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Private telephone readings Please contact by PM
17-05-2013, 02:50 AM
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Private telephone readings Please contact by PM
• I had my first reading with Eleanor this evening. She was wonderful and softly spoken and she gave me some very interesting validations, she really is spot on and I would recommend her for a reading, no wonder she is so popular. I look forward to talking again when the first prediction comes true. Many thanks Eleanor xx

• You have been reading for me for the past few months, you are a beautiful reader. I really can't thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for all your help. I wish you where on more, K xx

• Mind very good xx
• 26th august - havn't spoken to Eleanor for a long time, so speaking with her today was great so thank you for the reading you hit the nail on the gave me the strength, the guidance and the validations regarding my situation....thank u so much you really helped me today...a true angel my and light s xxxxx

• I can't even find the words to describe how truly amazing and gifted this lady is EVERYTHING she has predicted has happened, you are the best! x

• Spot's on, she's not just gifted with accuracy and spiritual guidance she is also a wonderful soul and great healer. U just gave me the boost that I needed, u told me things that were so real, I just needed to confirm things were said to me, as well as things that I felt within my inner self and instinct, and u just validated everything without me telling u anything. Bless u Eleanor and thank u again If anyone is looking for a truth experience, she's one of the best 100%.

• I would just like to say, if anybody is looking at having a reading, look no further than Eleanor. She is absolutely brilliant. Had a reading with Eleanor for the first time on the 27/7/12, she is so lovely, caring and understanding of everything. Eleanor had picked up on things that had already happened and had picked up on past loved ones, just waiting to see what the future holds. Give Eleanor a call, you wont be disappointed . Lots of Love Eleanor, P xxx

• 22/07/12 My Reading with Eleanor was again very warm and accurate, Very kind and Lovely Lady! She predicted something 2day regarding my Love situation which will happen (as she says) in 2 weeks time frame. I’ll post again when predictions come pass Love you, Eleanor! From Ke

• I absolutely love this lady, so beautifully spoken, so gentle and warm. She is very flowing and always sticks to the same predictions. Shes very hard to get hold of but well worth it when you do! Shes a brilliant reader, one of the best on here. If you are lucky enough to catch her then great! Shes totally superb! xxx

• Had a reading on the 02.09.12. I was very restless in the early hours of the morning. Eleanor was the only reader on. I caught her and what she told me lifted my sprit. I felt a weight lifted of my shoulder. Thank you for your advice I will cetainly keep a watchful eye on the situation. You were very sure this will happen I will update as events unfolds. LNL Ms E

• It took me months to get hold of this lady but finally I managed to get through to her today. I can honestly say that she is simply amazing. She picked up my situation straight away and gave me validation after validation and also predictions and dates to look forward to. I hope that everything comes to pass. Thanks Eleanor! I will certainly be calling back.

• 30th August thank you so much for the reading today. You answered all my questions and you were spot on with what you told me the other day when i spoke to u.....I just hope wish and pray that my biggest desire re my other half comes & light b in touch soon s xxxxxx
• Very consistent with outcome even with all the problems that keep showing themselves. Thank you for your patience and I am looking forward to next month for the outcome to materialise. September was always the month you gave for things to resolve themselves. XX

What can I say? I keep coming back for more! She’s the best. Love and light W xxx
Dear Eleanor. Thanks for the reading today. Glad to hear that I am not living in cloud cuckoo land!!!! Thank you for reassuring me about my own intuition I will try to listen to it more and trust it. It was really lovely to speak to you again. This is my second reading with Eleanor she gives each reading her absolute best and gives you her honest answers so kindly. Don't hesitate to call her. She doesn't judge or try to be a therapist. Just beautifully connected to spirit, thank you x x x x Sarah

OMG! WOW! Never had a reading with Eleanor before but will one million percent have another. Very confident, believed her 100 percent. Truly gifted, all above testimonial correct. She AMAZED ME. Thank you so much. Jodie x

