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Living with Magic: the Occult Moon - mecheeta - 09-01-2018 10:30 PM

Living with Magic: the Occult Moon
Evening class – Rebecca Beattie
At the heart of western natural magic is an engagement with forces we call planetary. This evening workshop focuses on one of them: the moon. It’s been worked with down the centuries, across all of Europe, by magic workers from the ceremonial magician to the hedge-witch to the kabbalist. The first part of the evening covers how the magical tradition understands the moon, and the second half turns to practical applications, past and present. If you want to begin to learn about the richness of magic, this seminar is for you: you’ll range from alchemy to goddesses, from crystals to sigils, from grimoires to invocations.

Rebecca Beattie is has worked planetary magic in her esoteric and spiritual path for over a decade. By day she is a fiction writer and a doctoral student in literature; her professional work includes training for addiction professionals.