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Posted by: Dazcooke75 - 16-05-2018 07:04 PM - Replies (14)

Hi all

I’m new to this and are after anybody’s help in a matter which concerns me

My wife who I have seperated from has since been to two physics for tarot readings one in Thailand and one in England and when asked about how my future will be both said I will live short lives one said till 50 and one said between 50-60 and this has got into my head and is driving me crazy. I have been for two tarot’s and they said they did not see that happening. Can anyone help as I am going out my mind

Many thanks

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  The Hoodwitch Is Changing the Face of Modern Witchcraft
Posted by: mecheeta - 15-05-2018 07:56 PM - No Replies

We speak to Bri Luna, the bruja behind the wildly successful Hoodwitch account, about showcasing the diverse history of mysticism.

Instagram Spotlight is a new column featuring the minds behind wonderful, weird, and wildly popular Instagram accounts. Head over to @Broadly to see more from Hoodwitch, including her live tarot reading.

Witchcraft has never been more popular. For Bri Luna, the founder and creative head at @Hoodwitch, an Instagram account and website dedicated to sharing the knowledge of spiritual practice and self healing through crystals, meditation, and lunar rituals, this immense and growing popularity is no surprise—it’s actually a logical outgrowth of history.


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  RISE AND SHINE Awaken your Energy Body with Taoist Alchemy and Qi Gong
Posted by: mecheeta - 12-05-2018 06:56 AM - No Replies

Millions of Americans are joining a holistic health revolution in which yoga, natural foods, and traditional Chinese medicine are providing potent healing alternatives to costly and often debilitating prescriptions of surgery and pharmacology. As a renowned acupuncturist, master herbalist, wellness consultant and lifelong student of various alchemical traditions, Pedram Shojai is the first author to fuse these energetic practices with an alchemical perspective, resulting in a powerful daily practice that not only heals and invigorates your body, but expands your awareness and personal power.

Rise and Shine begins with the remarkable story of Pedram’s personal transformations that led him into him to his unique synthesis of spiritual and physical purification practices. Shojai then shows readers ways to activate and balance the “Subtle Body” or “Light Body” the energy meridians of acupuncture and other energy channels. He incorporates meditation and synthesized forms of Qi Gong (Chinese energy yoga) from Taoist, Buddhist, and eastern medical traditions to teach modern audiences simple, profound methods to find balance, energy and peace in today’s world.

Pedram Shojai is a dynamic teacher, Taoist minister, and lifelong student of various Alchemical Traditions. A master herbalist, licensed acupuncturist, and wellness consultant, Pedram has worked with individuals, companies, and groups for several years teaching transformative practice and meditation. Pedram teaches various forms of Qi Gong (Chinese energy yoga) from the Taoist, Buddhist, and medical traditions. He has a three DVD set out titled” “The Alchemy of Qi Gong” (Sacred Mysteries) that won acclaim from the COVR awards.

“A must-read for any serious student of the healing arts and the alchemy of life.” — Alberto Villoldo, author of Shaman, Healer, Sage

“Pedram Shojai is the master teacher and guide for movement, awareness and exploration of the harmony of energy.” — Don Campbell, author of The Roar of Silence and The Mozart Effect


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  PSYCHIC BLUES Confessions of a Conflicted Mediu
Posted by: mecheeta - 12-05-2018 06:50 AM - No Replies

Mark Edward is an equivocator, fibber, and mountebank. Which begs the question: if a liar admits to lying, can he be telling the truth? He is a literate, informative, intellectual, a student of the psychology of humans, a foe of those who would defraud the public for personal gain, and as an author and practicing psychic, he is first and foremost an entertainer.”—Joel Moskowitz, International Brotherhood of Magicians

Mark Edward confesses that for years he exploited believers who wished to connect with supernatural ideas and sad family members who missed dead loved ones.


Edward is a professional mentalist who has worked the Magic Castle in Hollywood for over thirty years and is also on the Editorial Board of Skeptic magazine, where he has worked with other critical thinkers to reveal the methods of psychic scamsters. This entertaining book is at once confessional and instructional regarding human belief and those who exploit it.

Edward believes that most practitioners of the psychic business are out-and-out scam artists, and that the common need to believe in things supernatural is merely a part of human nature.