Had a couple of readings with Eleanor and she's fantastic, easy to talk to and picks up on the situation straight away. I will definitely be reading with this lovely lady again. She has given me insight into a very difficult situation and hopefully the strength to see it through. Thank you so much! Beth
Hi Eleanor! I had a chat with you last night and it was brilliant! Hoping that everything you predicted about E will come to pass! Love, Jacqueline xxx

Hi Eleanor, I am SO pleased with my reading I am delighted to leave 100% positive feedback!! I have had some excellent readers on the sofa and little surprises me any more, but you have WOWED!!! me Smile I am so excited at the predictions you gave and your precision with dates is amazing. If anyone is reading this and considering calling...then DO!! Eleanor is INCREDIBLE!! I can’t wait to call you again with an update. Many, many thanks for giving me the enthusiasm to keep going. Love and light. Melanie xx

Another amazing reading with Eleanor I could talk to her for hours!! Definitely my favourite reader on the Psychic Sofa. Spot on with everything again. I will call you next week and update you on what the "swinging brick" says tomorrow haha lots of love and tank you for everything steph xxx

Thank you for such a lovely reading you promised to do a healing for me and you told me that I will see results in the next 7 days in regards to a particular guy. Bless you for your blessing remember my initial begins with E not a U as you thought love and light Ms E

Eleanor is a very gifted reader, tuned in straight away. Would highly recommend this reader, has the wow factor please do call Eleanor you won't be disappointed. Xxx

Good reading, picked up on a lot of details. Predictions in line with other readers. Would recommend. X
Absolutely amazing reading with Eleanor would recommend to anyone picked up on everything going on in my life without me saying anything!! Best reading I have had so far. Thank you Eleanor I will keep you posted and can't wait to see what Sunday brings Smile x

Truly gifted reader, you will not be disappointed. Love and Light xx W
What a lovely lady, she tuned in straight away. Will keep updated about predictions to coming summer. xx

I found Eleanor very accurate & polite. She had described things around me with detail & gave me specific dates of when I should expect certain changes. I will look forward to seeing these changes and will advise on outcome. Please give Eleanor a call as you will not be disappointed. Very genuine lady. Thank you Eleanor.

Lovely lady inline with many other great readers on the sofa... I will wait till Thursday to see what happens. S xx

Dear Eleanor. That was a most beautiful reading I just had with you today. You tuned in to my situation absolutely perfectly, and helped me believe in what I know in my heart to be true. It was just like talking to a really good friend I have known for years. Thank you so much. Give Eleanor a call it is worth every second. A beautiful gifted reader x
Love the fact she gives dates to look out for. She has predicted the same events as other great readers on here. I will be back!
What can I say other than Eleanor just blew me away! Very accurate about situations and descriptions of peoples personalities close to me. Lots of detail and predictions in line with other top psychics. Even given certain dates for predictions to happen! Very impressed with her and will be coming back to update! Thank you Eleanor, let’s hope this really was the last bad weekend! God bless xx

I would like a message for Eleanor. Absolutely amazing she picked up on my situation without any hints. Eleanor is softly spoken and very calming reassuring manner left me feeling calm and optimistic. Give her a call you won't be disappointed. Thank you once again.

Eleanor, thank you for an amazing reading! Tuned in very quickly and picked my situation up without any prompting. Very insightful and gave dates to expect progress. Will definitely ring you again when predictions have materialised. I feel uplifted and positive, (could do with bottling you for future use) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, a lovely lady! XXXXX

I have had so many readings and although the right things were said somehow I didn't feel connected...I have to say the reading with Eleanor tonight has been the best so questions asked she just tuned in to my energy straight away even though energy was low due to me being a little poorly....the information just kept coming...a wonderful connection...she described him and our situation perfectly...will definitely be back again...thank you so much you are truly gifted...will speak to you again towards the end of the month....stay blessed...Jas xxxx

Fantastic lady, she described my situation to a tee, and the man in my life or not at present. Looking forward to the predictions coming through, I feel satisfied that I can do no more and he will instigate now. Bring on Sunday and Feb 11th!!

