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announcement from Psychic TV Australia - mecheeta - 03-02-2018 11:16 AM

Hello everybody
A few of you have asked about our show and about the sudden change we have made to our format, so we felt it necessary to let you all know.
Many of you are used to seeing a regular face on the show, a presenter that has been with PTV for some time. Due to circumstances which we can't publically discuss, she is no longer with PTV and at this time we have decided to try a new and exciting format which we hope you will all support us through. PTV extends our gratitude for the service to the show and sends our well wishes for the future.
The first of our new format last night went extremely well and we're proud of the Psychics for stepping up their game. The great energy in the studio, and their respect and support for each other created a wonderful atmosphere here at the studio. The excitement when we came off air was wonderful and the Psychics were incredibly proud of leading the show together, and they should be!
The messages of support for the Psychics last night came in thick and fast, and we hope to see this continue as the rest of the team take the hot seat this weekend.
We hope you can join us in support of the Psychics this weekend and in the future. Messages of encouragement certainly do bring the energy up in the studio and gives the show the warm and welcoming feel we all know and love.
Blessings to all our family x

RE: announcement from Psychic TV Australia - mecheeta - 07-04-2018 04:10 AM


You might notice over the next couple of weeks that our show isn’t being aired on 7Two. Due to the Commonwealth Games, we’re having a short break from free to air TV and will return on the 19th April.

We didn’t want to let our viewers down though and so we are hosting an online show on Facebook 9pm - 12am AEST! We’ll be hosting the same great show, at a much earlier time slot Thursday - Sunday whilst we take a break from 7Two.

Please join us on Facebook to join in! You’ll still be able to call, text and send in your photos using the numbers on screen.

We look forward to seeing you there!