“Mr. Edward is staking his claim to belong to a very special subcategory of magicians and mediums: those who both perform their crafts and debunk them. From Harry Houdini to James (the Amazing) Randi and the duo of Penn and Teller, there is a long tradition of magicians who believe that it is their duty to inculcate skepticism in the audience.”
– New York Times

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  Brainwaves tune to 8 Hz when their psychic powers are operative.
Posted by: mecheeta - 11-05-2018 03:44 PM - No Replies

Dr. Andrija Puharich found that a clairvoyant's brainwaves tune to 8 Hz when their psychic powers are operative.

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  Spirit Photos
Posted by: mecheeta - 10-05-2018 08:41 PM - No Replies


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  Meghan Markle to fall pregnant 'shortly' after wedding – and THIS will be the gender
Posted by: mecheeta - 08-05-2018 06:47 AM - No Replies

Meghan Markle, 36, will marry Prince Harry, 33, on May 19 2018 – and a psychic has said Meghan will fall pregnant “quite soon” after the royal wedding.

It is believed she will give birth to a baby girl with her future husband Prince Harry.

With the birth of the third child of Kate Middleton, 36, at the end of last month – weeks before the wedding – royal baby news is a hot topic right now.

So if this psychic prediction is to believed, it is not long before Kate and Prince William’s children will have cousins to play with.

“Meghan will fall pregnant quite soon after the wedding and she will have a baby girl,” said the psychic expert.

“She will be absolutely beautiful and the apple of their eye,” added Katie Helliwell, a psychic medium and public speaker.

Meghan and Harry’s future child would be seventh in line to the British throne.

They would be a cousin to Prince George, 4, Princess Charlotte, 3, and Prince Louis, who is less than a month old.
The psychic also gave some insight into the state of Meghan and Harry’s minds ahead of the royal wedding.

Katie said: “I feel Megan would have preferred a simple wedding but respects Harry's circumstances and is happy with the arrangements.


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  Pink Moon 2018: How to watch the pink moon TONIGHT? Will the full moon turn pink?
Posted by: mecheeta - 29-04-2018 07:29 PM - No Replies

Tonight, stargazers will be in for a lunar treat as there will be a full pink moon hanging over the Earth.

The term is used to refer to April’s full moon, but don't expect to look up to the sky and find a blast of cotton-candy-pink.

The name of the Pink Moon actually comes from the ground phlox, a flower that blooms in early spring, when the pink moon is seen.

The April full moon is also referred to as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon and the Fish Moon.


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  Camilla’s GHOST FEAR: Duchess refused to stay with Charles in 'haunted house'
Posted by: mecheeta - 29-04-2018 06:26 PM - No Replies

The 70-year-old royal, was once so scared by a mysterious spirit lurking in the shadows of his Dumfries house project she refused to visit the stately home.

Her alarm at the eerie presence put her off visiting the house because she froze when she felt the ghost move.

The Duchess made the revelation in a documentary called “The Real Camilla”, which aired on ITV last night.

The house was dilapidated and was only saved because the Prince of Wales decided the building should undergo extensive restoration a decade ago.

The house has now been restored back to its part glory as it dates back to Georgian time.

Camilla spoke of the house in the documentary.

She said: “If you could have seen it when the Prince first spotted it, you wouldn’t have believed it was the same house.

“It was so sad and un-lived in, unloved and neglected. And it had a really eerie feel about it. There was definitely a ghost. Without a shadow of a doubt.


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  DID Jayne Mansfield die in a car crash because of a satanic curse?
Posted by: mecheeta - 29-04-2018 06:16 PM - No Replies

Jayne Mansfield courted gossip and wacky scandal to such an extent that even 50 years later it's difficult to tell fact from rumour.

That's why a new documentary about the years before her gruesome death can get away with embracing the craziest theory of all - that she was kill by a satanic course.

Mansfield 66/67, by P David Ebersole and Todd Hughe, goes so far as to play on its title in the opening credits to make it resemble a 666 while demonic rock plays.

The original Hollywood 'blonde bombshell', Mansfield was hired by studios like Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox to be the next Marilyn Monroe.

She most famously starred in The Girl Can't Help It in her late 1950s heyday and later in Promises! Promises! as the fist major U.S. actress to appear nude.

The 34-year-old was a sought-after celebrity even as her film bankability waned in the 1960s and she sometimes had to sing in cheap nightclubs.

Mansfield was also a magnet for trashy gossip magazines, which she exploited to heighten her profile despite the outlandish rumours.


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