Thank you Eleanor, a spot on reading... you read the situation immediately and with great clarity, so I’m sure you're right in what you say will transpire. Many thanks you've made my day.
Hi Eleanor, I just wanted to say thank you for the readings you've given me regarding the guy at work that left. I rang you in the morning and you stated that he would give me a hug and a kiss to say good bye an I should listen carefully to what he had to say. Well thank you! All came true and now I'm looking forward to everything you have said to unfold. You also stated in my second reading that my ex will come back and I will have to make a choice, but first feel his energy as by me feeling it, I would make my decision between the two. We both already know who I’m going to choose, as my heart has always been with the guy at work. Please try this lady as she gives you so much clarity it’s unbelievable... Thanks again Eleanor love and light x x

What a lovely lady summed everything up and so many things spot on, give her a ring. Many thanks Eleanor, talk to you after the 4th March. Phil.

Eleanor was spot on about many things and made feel very comfortable. Thank you so much. Love and Light, P.K

Hi all at Psychic Sofa I would like to say what an amazing lady Eleanor 4555 is. I had a 40 min reading with her on 29/01/12 and I wish I could have spoken to her for longer. I have spoken with many psychics and I know a good one when I connect with them. She is sooo accurate and attention to detail is awesome. I feel so much more positive now and I will leave feedback when predictions come true. Give this lady a call she has the WOW factor I will certainly be calling again. Thanks so much xxx Tracy
Eleanor you was Amazing!!! I am a reader myself so I know what you got for me was spot on. My reading was not a normal relationship reading, very complicated but none the less you got everything right about the man in question without any prompting WOW!!! Looking forward to Feb. Lovely lady and never judge me. So glad I called you put my mind at rest. Anyone with a problem, call her you will be amazed how spot on she is without having to say anything. Thank you Eleanor love Lisa xxxx

You’re an amazing lady... You tuned in and picked up my situation immediately. You’re always extremely accurate in what you pick up and I look forward to speaking to you again because you're supportive and caring and I come away feeling better. Thanks and a warm hug from me to you.
Dear Eleanor - I can’t thank you enough for the reading you gave me, I am so looking forward to February and what it brings for me. I will keep you posted on the job front. I was feeling so down when we spoke and you gave me hope... Much love x

I would like to leave this feed back for Eleanor, I have had two readings with this lady now and each time I have been blown away by the details she has given me. She gives so much detail thrown in with a difficult situation that even I struggle to keep up with it all. But she got straight to the point and gave me names too and I now look forward to this situation around me unfolding in the way it is meant toooooo. Love & light x x x

Amazing woman! Second reading and picked up initials and names. First names and second. Extremely gifted woman, I'm so happy to have found her. She is the BEST.

Eleanor is one of the few psychics in this world who are so gifted. This is my second reading with her and she blew me away again. Thank you for your lovely energy and the surprise from my dad who passed away not so long ago. You were so right about the situation it gave me goose bumps. Lots of Love. L

05.02.12 - I had a reading today with Eleanor and I can say she is amazing accurate and can connect with people, in my opinion she is the best reader. I will update you in the near future and thank you for your care. Love and light xx

As well as being a lovely lady with a beautiful energy, Eleanor is a fantastic psychic. I have had many readings in the past and can honestly say I do not feel the need to look elsewhere. Eleanor is spot on and I am delighted to have found her. Thank you Eleanor and will speak again very soon! V xxx

06/02/2012: I had a reading today with Eleanor, she picked up my situation without me saying a word. Thank you for the amazing reading, I was feeling low when I called you but you gave me hope and confidence, I look forward to everything you said especially February end and I will call you again to update you. Thanks you, will speak to you soon... xx Priya

First and foremost - wow! Spoke to this lady before, gives great validations, already her predictions have come true. Spoke to this lovely lady again today and she has given me another relationship prediction and I am very confident this will happen. She described the person to a tee, physically and on an emotional level. If you speak to this lady you really won't be disappointed and that's a promise. I have spoken to a few readers on Psychic Sofa and she is by far the best. Amazing - I really can't wait xxx

Eleanor is amazing, she's so warm and open. She really cares and tries her hardest with every reading I've had from her. I would easily consider her a friend. She understands and I find it so easy to talk to her through the difficulties. I would recommend 100%. Thank you so much Eleanor.

