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Why I Would Never Be A Paying Psychic?
12-01-2013, 03:38 PM (This post was last modified: 12-01-2013 03:54 PM by georgek.)
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Why I Would Never Be A Paying Psychic?
1) I could not take peoples money and be accurate enough 100% of the time with 100% of my customers. I would fail, because if I was not feeling up to it, I would just have to keep returning money!

2) They would not like what I have to say, as most what I see is bad and self inflicted. Nor would I have to keep playing this 'polite lark'. I guess that makes me a bad person? Yet when I see something, I am not that good of a 'white washer' to tell others what they want to hear?

3) People deserve what they get. They make their own lives and expect others to make it right for them? Codes of ethics, is a booklet they can get free. As there is no need to pay for it.

4) My life is a peaceful one, except what I get on forums, by which a simple button turns you off! Taking your problems home with me; is to take my work seriously. For what you would wish to pay...better those who can change their names.

5) Number five, you would not wish to have me, cos I look pretty normal (George he slightly looks in a mirrorConfused)

(forget about number 5)

6) Other than that, I don't work for nothing, so unlike charities, you get sod all out of me, except pain at times? Georgek works for a living, and likes to spend his time talking to fellow psychics as a passtime.

7) can now hang me, as there will be others who will come, as my bones have been upturned so many times on forum, that my rump bones now form part of my hip! I am sure that in 10 years time, if I am not easily forgotten, that wild myths could arise that could confuse science forever? (wot this has already been done?) How about a pocket icon then?
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12-01-2013, 07:20 PM (This post was last modified: 12-01-2013 08:54 PM by georgek.)
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RE: Why I Would Never Be A Paying Psychic?
Quote:Georgek. I see you are back with us?

Back with US?

Who is 'us' and did I mention that I was driven away? I walked away from a topic, out of respect for 'missaigon' as I did not want to cause this person an upset.

Quote:If you feel the way you do then why not try joining in with the discussions sensibly instead of fighting everybody.

Who is everybody?

I can't see them? I am writing a post about my views? So far, I have heard about 'us' and 'everybody' So are we talking about one shared brain cell...or do they represent YOU?

Quote:views which may not agree with yours, but they cannot be dismissed

So....I thought discussion was about views, or are you saying that yours are not views, but dictations? Can't you agree to differ?

Quote:The Madelline McCann mystery that you mention is a fairly sensitive topic, one which none of us know the answer to.

Again, you surround me with mystery. Does that mean that the word 'none' belonging to yourselves must also belong to me? Or does blindness belong to all seers? Or perhaps 'seers' and psychics do not exit here?

Quote:Also it is one that makes me feel sad to discuss as I am a mother myself.

You lot are meant to be psychic. Is it your failure that sends you into a 'sensitised mother' or is it your inability to see? Do you not see the rest of the world suffering, like I do....or is your motherly instincts based on your own personal grief?

Quote:Also, as I look at your past threads I find them difficult to understand. (I don't profess to be the brightest of buttons,) but for me they seem rather off-the-wall and not put down in simple language. I found what your connection with aliens ((on your thread re UFO's) I personally found hard to believe!

It is your entitlement as well as your lack of understanding.

Quote:At the end of the day whether you perform your readings for free or payment is entirely up to you, nobody here has questioned you about it. I neither believe nor disbelieve your psychic ability as I don't know you personally.

This is unlikely to happen on a psychic Maybe you have answered your question why nobody has questioned it? The reason why they have not questioned, is because they shoot themselves in the foot. Perhaps you should understand how others feel, as you are very apathetic towards understanding things personally? You will be surprised that this forum has nothing to do with belief, as again you have answered your own question....and you are pretty good at providing these answers. This is because people hear what they want to hear, and it has nothing to do with BELIEF! They DON'T believe, they have the dream and expect the on line psychics to confirm what they think. If this don't happen, they move onto the next psychic and the next, until they start having deeper social problems.

Quote:Try and start the New Year with a clean slate

I like the old one. There is no reason to find something new, when you have already found your truth?

Quote:I'm up for a good discussion and a debate anytime

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12-01-2013, 08:30 PM (This post was last modified: 12-01-2013 08:41 PM by georgek.)
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RE: Why I Would Never Be A Paying Psychic?

Quote:Back with US?

An Emotional Goodbye To An Administrator, AFTER I Affected This Member

[Image: goodbye_zpsaf1dcaba.jpg]

Well....what he was trying to say, was that he had a good time, and that he enjoyed the discussions, but could not see how georgek was a psychic?

