blue moon, blood moon and lunar eclipse has sent some Devil-worshippers into a frenzy.

Across Britain and the world Satanic covens are expected to convene ‘workings’ where Lucifer will be summoned. Some online forums are even suggesting human and animal sacrifice will play a part.

During a recent full moon Satanic ritual one of the famous Dartmoor ponies was found in a circle of fire with its tongue, eyes and genitals mutilated and belly slit from end to end. The mutilations had been conducted while the pony was alive.


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  What happens when you die? 6 people
Posted by: mecheeta - 03-02-2018 06:40 PM - No Replies

It is the one thing in life that is a guaranteed to happen.

For many, death is both fascinating and scary. It is the last mystery of life and largely remains unknowable until your time comes.

Despite massive advancements in science and technology, the age-old question of what happens after you die is still without answers.

Despite massive advancements in science and technology, the age-old question of what happens after you die is still without answers.


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  Not Helpful
Posted by: Snowmaiden - 30-01-2018 11:22 AM - Replies (15)

I really find this forum quite boring and repetitive. The only thing discussed on here is who had the best reading from someone on the phone... I know it's each to their own but really feel this is probably not the most helpful way to go when people are trying to kick the habit of overdosing on readings...

One person says so-and-so is excellent, whilst others say they were rubbish. It's really not productive to anyone's life. I feel a reading with a genuine psychic is a one-off that happens every so often... I believe that most of you deep-down know there's nothing in these readings you have? If you are honest with yourselves you are really going for advice, someone to chat to on the other end of the line. Really and truly that is all they are - phone companies are for entertainment only.

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Thumbs Down Active members??
Posted by: Just saying - 28-01-2018 12:01 PM - Replies (15)

Any active forum members lol I am new signing up but I have been reading this site for a while Smile

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