You said the man in question had been reflecting and he had finished reflecting and would be in touch by Tuesday and he was xx

09-02-12 Eleanor you are a star, I would like to tell you with great happiness that there is more communication as predicted coming from the guy, your healing work has worked wonders and there is a definitely a change in both us. Where I had doubts you reassured me that everything will turn out fine and in my favour. I can’t wait for the future. Thank you for doing more healing. Anyone reading this you can trust and receive love and guidance from Eleanor. Give her a go and the trust to sweep you off your feet. She is a true psychic and one of the best on Psychic Sofa. I send you love for the positive and uplifting readings that you produce Love and Light E you know who.

Hi, this reader is amazing! She is so calming and energetic, such a pleasure to talk to her, she tuned in straight away and no wonder she is always busy she is the best! your life will change for the better with her insight and guidance feel totally blessed will definitely be calling this wonderful lady again and again love her to bits mwahhh xxx

I would like to leave a very huge thank you message for Eleanor 4555, Eleanor you are extremely gifted. You are a lovely warm insightful reader who told me things immediately without prompt, I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and would highly recommend you all day every day, you’re truly amazing, thank you Eleanor...J xx

Hi, I’m khadija. You gave me a reading last night, thank you so much, you really made me happy and gave me a big smile, I just can’t wait for Andrew to come in my life. xxx

This is my second reading with you, I came to you because my first reading predictions came true, so I wanted to update you, I went out on a date last night and had the time of my life, and he is wonderful, just as you said. I hope the job comes through for me as you have said I will of course keep you informed, to all the viewers reading this, I am writing this review because Reader 4555 has been the only reader who has been accurate with her dates, thank you and give her a go!

Thanks for the uplifting reading Eleanor, I didn't have to tell you much, you seemed to know what's going on, and I hope that it will all be resolved very soon. Love S x

I love this lady! She has given me so many validations and her predictions have already happened. She has such a beautiful energy. Thank you again Eleanor! V xxx

Eleanor is amazing!! I could talk to her for hours she really is a good friend Smile she is always spot on with what she tells me and I know her predictions will come true. Loads of love to you Eleanor from Steph xx
Amazing reading, she picked on my situation so quickly and described the man in question with details. I just wish that her predictions will come true and I am sure I will come back for update. Thanks Eleanor for sending the blessing.19/02/2012

Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! I can not wait for our next chat which won’t be long I hope, to keep my confidence going which you do because of your validations and accuracy of things that pass xx

Hi, I have had two readings with Eleanor now and her predictions have never changed. When the predictions materialise then I will re-post. Eleanor is clear in her readings and I would definitely recommend anyone have a reading with her, she's great!!

Thank you Eleanor for the reading yesterday I was really happy thank khadija xxx

I believe you 100% thank you Eleanor. It has been a real struggle for me and I was pushing for you to tell me to give up and you assured me if you thought not going to go forward you would but you have told me to hang on in there. I will and will definitely be strong. Many thanks, loads of love. Jodie xxxx
Had a really nice comfortable reading with this lady a few days ago the advice she gave me came good solid advice, what she said would happen in my situation is happening, and I have felt happy and confident since the reading. I would certainly call her again.

Sooo happy to have reading from you again, I can’t wait till everything comes trough, thank you for the healing love and light. khadija xxx

Amazing can not express enough how talented and accurate Eleanor is, she could even pick up what I have been shopping that very day. Yes darling I was buying wine glasses and you nailed it as always!! You must try her she's simply amazing W xx

Eleanor is an excellent and honest reader. I had a reading with Eleanor on the 18/02/12 and she made a prediction about 3rd-5th of march which has just come to pass!
What a lovely lady! She picked up on the situation immediately, my feelings and those of the other person. She is very calm and gave me helpful tips on how to move forward without being judgmental. I will be in touch again Eleanor, Thank you.

