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  The Inscrutable Madame Blavatsky: An Interview with Gary Lachman
Posted by: dormammu - 13-08-2018 05:24 PM - No Replies

I was in search of the unknown…
– Madame H.P. Blavatsky (1831-1890)

Gary Lachman is one of today’s most intelligent and prolific authors on the world of the occult. He started out in the 1970s in the New York rock scene as one of the original members of the groundbreaking New Wave band Blondie. In 1996 he moved to London, where he established himself as a full-time writer, contributing to publications such as Fortean Times, The Guardian, and The Times Literary Supplement.

Since 2001 he has produced a steady stream of books, including Turn Off Your Mind: The Mystic Sixties and the Dark Side of the Age of Aquarius; The Secret History of Consciousness; A Dark Muse: A History of the Occult; and Politics and the Occult: The Right, the Left, and the Radically Unseen. In recent years he has published biographies of major esoteric figures including P.D. Ouspensky, Emanuel Swedenborg, Rudolf Steiner, and Carl Jung.

I first came to know Gary in the ’90s, when he was a frequent contributor to the now-defunct Gnosis magazine, for which I was editor. Although we’ve been in constant touch over the years, the last time I saw him in person was in 2006, when he was in New York to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of Blondie. We had a long conversation over lunch that led to his book Politics and the Occult. In 2012 Gary published Madame Blavatsky: The Mother of Modern Spirituality, a biography of the pioneering nineteenth-century spiritual figure H.P. Blavatsky (also known as HPB). In January 2013 I conducted an e-mail interview with him about the book and about Blavatsky.

for more


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Star Hello
Posted by: Dream Catcher - 11-08-2018 03:27 PM - Replies (1)

Hi Guys,

Haven't logged in since this time last year! Is the show moved from channel 886?
hope everyone is well xHeart

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  Counsellor, 30, who claims to only 'have sex with GHOSTS' reveals she's in a 'serious
Posted by: drstrange - 06-08-2018 11:30 AM - No Replies

A woman who turned her back on men to 'have sex with ghosts' more than 11 years ago is now in a 'pretty serious' relationship.

And she revealed she hopes there may be a way for the pair to start a family.

UK-based Amethyst Realm, 30, a spiritual guidance counsellor, claims to have sexual encounters with 20 different ghostly lovers during the past 11 years.

However, she recently met a special spectral figure during a trip to Australia - a ghost who may turn out to be her one true ghoul.


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Posted by: dormammu - 29-07-2018 03:47 PM - No Replies

This is on Netflix at the moment the exorcist is one of my favourite movies

Years after he changed the landscape of American filmmaking with 1973's THE EXORCIST, director, co-writer and legendary storyteller William Friedkin moves from fiction to fact with his new documentary, THE DEVIL AND FATHER AMORTH. What began as a brief conversation between Friedkin and Father Gabrielle Amorth - the head Exorcist for the Diocese of Rome for over 30 years - as two professionals who knew of each other's work soon transformed into an once-in-a- lifetime opportunity, as Amorth agreed Friedkin could film an exorcism ceremony. It would be the ninth exorcism for a painfully afflicted woman, Cristina (a pseudonym), who had already been under Father Amorth's care - and it would be filmed by Friedkin alone, with no other crew allowed, no light other than the natural light in the room and a small digital camera-and-mic unit that could capture the ritual and its revelations. Combining the startling and singular footage from Cristina's exorcism with interviews from priests and psychologists, neurosurgeons and non-believers, Friedkin guides us on a journey into the twilight world between the boundaries of what we know and what we don't with a singular and startling guide in the form of the urbane, charming and self-deprecatingly funny Father Amorth, a man who laughs in the face of the Devil both figuratively and literally. Combining Friedkin's past memories and present observations with archival footage and new interviews - as well as also presenting what may be the only real exorcism ceremony captured on film - THE DEVIL AND FATHER AMORTH is a startling and surprising story of the religion, the ritual and the real-world victims involved in possession and exorcism.


