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My mother help please?
13-11-2014, 09:29 AM (This post was last modified: 13-11-2014 09:30 AM by ollieleon.)
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My mother help please?
My mother is nice to every one else’s daughter and son, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. When it comes to some else’s daughter and son she takes on a whole different personality then what she does with the way she treats me. I don’t understand why? She is so nice to every one else’s daughter and son and is hard on me because her mother treated her like dirt. My mother was abused as a child badly by her own mother and in turn abused me as a child and let my step father who she is now divorced from belt the living hell out of me as a child. He molested me one time when he belted me regularly she refuses to believe me that he molested me. My two brothers were not abused and she treats them different then how she treats me. She has no respect for my feelings and every time I try and convey my feelings to her face to face or through a email to her she gets nasty and tells me to get a life. She tells me I am like her grandmother – Oma who was loving and gentle and yet my mother is hard on me with the way she treats me. To top it all of my mothers partner doesn’t like Mum and I sharing a friendship he gets very jealous the minute we do his dob is 31/12/1957 and my mothers dobs is 12/7/1945. He was brought up between three sisters, he was the only boy and his mothers attention used to go to his sisters and not him and now he is with my mother he expects her to give him her full attention all the time and treats her like a mother figure. I am tired of always being put second by my mother for some one else’s son or daughter and her partner. Every time I bring it to her attention she gets nasty and won’t listen. I don’t know what to do any more. Mum is not talking to my eldest brother and my youngest brother cannot and has not seen my mothers partners true colors or my mums so I cannot ask him for help or advice. Because he was not abused as a child and has not seen my mothers true colors or her partners he defends my mother and her partner when I do try and tell him. His dob is the 5/10/1966 he has always been hard on me and his step son. What his daughter wants she gets. I can’t figure him out either. My mother constantly puts me down to other people behind my back when I am not around. Word got back to me that she told some some one years ago she wanted a boy when I was born and not a girl which explains why she abused me and let my step father abuse me.

1./ When will things change between Mum and I please? Will they ever change? She is still my Mum and I love her dearly. She has still got her good points too.

2./ How can I get my mother to see my side of the argument instead of her own side all the time?

3./ I don’t want my mother and her partner to break up they have been together for over thirty years and he has slight emphysema he has his good points too but how do I help my mother to see what he is doing that he is jealous of my mothers and mine relationship? Can she see it but refuses to acknowledge it? My dob is the 10/4/1965.
4./me and mom or read stories about spirituality
Thank you for any help or advice I don’t know where else to turn or to who.
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13-11-2014, 09:50 PM
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RE: My mother help please?
there are a lot of serious complex issues here, i guess a psychic forum might not be the best place to take advice, i would suggest professional counselling
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