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Meet the Minnesota medium who teaches people - Mediums Now - 20-10-2019 06:55 AM

When you meet Jodi Livon, you would never know she sees the dead person standing behind you.

Not that she’d tell you. Not unless you ask, of course. Just don’t ask her to predict the stock market, the Stanley Cup winner or if you’re going to get a divorce.

“I am so alive to my own insights that I can feel things about every single thing in front of me,” Livon said. “But I don’t predict the future. Predicting the future limits people in a nasty way.”

Livon, who calls herself “The Happy Medium” and an intuitive coach, is a psychic medium who claims to have a special ability — a sixth sense — that she uses to help others gain insight and closure, especially during times of grief.

Like many in her line of work, Livon can trace her psychic roots back to childhood, but it wasn’t until later in her adult life that she came out of her “spiritual closet” to help people connect with the other side.

Today, Livon is a nationally recognized psychic with a broad clientele: She says fortune 500 companies hire her to offer insight to improve business; grieving parents seek reassurance that their deceased child is OK on the other side; and others work with Livon to discover a new career or relationship.

She’s just written her second book, “Speaking the Language of Intuition,” which contains a series of exercises to help readers harness their own intuitive powers.

“I like to show people the intuitive process is really normal,” Livon said. “Everyone is somewhat psychic.”

Everyone? I set up an interview with Livon at Dunn Brothers Coffee in Excelsior. She arrived wearing Barbie-pink lipstick and strands of pearls draped around her neck, her blond locks tightly tousled around her face. She is lively, warm and approachable. Livon calls this her “high-flying vibe” and will later tell me how hard she’s worked to maintain it.

I maintained my journalistic skepticism. But then, she started answering questions before I could finish asking them.