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What is Psychic Ability?
23-06-2013, 04:34 PM
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What is Psychic Ability?
The word psychic stems from a greek word called psychikos (sp???) and this word means something along the lines of, "of the mind"..... the idea of being psychic is that people who have developed that ability simply have a way of accessing information outside of their five senses.

I think the reality of psychic ability is that it is not necessarily an ability that means the people who have developed it have complete access to the future.. either for themselves or the people they may read for. it never has been that way.... however today it is often seen that way.

Psychics or seers have been a part of every civilisation and every culture for as long as we have had recorded history. In the past they were used to read the signs about whether today was a good day to go to battle... the idea of seers is especially prominent in Greek Mythology...

Over the years there have many famous prophecies... the Mayans and Nostrodamous (sp??) being the two that spring to mind off the top of my head who have been responsible for a few of the big prophecies, even the bible has prophecies, revelations is nothing more than a prophetic dream.

if we look at the word Clairvoyant... the word means Clear vision or clear seeing..... Clair meaning clear, Voyance meaning vision or seeing... but Clear seeing doesn't automatically mean the future does it?

So much of the idea of psychic ability has changed over the years.... and not for the better... because with the change in how psychics are defined, comes a huge change in expectations.

in its rawest form psychic ability is the ability to pick up on things outside of the 5 senses, an ability we all have because we all have that extra sense..... and this doesn't automatically mean that psychics can always see the future in any great detail, and this is why so many people feel let down by readings... because today a lot of psychics and companies promise the earth knowing full well they are promising something that cannot always be delivered....

it's not a case of sitting down and turning in on someone and suddenly having their whole future flash in front of your eyes.... all psychics can do regarding the future is pass on the snippets they feel... the snippets they see.. sometimes this can be in great detail, other times its nothing more than random pieces ....

Another important thing to remember is that because the future is constantly changing no one can predict with 100 percent accuracy....then of course there is the various different styles of readers, readings and abilities.....

Readings are great as a guide, and that is how they should be seen as a guide... not because its a get out clause, or because its a con, but because a psychic can pick your present and past apart in great detail, but the future is only ever snippets or bits and pieces... and the future constantly changes.

Then we come on to people..... at this point I think people themselves have to take some responsibility in how and why the idea of psychic ability has changed.... with people now wanting to know if someone will make contact with them, or want to know how someone is feeling, they use a psychic instead of the old fashioned waiting or asking. Phone lines have seen a way to cash in a basic human need, and that is to know....

psychic ability is a great ability to develop and is so much more than simply readings..... but to really understand it you have to go back to its roots and look at psychic ability in rawest form, and then look at how todays perception of it is very unrealistic?

Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. ~Voltaire
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