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Psychics; Are They Born That Way?
13-09-2020, 07:52 AM
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Psychics; Are They Born That Way?
Are we born with psychic skills? A lot of psychics recount that they first became aware of their psychic gifts when they were very young. They had their first psychic experiences at ages such as 2 or 3 years old. So, does that mean that they were born psychic? And, if so, does it mean that psychic awareness can only be built upon later on, but cannot actually be first discovered much later in life?

The Age of Psychic Discovery

In actual fact, while some psychics remember their first psychic experiences early on, there is no particular age where we can first discover our psychic senses or experience psychic phenomena or spirit visitations.

Asking just some of the Psychic Pages psychics and mediums how and when they first discovered their psychic skills, gets us a great variety of answers.

Some psychics do indeed recall having their first experience at a very young age. Such first-time psychic events are that they saw a spirit, had an “invisible friend”, or were able to see colours or auras. Others recount beginning to “know things about people” at a slightly later age.

One psychic recounted the story of how he found the family dog lying down outside and looking uncomfortable. He was drawn to sit down by the dog and lay his hands on him. As he leant towards the dog, he saw colours and felt a vibration. He ran his hands over the dog and could “see” the dog’s problems and feelings in colours. It was here he first experienced his psychic gifts.
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