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Geminii 10 (-6) - Last updated 17-09-2017, 01:06 PM

Negative (-1): You accuse me of being Emily, yet have accused other posters of being Emily as well. Get a bloody life!
Silverclouds (-3) - Last updated 07-09-2017, 06:08 PM
Rating given for Post #46165

Negative (-1): claiming to know a personal friend of a reader - yet you arent a reader, yawn predictable, you must be a great psychic as you claim you stalk peoples login and that validates them as a being a psychic apparently !
Silverclouds (-3) - Last updated 07-09-2017, 06:07 PM
Rating given for Post #45896

Negative (-1): maybe best you have a more relaxed attitude to readings instead of accusing relaxed posters who have an open mind of being psychics - no we actually arent and ive had readings for years on the lines, i just dont live or die by them like you seem to
Silverclouds (-3) - Last updated 07-09-2017, 06:05 PM
Rating given for Post #45686

Negative (-1): You seem to spend alot of money on readings?? interesting that - have you any positives to say about any psychic are just joined the site as a reader yourself to try and trash people you see as competition - aswell as accuse posters of being psychics
Silverclouds (-3) - Last updated 07-09-2017, 06:03 PM
Rating given for Post #46166

Negative (-1): patronising and clearly an insecure psychic themselves masquerading as a client, trying to denigrate other psychics. so quick to accuse anyone with an open mind as being a reader, maybe we just dont slate psychics like you and enjoy having readings
Silverclouds (-3) - Last updated 07-09-2017, 05:59 PM

Negative (-1): beware - seems to be accusing genuine posters of being readers - utterly paranoid. what a weirdo, think its clear by this persons posts theyre a reader themselves denigrating others. They support trolling and bullying of readers, Snyper also agrees
snyper (-2) - Last updated 27-08-2017, 12:55 PM

Negative (-1): For giving me an undeserved negative rating accusing me of being a reader.