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Tipping point
22-03-2011, 12:27 AM
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Tipping point
Why did you start having readings and when (if indeed it did) did it become excessive? Was it just for the predictions or so that you have someone tell you that it would all be ok or both? I ask in the light of exploration and also that others may recognise the signs that things may be getting out of hand.

I like many have had my fair share of readings; well actually I’ve had way more than was probably healthy. I’d had readings in the past and had never really taken much notice of them once they were over, bit of a giggle with my girl friends afterwards about the tall, dark, handsome stranger who was apparently going to sweep me off my feet!

About 7 years ago things in my life took a downward turn as life often does. My relationship ended acrimoniously, I become a single parent and had to deal the financial issues that went with that, illnesses in the family along with my own. I often looked skyward and asked what had I done?! But I had gotten through it all, and without the aid of psychic readings.

It‘s strange, but it wasn’t until I started a new relationship (with tall dark handsome stranger!) that I started to crumble. I was emotionally exhausted and I just wasn’t ready for it. Now to all on the outside I was fine, but I was winging it. I went to work, I raised my child, I was a supportive friend, daughter, sibling and partner but I just didn’t want to bother anyone with my issues. So once I stumbled across PI it was love at first sight!!!! Having access to people I didn’t have to wait months to see and never needing to explain how I was feeling was wonderful. Before you say anything I would not have seen a counsellor. One of the first psychics I spoke to was an Empath, she told me everything I had been through, I bawled like a baby but it was so cathartic. But although it did become excessive I did received a lot of help along the way.

My sister and I laugh about it now, we called it my ‘Hope Tank’ and my incessant need to have it refilled. But like I said it wasn’t all bad. Through the services I have also learned a lot, for example mediation, crystals and the Angelic realm which I love. I even joined a development circle to learn more about the cards (no aspirations of becoming a professional). I’ve had reading some great readings and some not so great! With the predictions I’ve had varying success. But the best ones weren’t just about the predictions.

I would also like to add that I don’t hold PI or any psychic responsible for any of this. I am an adult…well apparently!! But like others I think that PI and others that are thinking about providing this type of service could/should do more to help their users keep things in check. Maybe notification of their service usage and put in terms of pounds and pence and time spent. Maybe getting a text or email informing someone that they have spent £50/£100 over a certain period would have greater impact than just for ‘Entertainment Purposes Only’ which where I think they believe their duty of care begins and ends. Because like it or not you're gonna come in for some stick because people do use the service when they are at their lowest.

It's a business which has to garner a profit, we get that. But there must be a way to balance both business and the empowerment you claim to offer. Or is it true that ‘you cannot serve two masters’?
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22-03-2011, 01:22 AM (This post was last modified: 22-03-2011 01:44 AM by w27/12.)
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RE: Tipping point
I found Psychic TV in 2006, a year after my Sagitarrian ex broke up with me, I was in a really, really bad place. I wasn't over her, still wanted her back, didn't have anyone to talk to about it and had been struggling emotionally that whole year. I saw Gemma and Inbaal as I was flicking through the channels (to be honest it was Gemma that kept me watching, what a beautiful lady she is). My first reading from Psychic TV was an email reading from Francesca (I thought that forking over £13 wasn't that bad to see what this was about, and this was back when studio psychics were the only psychics who would answer email readings but you never knew who it was going to be until you got the email), and she was just so spot on with what was happening in my life that I ended up hooked and started getting phone readings.

Fran was my 'go to' psychic for a long time...even when she went to Psychic and Soul I was still having readings with her there until she left. For a year I was having readings every weekend, to be honest I wanted just one of them to tell me my ex would be back. I spent all my savings on pre-booking readings, which has been one of my biggest regrets looking back because I spent so much money having readings about someone I ended up not wanting to be with anymore. I remember Carolyne Faulkner once telling me that my guides were actually starting to ignore my pleas for us to get back together because my asking was like a broken record. That was the reading that hit home for me, because I knew straight away what she meant, I guess I needed someone to actually say it to me and that's why i'll always have a soft spot for Carolyne, because she was always brutally honest with me, but caring and kind at the same time. She also told me I have a cheeky angel she always called Tinkerbell (because she's moody and mischievous) that watches over me, and she also gets bored easily and hides my things. Come to think of it, I have had some DVD's and even my favourite t-shirts go missing over the years! I wish Tink would let me know where she's hidden them, lol.

I just really wish I hadn't got that addicted to having readings. Sometimes I wish i'd never found the channel.
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22-03-2011, 09:34 AM
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RE: Tipping point
I found Psychic TV about a year after the death of a family member. I was very lucky in that the first person I rang and spoke with was Andie Hudson. She clicked with me straight away, she knew what had happened and gave me guidance on crystals that may help.

