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These Zodiac Signs Are The Biggest Procrastinators & They Leave Everything To The Las
10-02-2020, 01:34 PM
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These Zodiac Signs Are The Biggest Procrastinators & They Leave Everything To The Las
There's one thing every procrastinator has said at some point in their life: "I'll get to it later." This is them rationalizing their decision to not do something, even though they know it'll come back to haunt them at some point in the future. If you're a procrastinator, you're probably easily distracted. It's not that you don't care about your to-do list; it's more so that something else caught your attention and you'd rather do that instead. If you're familiar with this dilemma, you might be one of the zodiac signs who are the biggest procrastinators. Chances are, you're reading this article and procrastinating on something else right now. Wink wink.

I, for one, have a long history of procrastinating. However, I like to think this helps me work well under pressure and fit way more into my schedule than I thought I could handle. I always find a way to get things done. The only person who gets hurt by my penchant for procrastination? That would be myself. Throughout school, I found myself working late into the night on essays I could have finished a long time ago. Even to this day, when I know I have plans at night, I'll procrastinate on doing my makeup and getting ready. I'm a "last minute" kind of gal, and luckily I have astrology to blame. Being a Gemini, my mind is all over the place. It's hard for me to stay focused on one thing a time because I get distracted as easily as a bird gets distracted by a shiny object.

If you have placements in Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, or Pisces, then join the club. Here's why these zodiac signs love to procrastinate:
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