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How Mercury In Pisces 2020 Will Affect Your Career
21-02-2020, 08:19 AM
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How Mercury In Pisces 2020 Will Affect Your Career
If you've been spending half your workday daydreaming instead of answering e-mails for the past couple weeks, blame astrology — because as of Feb. 3, logical planet Mercury entered Pisces, the dreamy and ethereal water sign. Mercury won't fully leave Pisces until April 11, due to the fact that Mercury retrograde takes place right in the middle of it and causes it to do double time. That said, Mercury in Pisces 2020 will affect your career in many different ways — and putting "spacing out" at the top of your daily to-do list is just one of them.

Mercury transits always have a heavy influence over our work lives due to the fact that this planet rules over rational thinking, communication, scheduling, and technology. When Mercury is in Pisces, our objective thinking gets a little clouded by Pisces' dreamy side, which can make logical endeavors at work more difficult to think through. We may also find that our communication style takes on a more emotional tone, too.

"Mercury’s transit through Pisces brings along with it true callings, channeled insights, and heightened psychic awareness," says astrologer Kristy Belich. "An inner knowing and sense of moral compassion beckons you toward a higher connection between yourself and your overall career path. You’ll feel more inclined to support those in need and want to submerge yourself into the deepest aspects of your work."
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