Lovely Eleanor, you confirmed what I thought, spot on as usual, and it was well worth the search it took to find you! Sending my fellow psychic lots of love and blessings - take care of your self x
Finally I got in touch with Eleanor, this lady is so popular I found it hard to get hold of her. Eleanor reassured me that the man I have a connection with will be back in contact with me real soon. She is a good listener and so understanding. I really wish for her predictions to come true. I will definitely be in touch again and let her know what has happened...Lots of love to you Eleanor...E xx
Thank you for a lovely reading without me having to explain anything! Tuned into my situation and all around me and family matters too! Gave me more hope into my situation and helped me to understand more about him and my situation and what to look out for! I will be looking forward to my future and I’m really excited by it too!! Wink Will keep my energy positive! Thank you x G x

I really enjoyed the reading you gave me, I feel more positive about things in life, you’re really easy to talk to, take care. khadija

Hi Eleanor, I have looking for you for quite some time, and could see you on line, I even called your office to find you, then out of nowhere I saw you online and called you. You still maintained what you told me before and told me that March would be a good month for me concerning my job and my ex returning. You provided me with a few dates and I am praying from the core of me your predictions come to pass. I will keep you updated. I am the same girl that has the same birthday as your granddad. Much love me x

Some things you told me did cone true and with the dates you gave but some have not, this has upset me, I want to believe they will eventually happen. 02/04/012

I have had several readings with this lady, all have been inspiring. The time frames given for change have past but I am hoping this is down to delay. I wait in anticipation for the man in question to come forward. Thank you for your kind words.

Had a great reading with Eleanor 2 days ago and I really enjoyed it. She's very insightful and I like the methods she uses! Will definitely call her back soon! Xx

Thank you Eleanor for our chat this morning, it cheered me up and gave me some comfort. You are clearly very talented. Xxxx 22/04/12

Welcome back! I am so glad I managed to speak with you, I look forward to the next six days and communication from my very missed partner. As soon as I get communication in a physical manner I will let you know. 20/04/12

WOW!! Eleanor has blown me away...twice! In January 2012 she predicted something would happen on a specific date in March ... and it did!! She has just given me another reading and I know her predictions will come true. She is a lovely soul and makes you feel immediately at ease. She is simply the best! Eleanor, thank you for today's reading, I am so looking forward to my future!! I will keep you updated. B xx

Thank you for giving me hope and courage to carry on. I believe your predictions will come to pass, I just need to be calm. Thank you, same girl as your grand dad’s birthday x
Lovely again, tuned in well and very positive as usual. Gave great insight again, I will update you with my progress!

Thanks again Eleanor for another great reading 30/4/12. Everything you said in the passed has happened and in the right months, Looking forward to the rest to unfold... feeling a lot happier about the future... I will hang in there... Love Caroline x

30th April I’ve always wanted to speak to Eleanor but she was sooooooooooooo hard to get hold of...finally today God heard me & I got a chance to speak with her...never had a reading with this lady so didn’t know what to expect so opted for 20mins...but as the reading began & what she picked up regarding my situation I thought dam should have had 40mins...she blew me away with the information she gave me....she confirmed things that my other psychic friends have told me, I was definitely 1 million per cent blown away....I wish she was on more & if I’m lucky enough to get through to Eleanor again I will have an update with her....thank you so & light God bless you mwah Satty xxxxxxx
I’d like to thank you Eleanor for the reading today. You give me hope for my love life and I feel more positive for the future. Thanks

I don’t even know where to start, and I will try and keep this review short! I have been reading with Eleanor for a while and her predictions have to light, sometimes because of free will the timings might vary by a week or two, anyway over the weekend I decided to try a different reader and came off the phone feeling awful, it was all completely different to what Eleanor had told me, and by magic I saw Eleanor online today and before I could even tell her about my weekend reading she said I feel like you have been told to close the door on this situation and I need to tell you not to! Now if that’s not a great reader who is!? I have gained absolute trust in Eleanor and I wait for the big one to come to life for me. I am so happy I have found you and you have given me hope, courage and wisdom thank you Eleanor, to you, your guides and your ability to read for me. Lots of love x x x x

