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Alex Zadeh - 4257 - TRUSTED PSYCHICS!
13-09-2018, 11:28 PM
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RE: Alex Zadeh - 4257 - TRUSTED PSYCHICS!
(13-09-2018 11:25 PM)Shell03 Wrote:  
(13-09-2018 11:21 PM)Virgo1 Wrote:  I had a reading with Alex recently based on recommendations from people. I still have the occasional reading because I still haven't found not one reader who's worked best for me, so when I get recommendations and the reader's crap I don't regret the reading because I get to find out I don't work with that particular reader.

I had an hr's reading with Alex, and I was disappointed.. He did validate a couple of things with me, but I feel he got info from the forum as he did ask me how I got his number and I said some forum. He spent three quarters of my reading going on not to go to spell-casters, black magic (which I never would) and phone lines as they are all con artists taking our money spending it with "dirty money" from lying to us. I found him very cocky as a reader, he told me that my ex and I were "twin flames" and that explained my exes back and forth behaviour, he promised and promised multiple times during the reading that my ex would be back *yawn* and I'll be ringing Alex to say how right he was (it's honestly like a Charles Psychic Scotland the 2nd) and that I need to think positive with the cliche of me having choices and meeting people on the way. I really didn't get much info and because he waffled on and talked about himself and what type of clients he had we were pushed for time and I really wanted my questions answered so we had to go over the hour to have them answered. IMO, a reader who is constantly saying how honest they are is usually not being honest. I've had a couple of people tell me similar experiences and him telling them what they want to hear (the twin flame, soul mate, etc). I'm so disappointed as every reader who gets raved about on here I've found to be dire. So far, the only reader who has proven FACTUALLY for me that they're really giftedly psychic is John Healey, and even he sugarcoats and his relationships preds haven't happened.

Thanks for replying back, I think you hit the nail on the head with his reading “style” ... I wish it had of been better for you

You're welcome, thanks for giving me his number. I'm glad I tried him to see that he didn't work for me Smile
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