Thanking the boss, he explained that nobody could be so accurate a psychic(despite what you guys think) and that the only solution, is that georgek was getting his information by invading the privacy of others by hacking into computers, hence making it a criminal offence. (good sport!)

As the administrator did not ban me; for accepting their challenges,so HE SUFFERED greatly, at my hands...gave him reason to complain months afterwards.

Unfortunately, I left before I put him right. Sod it.......some bugger will sort his paranoia (if they find him)

Hmmm.....there is still one going about, thinking he is God? Oh...heck.....I didn't ask them to challenge me? My mentors had enough, when a couple of witches were sending me spells 'through the post'
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13-01-2013, 06:14 AM (This post was last modified: 13-01-2013 07:37 AM by georgek.)
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RE: Why I Would Never Be A Paying Psychic?
Quote:Yes, really I am up for good discussions which obviously you find hard to believe. Your answers in that order are cold as if you are trying to put me down on every little remark I have said.

I feel no warmth? You let yourself down, because you are explaining that your opinion lies with 'everybody' and 'us' . You seek warmth yet you act as a unit instead of an individual. You want to be treated as a person, but justify yourself with others. You LACK security, whereas I do not. So you feel inferior by saying that 'I put you down' You, don't put me down...nor do your 'everybody' and 'us', because I have self realisation, which both you and your units do not have. It is because I have self realisation that I am 100% in tune with my mind and am able to focus correctly. That does not make me perfect, but I am able to see both my heights and limitations.


Quote:I don't provide answers as I have said I am not have got me all wrong. I don't hear what I want to hear

If that were the case, then you would be you specify that you are not. Being psychic is to be able to perceive and know ones own mind. It is the ability to separate the one tenths brain from the nine tenths mind (subconscious) People hear what they want to hear, when they cannot separate both conscious and subconscious. Logic takes over, as you show here. When you conquer the brain, you rely on what the mind sees and this separates you from your logical upbringing.
No one associates me with anyone else except when I open a post here, and see a picture of a Troll, with the caption:- "Do not feed the Troll!"

So...who is this person that sends it? Is it from 'us' or 'everybody'? is YOU who uses this description, not I!

So....what is this person saying, by don't feed the troll? It is a way, of being scared of what I might say? People simply, just can't go and bugger off to read something else? Ain't their own opinionated ideas, good enough, to feel that a loser like myself can affect what they write?

If you feel that I have got you all wrong, then why are you supporting them, by defining 'everybody' and 'us' with yourself?


Quote:Of course I see that the world is suffering. I care about other people just like the other members on this forum do. That is if you care to find out rather than make assumptions.

Again you speak in error. They DON'T care about others. Very much like when you talk about Maddie McCann. You don't know Maddie McCann and cannot care. Instead you are thinking about your own child and imagining what it would be like if this happened to you! Why should you care for Maddie McCann and not all the children that go missing in South Africa? There could be about 100 children that go missing in the world, every day and nothing is said about them. Instead you see Maddie McCann because you identify this family with yourself! You have apathy for Maddie McCann....and that is different!

If people literally cared or loved the world in equal degree, they would die from a nervous breakdown. Do you THINK that folks on this forum care about ME?
They don't care about me, because they can only see what they want to see. I am different to them. I could be , whatever I they live in a dream. If they cared, they would not be treating misssaigon and myself in the way that they do!

I don't care about them...nor do I care about you, so again I guess that makes me bad! Yet I am honest, which is more than they can be! I have a real life, with real people. What the world thinks or does about me, ain't gonna make any difference, even if I start crying now? Perhaps if I left something behind, then things would be different? So whatever I could give then, I give now...which is myself and my TRUTH. Which includes UFOs and all, cos that is all I have that is of value to the world.

For it will not be how georgek died, but how georgek lived. When my god claims me and asks what I did for the world, I will say this....but they would NOT LISTEN to me, like they did not listen to others, who came before me. For I am not like you lot; to pepper the world with 'sweet corn' and spray the Gees with fodder....

The ills of the world are but a curse of mankind, not a blessing. As it is not the days that count, but the nights in sorrow. As here lie the dead, and the pitiless that share an ox for a to who will carry their dead? As the lame will bore weak with eyes to the sun, when in their heart...pity lies, as to who will die first....the scorn broker or the dream, as neither shall rest until all is done.


Quote: I have added this extra bit: Actually I was trying to be civil to you in the hope that you may be a bit more friendly rather than fighting with everyone.

Is it the beggar that lays the scarps on the table, or the dogs that look down?


Quote:I don't know what your problem is but if you think everyone is intellectually beneath you here, then you would be better off seeking some other forum that can offer you what you feel is more stimulating conversation? It's completley CRAZY!

