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Lockdown and Loneliness or Alone
18-05-2020, 06:59 AM
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Lockdown and Loneliness or Alone
Lockdown and Loneliness or Alone
- April 08, 2020

Trying times for all, but you are not ‘alone’ at the moment. Billions of people are in the same situation but just knowing that might not help you. So here are some tips to keep connected and swipe the word “loneliness” out of your life. This is oddly the time you can make new contacts and start something new. If you are reading this, then obviously you have internet access. So, the world is open to you to try new things.

There are so many Facebook groups out there that you can join whatever your interest is . Could it be cooking, mysticism, movies, art, gardening , support groups for difficult relationships and hundreds more. Join one or more and start chatting and listening to others sharing their tips!
Learning a new language forum are also available for free; my son met his future wife on one so you may get more than a new accent!

Google search for free competitions; you may find yourself winning something!

Facetime or simply phone call your family and friends as much as possible. Everyone appreciates some contact at this time.

Try putting notes through neighbours post boxes at a quiet time of the day just saying ‘ Hi hope you are doing Ok , you can always call me on xxxx phone number or email me at xx@ blahblah. You will be surprised how many people actually appreciate this and will reply.

If you are in good health, why not volunteer for safe helping for example Good Sam in the UK but probably the same available in most countries.

Got a local care home near you? Why not try doing some little cards or letters and pop them through the door so elderly have something to look forward to.

So many ideas are possible so please share some on the comments. Warm wishes

You can always chat to us on Mysticcall :-)
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