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Animals are Psychic!
05-03-2013, 05:05 PM
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Animals are Psychic!
Animals can sense and see ghosts and spirits. I am sure that some of you have seen your pet cat or dog whimper and try to run away at one point? This common occurence happened to me when I was a child accompanying my aunt and her pet Spaniel on a visit to her friends recently moved in new house.

On entering the house my aunts dog started to make whimpering noises. He arched his back and scuttled underneath a table as we went into the living room. later on it turned out to be haunted house. I never saw a thing but I did feel a cold dark presence about. I was ignorant of spirit and ghosts back then, as it was before I knew that I possessed clairvoyant abilities myself.

Dogs, cats, horses and crows are known for their ability to pick up negative vibrations emanating from ghosts. Your pet will pick up negative energies from their owners who are distressed, plus negative vibrations emanating from ghosts. It is very rare to see a horse walk through a cemetery.

Animals are very psychic indeed. For instance cats know when their owner is going to die. Their sense of perception is amazing, unlike the human being, they don't question their abity to see ghosts and sense spirit. They have so many other ultra dimensional entities that are not to be seen in our dimension. They sense danger and massive weather changes before they happen.
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06-03-2013, 06:30 PM
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RE: Animals are Psychic!
Hi Wispy. I do feel the human race has lost the gift of channeling into their psychic ability through the ages. However, a 6th sense does existing in all humans, but not in the same way as animals. This raw 6th sense comes so naturally to them. In the case of humans we either 'use it or loose it'! I am a psychometrist myself, it is not a gift that I was seeking, but this ability was given to me, which has not always been a pleasant experience.

Our ancient ancestors may seem primitive by today's modern devices, but certainly not primitive when it came to making use of their psychic powers, which they knew they had, and the reason they had them. As technology advances like a treadmill, the human race has become lazy in terms of working things out for themselves.

The natural psychic abilities of most humans lie buried deep under the layers of materialism which is a 'dog eat dog world'. But for animals it is a case of using their 6th sense for survival?

Funnily enough people interested in psychic phononema usually always have pets.
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