I think what you are trying to say, is that others are like you. The fact the they have given me the boot, makes you fit in here whilst I don't? Rather than let me decide what I wish to do, you judge people by the dejection of others ? Then in the same context, you tell me how you are different? You fit in, because you are no different to them, and this vigilante group accept you! use the word 'everyone', as there is nothing individual. Who is EVERYONE???
I am talking to you? What gives you the right to own this forum and have it controlled by a vigilante?

I speak my truth (opinion), and those who do not listen, I move on. As I will keep moving on. To be like you; I would rather fall pity to the dogs a dozen times than be something that I am not. We come out of the darkness...not go back into it. Whether you be civil, or a clown frowns, ain't gonna take your pity away! As that be what you have...not for the world...but for yourself!

That is my opinion....for which I am entitled to think. You don't have to believe it, that is your choice!
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13-01-2013, 11:05 AM
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RE: Why I Would Never Be A Paying Psychic?
Georgek: 80s goth is right, there is nothing here that you would class as stimulating conversation. I am just an ordinary person. Good idea for you to seek out a forum that is more to your taste...perhaps somewhere you can discuss...UFO's...your friends the Sky People...did you not say these are the silent runners on your thread? Or better still you may even find more superior discussions such as individuals who claim to have been abducted by aliiens? LOL
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13-01-2013, 11:14 AM
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RE: Why I Would Never Be A Paying Psychic?
George.. No one ran you out, no one forced you out, no one treated you and your friend (MIssSaigon) badly (You joined at the same time and clearly share exactly the same views .. coincidence?). You are a troll who goes from forum to forum behaving in this way in the attempt to cause as much negativity, upset and chaos as possible. There is no reasoning with you, no discussing anything with you (unless everyone agrees with exactly what you say then you appear to be more civil to others and up your game to incite more and more negativity).

I am sure you will come back with your usual long winded drivel on how horrible I am, how nasty I am to you, how badly I have treated you, how everyone here is a vigilante all out to get the great george K... but quite frankly, I am not sure anyone really cares who you are... we can only interact with you by the way in which you choose to interact with us. And you are choosing to put down anyone who speaks to you in a civil way.

A troll is a troll is a troll.... and I think I am done feeding you now. I feel sorry for you George, it must be really horrible in your world for you to think that acting and behaving the way you do is acceptable. I hope you find some inner peace :-)

Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. ~Voltaire
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13-01-2013, 03:47 PM (This post was last modified: 13-01-2013 04:39 PM by georgek.)
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RE: Why I Would Never Be A Paying Psychic?
Spartans Wrote:-

Quote: Good idea for you to seek out a forum that is more to your taste...

Well...I cannot say that there is a lot to my taste here? One would have thought there to be more stimulating conversations, but pretty much when we get blown out to sea? The water is always wet! Nor can I really say that I sought this forum out? What you have to understand, is that there is one lot here...and another lot who browse the networks. The ones who browse the networks, usually have sense to realise that there is a load of crap inside and just use them to get information.

You will normally find (I speak from experience) that most who use network sites, have damaged social lives. This is very evident here!
They come for comfort and what they call LOVE .

The sad thing, is that there ain't any!!! Pity...there is a lot! (self pity)

Nobody can offer something that they cannot give. You literally cannot pick Charles Wilkinson (who the heck is he a member?) who tells you anything that he wants, so you can encase a cusion of love around him? This is absolutely absurd. It literally means that Charles Wilkinson (no...this is not a psychic reading ) is a dream of your imagination, and because Charles Wilkinson, kisses your butt all day for this love thing....

It is no difference to having an obedient dog. You cannot say that here they love dogs(hmmm).

When I join a forum, we get the 'sicko' brigade. The ones who seek you out, who realise that anyone daft enough to join, has got some failure in their life?

So the usual things they tell me, is to GET A LIFE, Go and get a girlfriend and a job.

A girlfriend....what another one?

Then if you stay a while....(because they are the ones who are really crazy) they think:- "Hmmmmm...strange man....he ain't a failure, got a woman, a job and lives in a big house, not been to prison.... nor is he a drug addict and he ain't stupid?"

AHHH....he has to be a TROLL!!!!

In other words, these are delicate folks who LIVE in forums, who have been badly damaged and here is this individual who wants to upset folks for amusement! Their tiny brains are so closed minded, that although they realise, they ain't letting on! So you become a Troll.

Then you get the 'butterfly' avatar members. With startdust from every orifice.....the flapping angel wings to the Piercing Eye of Horus. They can be dangerous and usually sit in the background with the death hypodermic. They are not allowed to speak, because they are meant to rein pity down on the human race, and although they hate your guts...they watch!

