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Trusted Psychic - Shell03 - 29-10-2018 12:52 AM

Anyone had any interesting readings lately?

RE: Trusted Psychic - nilly - 27-02-2019 03:24 PM

Hello. has anyone had experience with Nora. I've spoken to her quite a few times last year and few times in 2019 where she described someone very well and advised they will come.back in my life. she kept saying that they will break up soon with their current partner. she seemed quite adamant about this. well I just found out that this individual got married to the partner in Dec 2018. I feel as though I have wasted so much money as even after they got married, she couldn't see the marriage and said they were going to break up.

has anyone had predictions come true from her.

RE: Trusted Psychic - Thumbellina33 - 03-03-2019 11:29 PM

Hello in response to trusted psychics. In 2012 I went through a very painful break up with my ex. I spent two years speaking to every reader on trusted psychics. I was told by some that he would be back and that the woman he left me for was controlling and manipulating him. Other readers said she would leave him and he would return. I spent thousands and literally believed everything they said. I realised that it was becoming addictive but I really badly wanted to believe then and I would end up calling over and over when the timescales changed. In the end I too found out that he ended up marrying her and he never returned. Not one psychic predicted this. I even spoke to my ex’s wife and she confirmed that they had been together since before me! It was such a shock, she knew all about me and told me things that no one on trusted psychics did. It took me three years in total to come to terms with the psychics lack of foresight. I feel a lot of readers on that site don’t have an ability at all and tend to use the same lines on customers. I’ve had some truly awful readers on there and was told outlandish stories, that were just that story’s. I would advise anyone using the service to stop and think , yes they do validate well with regard to the persons personality but can they really see far into the future? I know that’s what we pay them for but I started to believe in them more than in reality. It was a painfull lesson and whilst I still occasionally have readings I’m more cautious of relying on outcomes as a result of my experience .

RE: Trusted Psychic - nilly - 04-03-2019 05:41 PM


Thank you for your response.

You are right.....i also waited years for him to come back and because psychics kept telling me he would, I wasn't able to move on.

They do state that it's just for entertainment but some people who call psychics lines do so when they are upset, distressed and at times vulnerable if they have just lost a partner or job.

My personal view- I feel there are many readers on trusted psychics who are not psychic at all and just cold read. They do get quite aggressive and/or argumentative when you question them (I found this especially with many of the male readers) The financial implications of calling up psychic lines when going though a tough time can be immense.

I encourage everyone to take the time to think especially if you are speaking to the same reader about the same issue and the timelines keep changing.

Yes it can be fun yet for me it became very expensive and no prediction ever came true, even the predictions from the 'good readers' - Nora, Sadie, Demi, Henry, Vintage Rose, Precious- didn't come true

RE: Trusted Psychic - buttercup62 - 22-04-2019 11:29 PM

trusted psychics.very hard to get through to your chosen reader.if u keep on trying u lose mins.even though u dont get through.i am not bothering with this site any more.if u could try and just wait for chosen reader with out losing mins/end up with other crappy readers who have no psychic abilities.guess work or questions in alot of cases.rather save my money than have rubbish readers,

RE: Trusted Psychic - Ice - Yesterday 01:14 PM

Vintage rose 1902 is the worst possible reader I have come across. She has no psychic ability whatsoever and claimed she was a medium ! She was struggling throughout the reading. A friend of mine had a reading with her too and got told the same thing as I did. She kept pausing the phone suddenly going silent during a call even talking to someone else in the background! She must have forgotten to mute the call! Lol! I’m not sure about her and a few others just got a bad feeling she’s a fake just totting up the money at others expense. The company is now called social psychics I think not trusted psychics.. I have heard that the company does write their own reviews for the readers but the readers can also do this...