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Unfiltered: ‘We’re the psychic twins.’ - dormammu - 30-10-2019 07:48 AM

Twins Terry and Linda Jamison first learned about their psychic abilities in high school, when they would predict when their friends would get into relationships with boys — and when they would break up. “We were always right,” says Linda, laughing. “Where we grew up in a little town, outside Philadelphia, nobody had ever heard of psychics. They didn’t know what they were.”
Now, the Psychic Twins — as they call themselves — are internet stars: With over 750,000 YouTube subscribers and a total video view count reaching 30 million, they’ve accrued a strong, loyal following that seems to grow with each prediction they make, whether it’s on the scale of a natural disaster or a celebrity pregnancy. So far, they claim to have a track record of over 3,000 verified predictions.

Thirty years ago, however, the twins were pursuing another calling: comedy. In the ’80s, Terry and Linda both moved to New York City and tried to break into the comedy industry, eventually landing a guest spot on NBC’s Saturday Night Live as a two-headed housewife giving cleaning tips. Shortly thereafter, they relocated to Los Angeles in hopes of taking their talents — both funny and psychic — to Hollywood. “So we moved out here,” says Terry. “And the comedy was slow to catch on, but our psychic work just — I mean, it went like crazy. People were crazy about it.” Their first foray into psychic television work was in the mid-’90s on NBC’s The Other Side, which featured psychics interacting with guests. A lot of talk show offers poured in soon afterward, and they quickly realized their supernatural abilities attracted an even bigger audience than their comedy did. “That’s when we really decided to commit ourselves,” says Terry. “It was a long time of developing our psychic gifts.” They began to follow a regimen of meditating several hours a day followed by what they call an automatic-writing trance, writing allegedly directed by a spirit and performed quickly with no thought. “We like to say it’s like metaphysical bodybuilding. Instead of going to a gym and lifting weights and building up your muscles, we build metaphysical muscles, psychic, intuitive muscles,” says Linda.

RE: Unfiltered: ‘We’re the psychic twins.’ - Summer - 30-10-2019 08:33 PM

yes and they got loads wrong....yawn...