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NEW! 2019 Psychic Predictions - Trump, Brexit, War and more
25-02-2019, 09:55 PM
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NEW! 2019 Psychic Predictions - Trump, Brexit, War and more
NEW! 2019 Psychic Predictions - Trump, Brexit, War and more. | Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker makes his new psychic predictions for the world in 2019. See all of my predictions on my website:
Using his powers of clairvoyance and prophecy, he looks into the big issues that will dominate the news in the future. Topics include Brexit, Donald Trump Predictions, Impeachment, hurricanes, war, a war in the Middle East, Russian Hacking, Financial Crash and more. Also 2019 psychic predictions about Theresa May, Trump and China, Donald Trump illness, Boris Johnson, Royal Family, and German Car Industry Crash.

Also included are World Psychic Predictions for 2019. These include Germany and Angela Merkel ousted, New 2019 Immigration Crisis, Riots in China, Australian Bushfires, South Africa violence, Turkey war conflict with Russia, Deposition of Kin Jong-un from North Korea. Earthquakes in Nepal and more.


Psychic Predictions include terrorism and the upcoming world crisis. Craig Hamilton-Parker also explains how seers and psychics work when they see the future. The video also includes talk about Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce and explains why sometimes Nostradamus Prophecies may be wrong or exaggerated. Craig explains how clairvoyance of the future works through the unconscious mind in a similar way that dreams impress ideas on the consciousness.


In 2019 Craig foresees a hard Brexit. He predicts that Theresa May will resign after Brexit is complete. Boris Johnson is predicted to succeed Theresa May after which a General election will be called. It is predicted in his economic predictions that the pound will soar – not fall as predicted. The housing market will also move fast. In his psychic predictions for Britain, Craig sees a business bribe implicating Scottish companies and Nicola Sturgeon. More psychic predictions for Scotland in 2019 will be included in the December videos. Finally, also the psychic predicts that Google will be brought to book and pay tax as well as a new move to tax domain names.

These include a challenge from Donald Trump that will cause major problems in the Middle East. Although Donald Trump will not be impeached, there will be a health scare that will trouble his presidency. The psychics predict that Trump will get a second term. In this video are also listed some predictions for the American Mid-Term Primaries. Also ahead in the USA are some earthquakes. The psychic also talks about a landmark deal with Pakistan and problems ahead from Iran and North Korea. Interestingly he predicts that Rudi Giuliani with betray President Trump and may stand for the next presidential election.


Some call Craig the new Nostradamus as so many of his predictions have come true. In the video, he explains how he uses spiritual insight, naadi readings and some astrology analysis to foreseen world events with uncanny accuracy. He got a lot right last year and looks at both the correct predictions and incorrect predictions made last time. He also looks at some of the trends developing in world events and what lies ahead.


New videos will soon be posted for psychic predictions for Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. A huge fire is predicted for Australia near Canberra. There will be riots in South Africa.

This prediction video is very long and you can also watch shorter versions is you visit the main prediction pages of Craig’s website at

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