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Logic must win ! everytime!
01-05-2013, 04:46 PM
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Logic must win ! everytime!
I totally understand people go through loss, money worries, relationship and health challenges..
But is the answer calling shows like Psychic Today and having some stranger that you have never met guide you in your choices in life.

I have posted a fair bit on this forum, at first thought it would be full of psychic mediums that preach and sell there nonsence, have found now its more full of people who need help in re-educating on there choices when using these psychic services.

Please think with logic not emotion..
Let me ask a question.. Would you give you pin number to your credit card to a stranger that says it would be safe with them? I hope the answer would be no!

So why trust someone off the line..blackpool seafront tarot read with the things they tell you ?

Logical thinking must win out!

These people are con artists! Plain and simple!
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