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The creepy truth behind The Witching Hour in Hull - dormammu - 05-05-2019 06:08 PM

The Witching Hour spectacle has captured the imagination of thousands in Hull this weekend as East Park hosts the three-day event.

As dusk fell over the park on Friday evening, visitors stepped into a massive spectacle that included local tales, myths, memories and folklore.

Organised by Absolutely Cultured, the team which created the magical 7 Alleys at the Holderness Road park in 2017, the live performance left people stunned as they witnessed live music and large-scale theatrics moving in and around them.

But what of the stories which make up the show?

Hull historian and author Mike Covell dug into the archives to find out where the stories came from, and how they began.

East Hull has two white ladies, the first of which is rumoured to be on the Hull to Withernsea track, close to the former Hedon Road maternity hospital site.

The story was told about a phantom white lady who appears when a particular phrase is uttered.

The story goes that if you visit a certain bridge along the track and utter the words “white lady, white lady, I stole your baby,” she appears, and follows you in search of her missing offspring.