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MYSTIC MARS CIA hired PSYCHIC to ‘find’ ancient civilisation of ‘tall, thin aliens’ o
01-10-2020, 12:26 PM
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MYSTIC MARS CIA hired PSYCHIC to ‘find’ ancient civilisation of ‘tall, thin aliens’ o
THE CIA hired a psychic to look for an alien civilisation on Mars, it has been revealed.

The wacky experiment, conducted in 1984, was carried out with an unnamed man who claimed to be able to "see" the surface of the planet from a distance using his mind.

The attempt was reportedly part of Project Stargate, a US Army unit set up in 1978 to investigate the potential use of psychic phenomena in the military and elsewhere.

The project cost $20million and reportedly enlisted the likes of celebrity psychic and famed spoon bender Uri Geller.

The CIA released the records from the project online in 2017, and details of the Mars experiment were uncovered by British investigator Nick Redfern.

The files reportedly describe how a "remote viewer" was given "special coordinates" for the test.

Remote viewing is the claimed ability to form impressions of a distant place or object using the mind instead of the usual physical senses, though there is no scientific evidence that it exists.

The unnamed man said he could to see "huge" pyramids, an obelisk structure, and road networks on Mars.

He then described a number of shelters visible on the surface of the planet.

“Different chambers…but they’re almost stripped of any kind of furnishings or anything," he said

"It’s like ah…strictly [a] functional place for sleeping or that’s not a good word, hibernations, some form.

"I can’t, I get real raw inputs, storms, savage storm, and sleeping through storms."

Asked by a CIA agent who would sleep through the storms, the man claimed to be able to make out an alien race.

"Ah very tall, very large people but they're very thin," he said.

"They look thin because of their height and they dress like in, oh hell, it's like a real light silk, but it's not flowing type clothing, it's like cut to fit."
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