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  Accurate predictions?!?!?
Posted by: Novice01 - 29-07-2018 02:55 PM - Replies (14)

Hi guys.

Thanks for accepting me on here.

Just after some advice really as I’m new to all this, and just wanted some feedback on people’s experiences with clairvoyants/psychics.
Iv had a particularly tough year, for various reasons and seeked help/guidance from several readings. Has anybody had anything predicted come true ?

Any reply’s would be appreciated.


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  Brush of Baphomet
Posted by: dormammu - 29-07-2018 08:15 AM - No Replies

A short video sketch, Brush of Baphomet (2009) is a kind of addendum to Anger’s The Man We Want to Hang (2002), being a further look at Aleister Crowley’s paintings. The title refers to one of Crowley’s many occult names. As a painter Crowley’s technical ability was almost nil but that never dissuaded him from trying, and I’m sure I’m not alone in finding his work to have a naive malevolence. Anger has had a lifelong interest in Crowley’s paintings, famously journeying in 1955 to the abandoned villa in Cefalù, Sicily, where he cleaned whitewash from the walls to reveal the remains of the murals Crowley had painted there.

The music in Brush of Baphomet is a surprising choice, an extract from the second part of Morton Subotnick’s Silver Apples of the Moon (1967). Anger’s musical selections have never been random ones so you have to wonder why this particular score. Was it because the electronics are reminiscent of the Moog drones Mick Jagger supplied for Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969)? Subotnick’s title is borrowed from The Song of Wandering Aengus by WB Yeats, a poet for whom Crowley (also a poet) had little affection. In Crowley’s occult novel Moonchild, Yeats appears as “Gates”, a mediocre painter (yes, well…), who ends up being killed in an act of magical revenge. Crowley must have been mortified a few years later when Yeats was awarded a Nobel Prize. -- John Coulthart


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  Blood moon 2018 in London: Astronomer reveals best spots to catch lunar eclipse
Posted by: dormammu - 25-07-2018 05:36 PM - Replies (5)

A leading fellow at a London university today tells of his excitement ahead of Friday’s “blood moon” lunar eclipse as he reveals the best places to see it in London.

Dr Francisco Diego, senior teaching fellow at University College London’s (UCL) physics and astronomy department, says this particular eclipse will be "spectacular" as it lasts much longer than normal.

Dr Diego said: “The lunar eclipse happens more or less every six months but Friday’s will be much longer than usual as the moon will stay in the shadow of the earth much longer.”


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  Lunar eclipse guide 2018: When and where to see in the UK
Posted by: dormammu - 22-07-2018 08:42 PM - No Replies

How to see the lunar eclipse in the UK
27 July 2018
On 27 July 2018, Mars will be at opposition and a total lunar eclipse will be visible over most of Europe and Asia, Australia and South America.

Those in the UK will not be able to see the start of the lunar eclipse as the Moon will still be below the horizon at this time. However, the Moon will already be in the Earth’s umbra (the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow) and so will already start to look red. The table below shows the timings for the lunar eclipse as seen from London.

Most of these timings will apply for the rest of the UK but they might differ by a few minutes. However, moonrise times will vary depending on location. For example, the Moon will rise at 9:22pm in Edinburgh, 9:02pm in Cardiff and 9:27pm in Belfast. The Moon will also appear to be lower in the sky the further north you are.


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  Haunted World
Posted by: dormammu - 22-07-2018 08:00 PM - No Replies

Welcome to The Haunted World, the place to share anything paranormal. Dive into the mysterious world and share your: Ghost Stories, Ghost Pictures & videos, Equipment, Events, live streams, Also keep up to date with the haunted objects museum and ghosts of Britain, the creators of this group.


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  become a witch
Posted by: dormammu - 20-07-2018 08:38 PM - No Replies

become a witch

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