I spoke to Eleanor 3 times today how lucky of me....she’s a great listener....she gives great validations & it was like talking to a’re a true angel....thank you babe love & light Satty xxxxx p.s chat with you soon mwah GOD BLESS YOU xxx

Spoke to Eleanor on 30/04/12 about contact from my ex and she predicted that something would occur on the weekend of 04th or 5th May and communication would be made...well guess what? I saw my ex on the 04th May at a petrol station and he did make contact! Wow can't believe you’re predication of contact came to pass. Hope all the other predictions come true. Vicki xx

Hi, just had a reading with Eleanor after waiting quite a few weeks for availability. A very clear reading; she picked up the people in question and was very clear with future outcomes as well as specific dates. In line with the best readers, very clear reading and you don’t always get that. Thanks xxx
Hi Eleanor I am the lady with the pc plod story! Once again thank you for your great insight and validations you are an amazing reader who I feel so blessed to have a reading with! I have tried a lot on this site and not that many compare to this lovely person! This is the woman whos guidance is out of this world I will always be a regular of her and thank her so much for being a loyal and trusting friend! Speak soon all my love xxxx

Thank you Eleanor for such an uplifting reading today. Your insight into what is really going on made me feel very calm and positive. Can't wait for the next predictions to happen, and I know they will! How exciting!! B xx

Thank you Eleanor for such an uplifting reading today. Your insight into what is really going on made me feel very calm and positive. Can't wait for the next predictions to happen, and I know they will! How exciting!! B xx

Good reading, picked up on a lot of issues going on in my life, gave validation after validation, looking forward to her predictions taken place......... thank you Eleanor for being there for me in my time of need....... will keep you up-dated as and when predictions happen, Pat x

Hi just wanted to say she is brilliant soul. Picked up my situation very quickly and very accurately. Thanks for the clarity i will post you the predictions you have made. Great reader !!! SD

I had a short break from my last reading with Eleanor, but today she picked up on the guy in question and his starsign which is pretty amazing for someone who reads for so many people. I will be calling back to let you know !!! Many thanks L&L xxxx

21st may 2012 i spoke to Eleanor 4555 after so long shes so hard to get hold of but when u do get hold of her its worth it....shes a great person to speak to she picks up on peoples energies what more can i say a big fat WOW....she told me about my other half whats going to occur how he feels his traits etc etc i was amazed.....a great friend a great person an asset to this site....thank u huni love & light...God Bless Satty...xx

I had a reading with Eleanor 4555 in March 2011, and EVERYTHING that she predicted has come true including dates of events. Thank you Eleanor, you certainly prove the integrity of your work. Ps. She has the most caring & kind voice; I thank You for stepping into my life xxx

Out of this world. K

Great reader, lovely manner. Many thanks x

I have had many readings with Eleanor and she never fails to amaze me. Such a lovely, kind lady and a fantastic psychic. I wish I could bottle her beautiful energy and carry it with me all the time! Thank you xxx

I have just had the most amazing reading with Eleanor, who I had been trying to get in touch with for ages, and finally had a chance this afternoon. I must say she has given me hope and look forward to the predictions come true.... thanks you so so much Eleanor, and I will definitely keep you posted as to what happens next... Bless you .... THANK YOU once again.. MC xx

24/05/2012.... I had the most amazing reading with Eleanor this afternoon with regards to a certain gentleman... I must say she has renewed my hope with this relationship and must say I am really looking forward to all her predictions coming true... THANK YOU so so much... You were a pleasure to talk to... I will definitely keep you posted on how things work out... I am really looking forward to it... Once again thank you so much... Bless you ...MC xx

This women is amazing. She picked up my current situation really quickly. She is nice and geniune. She gave me the best advice ever which is to listen to your gut feeling. Will definitely be calling her again. God bless you. F xxxxxx

Beautiful , beautiful soul lovelly to talk to ...can't wait till 29th to get contact ...Steffan xxxx

