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Trishie and Krystina on ATA - Purple Rain - 15-08-2018 01:05 PM

I tried Trishie recently on this site. I am surprised she is one of the few with negative feedback on her profile because she picked up in spirit somebody I was not enquiring about and the name is quite unusual. She also described the scenario very well and the events surrounding him. To say I was completely gobsmacked is an understatement.

Trishie connected straight away with my situations and told me everything will work out. My father came through and we both got to enjoy his sense of humour :-) I would highly recommend Trishie for her mediumship abilities alone.

Krystina was good for me too. She said my POI would contact me on a certain date and I did get that message from him on that date. Omg, I was so happy that she was spot on.

Big GrinBig Grin Cool Tongue Wink


RE: Trishie and Krystina on ATA - pasha - 25-08-2018 10:07 AM

This lady Trisha is good. Validated a conversation I had with an ex that nobody could have known. Smile

RE: Trishie and Krystina on ATA - Virgo1 - 31-08-2018 02:47 PM

Trisha was a lovely lady but I got no psychic reading from her. More a motherly talk and logic reading. She asked lots of questions at the start and seemed to form an answer (opinion) from my answers to her questions. I wasn't given any psychic info at all.

RE: Trishie and Krystina on ATA - Jamelia - 02-09-2018 11:15 AM

Trisha 10 minutes in, got both my career situation and relationship situation wrong. She was looking for answers to leading questions. A lovely lady, but agree with the above poster, mostly her opinions.