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Astrologers navigate the tricky waters of COVID-19
05-04-2020, 07:06 AM
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Astrologers navigate the tricky waters of COVID-19
The future has never felt so unknowable. Two weeks ago we were taking the subway to work, dining out, watching the kids play with grandma and grandpa. A week ago it dawned on us that maybe this was not going to blow over if we just washed our hands more often.

Now we are confined to our homes, adjusting to a new global reality and waiting to hear what comes next. Turning to traditional figureheads does not yield much clarity: Few in positions of institutional authority are willing – or able – to prognosticate.

This is uncharted territory, and a whole lot of us desperately want to see it mapped out. For those who choose to believe, the answer lies in the stars, and in the soothing familiarity of daily horoscopes. But how exactly do astrologers address an angst-ridden, house-bound audience in need of reassurance?

“In times of crisis, people will turn to astrology even more than they do normally,” says Vancouver astrologer Rose Marcus, who writes the weekly horoscopes for The Georgia Straight. She experienced a marked uptick in clients since the COVID-19 outbreak began. “People want to know: ‘Is this going to affect me? Do I have to worry?’”

Her strategy: “I’m tempering my tone to the moment. Sometimes they can take it, and sometimes delivering it straight is just too much.”

A 2005 report from Gallup found that about a quarter of Canadians believe in astrology. The transition to online has only served to amplify audiences: Superstar astrologer Susan Miller’s site,, has 11 million unique viewers a month.

Marcus says her followers turn to her for comfort, so she does not want to ramp up the anxiety with dark predictions: “It’s not the astrologist’s role to shout, ‘Houston, we have a problem!’”
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