Because she had linked in with me so well right away, I always tried to speak with her only ~ if I couldn't get thru I felt it was not to be that day, although back then it was much easier to get thru to the person you wanted, or so it seemed.

Where I ran up the phone bill was the waiting to speak with her, but you were told regularly that you were being charged for all the time while you were waiting. It was also made clear that you were in fact waiting in a queue, listening in on others conversations as a message came across the line, every minute I think, telling you if you would like to speak to someone straight away go back to the main menu etc. etc. It's been so long since I rang in, I'm not sure if they still have that while you're waiting.

They also used to send you a free msg text telling you when you had spent £10 on the text service that day. I thought this was an excellent idea, as it was so easy to get carried away texting the show. Again, I've not interacted with show in a long time, since my texts didn't get to screen, even when sent in at the beginning of the show, and the mystic service, I found, to be a total waste of time.

I still watch the show occasionally, when Karina, Lee or Katie are on, as they seem to still try to teach a little in the time they're allowed, but I've found it to be very commercial now ~ get 'em in, get 'em out attitude, it's all about the money.

Sorry, I've rambled off the subject Blush

I count myself very, very lucky that I connected with Andie on my first call, and found someone I could trust with my readings from the very beginning. It's so sad when you see the same texts/voice msg coming in time after time, and, for the most part, getting the same answer each time, but obviously hoping to hear what they want to hear.

Recently, I've started going to development classes, where we learn about the cards, pendulums etc. but also to meditate, not necessarily to connect with your guides, but to help calm and relax you. Since then I haven't felt the need to ring or text the show. It's actually quite interesting show at times, when you're not watching the screen like a hawk for your text to come up, or dashing thru the menu to get hold of your favourite psychic. Sad

@Dominos I think that's an excellent idea about having a text msg sent, or with the landline, a ring back service to say when someone has spent a certain amount. It's so easy to dial back in again after the twenty minute timer ~ I've done that too in the past ~ and rack up £60 in one day.

PI should take back some responsibility towards the viewers, especially as many ring in when at a low point in their life.
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22-03-2011, 09:43 AM
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RE: Tipping point
My friend recomended going to a psychic healer she had been seeing. I was wary, but went a while after recovering from being bullied, got through a very difficult time without medication and just will power and friend and family support. I worked with this healer, who worked a bit like Sally Love, really asking for hard work, to garden the soul, to get rid of all those things getting in the way of your self....the experience has been life changing..transformational...and it is the aspect of transformation and growth I think can be of real use when working with a psychic, as it is not about predictions but oneself taking the reigns...

Then I had a tricky love situation, exaggerated by the economic climate in its obstacles that then have hooked on Live Person..dreadful rubbish..having a reading a week, but short..found the Tv channel. 2009.and I think though I have spent money not as much as some...but still felt that wretched hold..

I found the channel when I was burnt out and anxious I thought I was about to loose everything...needed some petrol to somehow recharge me and give me faith!!!!!! I was ill in bed for almost 3 months..watching the show..I have leanrt much that is positive..but wary of the 'sales pitch' and egos..

Went from pillar to post with love readings...ouch...I think I was taken in also by their insistence that everyone was marvelous and hand picked and vetted blah blah..but I am not the quality ranges..

Thankfully, I have really paid attention to the psychics explanations of how to use readings and they say don't ask the same question too often as it does not work, it is not good..
I found a psychic who was good for me, and her markers in time have corresponded to the REAL communication I have received and knowledge of real events..she also advices on not having too many readings, or going to too many readers..her markers in time which have kept me company have settled me, and given me faith..that there is much I cannot quantify or understand ..but in a positive way..the combination of talking to her and listening to the real advice from psychics such as Ruth on not abusing spirit..has helped...
Understanding for me that letting go, trusting life, understanding synchronicity, building my own happiness and power to change,
whilst having a reading now perhaps once every five months with a 5 min top up in great...Aldo also helped as he saw the obstacles, the feeling the difficulty, and the difficulty in getting the elements to resolve whilst the world is in this chaos..
his honesty helped as I know my situation cannot be predicted as to I have to seize the day and just live..but trust that life will work for my highest good..
I have used the theory of synchronicity, i.e. if he is not ready perhaps I am not ! so I have focused on building my own work..

I just wish that there was clearer guidelines and health warnings and it not sold as blanket entertainment..I think it can grab you when you are low, lonely, vulnerable..not thinking straight..and it can you bounce from reading and reader to more..and that is not how it is supposed to be used...

I think also keeping it real and understanding the mystery..does the advice link in to what you know and see is happening..I listen to the advice and watch the news and listen to the communication from this person..and add in a space for not knowing..
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