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The harrowing tale of the 'lantern men' who haunt the Cambridgeshire Fens
06-07-2020, 09:12 AM
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The harrowing tale of the 'lantern men' who haunt the Cambridgeshire Fens
It's no secret that Cambridgeshire is home to some incredibly spooky sightings, and the Fens seem to be a particular hotspot.

Whether it's the ghostly monks that still roam the grounds of Peterborough Cathedral, or the infamous Black Shuck wandering throughout the Fens, there are plenty of ghost stories and legends.

But one of the lesser known tales is of the 'lantern men'.

There is noticeably less information available on these lantern men, compared to say the Black Shuck, haunted crossing or any of the haunted pubs.

But we've managed to piece the tale together for you. So, get cosy, grab a cuppa, and get ready for the terrifying tale of the 'lantern men'.

Who are the 'lantern men'?
According to the folklore of the Fens, the lantern men are often seen around Wicken Fen and other areas.

Described as an atmospheric ghost light, the lights, believed to be evil spirits, attempt to draw their victims to a watery death in the reed beds of the Fens.

The lights dance and twist their way over the dark surface of the great mere, or skip erratically in and out of reed beds and are apparently drawn to the sound of whistling.

Thought to be a variant of the will-o'-the-whisp folklore, one method for evading the terrifying spectres is to throw yourself face down in the muddy ground with your mouth pressed firmly into the ground.
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