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Young Urban Witch: The Sacred Hare - dormammu - 30-03-2019 07:20 AM

Monday 8 April @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm | £20
Young Urban Witch: The Sacred Hare
Evening Mini-Workshop – Rebecca Beattie
This is a an evening for younger Londoners, art students and musicians from the DIY and warehouse scene. Treadwell’s is hosting these to introduce this community to the basics of a wild, free witchcraft. Please note it is for people under 30 who are curious about the witch’s path and magic grounded in a feminist outlook. This workshop starts with a lively illustrated talk which opens up a key topic of witchcraft, and contributions from everyone as we go along. Then, in the second half, there is a practical part of the evening, with everyone learning hands-on magical skill, with all supplies provided. This month’s topic: the lore and magic of the sacred hare. No experience is expected – just a sincere interest and a friendly attitude:

All sexualities and gender identities welcome
Quiet folk as well as outgoing folk equally welcome
Workshop time is 7 pm to 9 pm. Please arrive by 6.50, as late arrivals are disruptive
Maximum eighteen folk per workshop so everyone gets personal attention and we can connect well
The teacher is Rebecca Beattie: over a decade ago Rebecca undertook a rigorous apprenticeship in the witch’s Craft, and continues her practice to this day. A creative person herself, she’s a published author, jeweller, novelist and PhD student. Rebecca is wise and compassionate witch who enjoys sharing what she’s learnt over the years.