If I am unlucky, I get the desk men. Oh...the desk men who are the psychiatrists. They show themselves sitting behind a desk, to make you realise that they have sod all work to do, apart from studying your brain.

I have learnt more about psychiatry and Carl Jung before Randi was blessed on TV. I have learn't about all the major illnesses, ranging from bipolar, psychotic and even Torrets! They are there like when Moses parted the Red Sea. To offer comfort to the depraved, but what the heck are they doing on paranormal forums...God only knows? you end up with the Jesus bashers...oh heck.....

So you see rump is red raw, but my legs still walk.Sad

Quote:Or better still you may even find more superior discussions such as individuaho claim to have been abducted by aliiens? LOLls w

The aliens or Grays are the drones, sent to do menial tasks, like studying the human race to find why it is failing. The real UFO people are spiritual.
Failure lies with 'The Seed of Man', based on the interaction of gods in your bible. They abduct, so you put it; to try and analyse why society is dying. It is to do with the female species.

They have a duty to the creator to ensure that the population can reincarnate correctly, as to learn lessons. As you can see here on this forum, this ain't working. They have longed ignored mankind, because of it's failure to recognise their gods. Instead they watch and guide, and when they see some with PROMISE, like when they looked down on me...they communicate. They see their seed has not "Behold our seed has not perished among the stones...for here , one cries out to us" You people will never listen, it is your way. For soon you will try to pollute space, and this must not happen. As the disease must be quarntined .

Your failure to understand is what leaves you here. From years of wrong thinking by the inability of divine vision. That you fall short and plunge into greater darkness. That be your choice, as all are free to think as they wish
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13-01-2013, 03:52 PM (This post was last modified: 13-01-2013 03:53 PM by georgek.)
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RE: Why I Would Never Be A Paying Psychic?
Quote:A troll is a troll is a troll.... and I think I am done feeding you now. I feel sorry for you George, it must be really horrible in your world for you to think that acting and behaving the way you do is acceptable. I hope you find some inner peace :-)

Great...I hope that helps you and that your sorrow is not too deep?
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13-01-2013, 06:57 PM
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RE: Why I Would Never Be A Paying Psychic?
if there is nothing to your taste here on this forum... why on earth are you still here and bringing the forum down with your negativity? Surely if you want the *stimulating* conversation you keep banging on about, you would skip along to another forum and find it... oh wait... you actually go from one forum to another posting the same things, causing the same negativity, putting down the members in the same way...... have you ended up here because there are very few forums out there left for you to attempt to bring down?

Instead of putting others down to make yourself feel better (that is generally a rule of thumb on bullies), why have you not taken the time to join in... if you want more psychic discussions, given the way you speak to others, is it any wonder most people are not really wanting to have any form of discussion with you? Also, if you want more stimulating discussion topics, post some. And no, your experiences spammed across the board, or your alleged idea you and only you know where Madelaine McCann is buried is not really conversation topics...... in fact, it is in very poor taste to be honest.

I expect this post to bounce around your head and go flying off to Mars and fully expect you to come back with same boring and tiresome comebacks that you think are hurtful .... But you have been given a chance to join in, and you do not appear to be capable of having a conversation with others. This is not the problem of the people here George.. after all, as you have rightly pointed out, you end up in this situation time and time again on every forum you post on... has it never occurred to you that its you, the way you are, and your disgraceful attitude that is at the root of it???? Don't worry, I don't expect you to be enlightened by the truth, because you have made it clear only your truth is universal and there is a problem with everyone else on the internet.....

The really sad thing is, is that you could have got a few interesting topics going, had a few interesting discussions..... you could have done exactly what you claim you wanted to do here..... but you didn't? In fact, you have done nothing but insult people since the minute people attempted to join in with your posts with a difference of opinion.

When scientists eventually find out what the centre of the universe is, you are going to be so disappointed to realise that it isn't you :-)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday :-)

Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. ~Voltaire
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13-01-2013, 09:30 PM
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RE: Why I Would Never Be A Paying Psychic?
Well said Icemaiden, but to be honest I think you are trying to reason with someone who has a major personaility disorder, definately traits of narcissim anyway.

It is clearly obvious to anyone with an ounce of sense the reasons why George has been ousted of many forums, but his ego and delusional tendencies make him see things that the way (only he) sees them.

Hats off too you for trying hard, but you are just banging your head against a brick wall. This man is not worth the effort. We all have various arguments and agree and disagree with each other and sometimes it can get a bit heated, but nothing compares to old Georgie pants and his rantings Smile best to take your advice on another thread, and don't feed the troll anymore.
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