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Michelle Knight Testimonials - alf0406 - 05-02-2012 11:26 PM

Hi Everyone,

I have asked this question regarding psychicsofa as well, I would like to know if anyone has gave any negative feedback for this site?

I have read through many threads on this site and with many people waiting on predictions to happen etc and people choosing a reader by reading feedback I think this would be quite a good tool to see which sites only print positive feedback.

If there are other sites apart from the one's I have asked please mention them too.

If this has already been asked - I'm sorry, I am a new member!!Smile

RE: Michelle Knight Testimonials - Lady P - 06-02-2012 12:18 AM

I must admit I use Michelle Knights service more than anyone else and I have never left negative feedback! that being said i know some predictions they have given me havent occurred and Im sure thats the case with a few people. When I have gone through feedback its all been positive! so im inclined to say they dont give negative feedback!

Oh I lie! I had one compliant I made to them about a reader who fell asleep during a telephone conversation however they dealt with the matter promptly and very well! Im sure the reader is good (im not going to name her!) usually as she has been in the past for me? but they had the courtesy to do something about my complaint/feedback!
hope this helps!

RE: Michelle Knight Testimonials - alf0406 - 07-02-2012 10:42 AM

Lady P - I can't believe a reader fell asleep! that's really bad.
Having looked through there site too I feel they do not leave negative feedback - also some feedback date back to 2008 and when you look at it that way the 'so called' best readers don't have that much feedback at all for the length of time they have been on there.

RE: Michelle Knight Testimonials - Dom - 07-02-2012 12:43 PM

To be honest I think sites with their own feedback pages, should not be relied upon at all. They are not independant, we know that negative feedback does not get posted, and we cannot know for sure the positive feedback is genuine either.
I think only a site that is totally and utterly independant of any company or individual reader can really be of benefit to people who want a reading, and even then you have to tread carefully.

RE: Michelle Knight Testimonials - alf0406 - 07-02-2012 01:48 PM

What abut the one's that we see on ebay? the feedback on them is made by people with accounts so I tend to believe them as surely no psychic could create all them accounts to leave false feedback.

RE: Michelle Knight Testimonials - Micheleknight - 08-02-2012 02:53 PM

Hello There,

Michele Knight here. I just got a google alert which guided me to this site. Firstly hand on heart we get very very few negative feedback. When we do get negative feedback we resolve it and as someone mentioned above, deal with it straight away. We do get tons of positive feedback and most of our clients are return customers. I am passionate about having a site which has integrity and unlike many other psychic websites we include in our contract with the psychics that they must not hold people on the line too long and also must empower rather than making the client dependent. We have a 5 minute period where if you are not blown away by the reader you get a refund or choose someone else as we want you to be happy and although all our readers are good it is a personal choice what sort of style and person you want! (credit card readings only and obviously you have to hang up) A brilliant psychic reader will do this every time and 5 mins is plenty to see how good they are. Each of the psychics is really hand picked by me personally and we only take about one in every 100-200! After reading these comments I have contacted my tech guys to work on a solution where a valid client can make any feedback they like on their reading. If a reader got bad feedback we would let them go but we would also listen to the recording of the reading to make sure it was honest which is what we do now. Sadly and oddly this industry seems to encourage some people to try to kill the competition by writing fake negative reviews or fake positive ones! Our testimonials are backed up by the names and email and addresses of the author which thankfully is advertising law, so rest assured they are all 100% genuine. Re Predictions (if you read on my site I have a ton of articles on how to make the most of a psychic reading and predictions) are of course subject to free will so not all predictions will come true, there is not a psychic on this earth that can say every one can come true and a good psychic reading should empower you to know what is ahead but also, more importantly, encourage you to create your reality by seeing what is going on. We also offer a ton of free stuff from free tarot readings to articles and countless video to help transform your life for free and that is my passion! I feel people should have one great reading and then work on transformation to make the dream life they deserve and our site does provide the free videos etc to do this which I am very proud of, it is not just a commercial site! On the front page today is an article entitled "how many psychic readings are too many" and ways to avoid having too many but make the most of them. Hope this helps and if you would like to ask anything else I will pop in occasionally.

RE: Michelle Knight Testimonials - Micheleknight - 08-02-2012 04:44 PM

(08-02-2012 04:08 PM)DaisyChain85 Wrote:  I've spoken to many MK readers. Three in particular stood out to me...Sadie, Kim and Nicola C. On these occasions I sent in some feedback and but it was never displayed. The feedback for Sadie was only last week. Shame because I thought that she was amazing and deserved a comment full of praise :-) x

Thank you Daisy I will go and check and see if I can find them. Due to the new advertising laws if people write 'she was amazing' or 'spot on' or anything like that it is illegal to put them up! Crazy! So much for free speech! As a tip if people want to say amazing they have to go into specific detail as to why. x

RE: Michelle Knight Testimonials - flamered - 08-02-2012 04:58 PM

Thank you Michelle for this. I haven't left any feedback as waiting on prediction. But can verify that i spoke to Eliona ad she did only keep me on the lines for 5 minutes..when I said I have one quick question..and that was waffle..firm gentle advice..

RE: Michelle Knight Testimonials - flamered - 08-02-2012 05:03 PM

I just read this a potent reminder for us all....particularly me right now..perfect timing.........

RE: Michelle Knight Testimonials - alf0406 - 08-02-2012 05:25 PM

Thank you Michelle for taking the time to respond to the thread, I appreciate you explaining the way the site works with regards to feedback etc.
I have just had a look through the site and I think the articles provided are really good.