Even before my eyes were open this morning (7.10am 25/5/12)!! I tried to see if Eleanor was on and I was lucky to get through and have the privilege of a 40 min reading filled with accurate validations including the initials and names of people around me - that is incredible! You are amazing and I can't wait for the predictions to unfold - I have no doubt they will come true and all I can say is I am truly blessed to have got through to this brilliant reader. Like other testimonals say and I cannot agree more - if only we could bottle you up and keep you on tap!! You are out of this world with what you told me and as the call got cut I couldn't say a big massive THANK YOU. I am SOOOOOOOOO happy to have spoken with you and will most definitely be back in touch. A reading with Eleanor is a must - she will leave you gobsmacked with what she can tell you. Take care meantime. Katrina xx

27th may tonight i was lucky enough to get through to Eleanor 4555 this lady is absolutely one of my favourite psychic sofa readers alongside a few others...she actually gave me great insight into my situation regarding my other half and gave me dates to watch out for...I hope and pray to the universe, Angels, Spirits and God that my biggest wish comes true and yes you will be more than welcome to attend my biggest happiest day....I watch this space huni...thank u so much for the reading...i enjoyed the chat we had it was insight full ;-) love & light huni speak with u soon I hope if I’m lucky enough to get through to u...Satty xxxxx

In my experience Eleanor is a fantastic reader! She is strait to the point with gentle and kind way. All of her predictions and timings were spot on! Her reading was very detailed which I liked, picked on very well on the other persons thoughts and feelings. Thank you again Eleanor for your great help. Love xx

Your prediction happened just a you said xx
This lady is the best reader on this site. Her gift is out of this world XX x

Eleanor is the best reader you could wish for. She has given me amazing validations and consistent predictions over a several months and her predictions continue to come true. She even predicted things would happen on specific dates and they did! She has such lovely voice and is so kind and gentle that calling her is a very uplifting experience. I feel blessed to have found her. I would not have got through these months without you Eleanor, so thank you! Bxx
24.5.12 Had a lovely reading with Eleanor. She gave me several dates for significant things to happen both with relationship and work issues and some of those predictions have already come true. Really nice lady to talk to. Picked up on things really well. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading. Cheers T x
This lady is out of this world. What she can tell you is remarkable. There are many readers out there but not to this ladies standard, you truely are amazing. K
This lady is supernatural! She knew the man's name, profession and physical appearance. I have been trying to get hold of her in this site for months now. I wish she was online more often!

This lady is supernatural! She knew the man's name, profession and physical appearance. I have been trying to get hold of her in this site for months now. I wish she was online more often!
Simply incredible. A true lightworker with a gentle soul. I have been given initials, perfect descriptions, outcomes, reassurance and validations that just flow continually...God Bless You for the work you do from a reader to a reader xx

Excellent reading yesterday, 15/6/2012....thank you Eleanor for helping bring more clarity to my situation...You are a great gift, accurate and a breath of fresh air as far as psychic readings goes... much love light and blessings, D
Eleanor 4555 this lady is out of this world. Thank you for your honest and accuracy. Looking forward to the predictions unfolding. M X

I was completely blown away by Eleanor's insights. I didn't say a word and she lept into my current situation accurately. Eleanor gave predictions, I will be back to make further comment in the future regarding these. I would say Eleanor is one of the top 3 readers on this site. Her connection with spirit is amazing. Thank you C xxx
Thank you for all of your reassurances I just have to be patient till Sept XXX

Have a couple of readings with this amazing lady, and I found her AWESOME, She tellz every thing regarding my love issues purely accurate, And give me a date when he’ll call me and its not 2 far, nearly end of this month, I’m so excited bout it, So will post again if her predictions cum right, Love 4 rm ke

Amongst all the thousands of internet psychics out there nothing compares to Eleanor, she is the best of the best. Just one word is enough, she does not ask any questions but all the information flows smoothly. How on earth does she do it? Its absolute magic. Please, please come online more often! We need you! L

Amazing. Up there with the best. Asked for a general reading and she tuned into the issue I was concerned about straight away. Eleanor is so nice and sweet too and left me so uplifted. If I could jump around like a dafty I would!!! So accurate too about the situation. I will definitely keep you updated Eleanor. I will just sit back, I know I have done all I can do but the man of my dreams is just wonderful! Take care, have a great day and don't work too hard.............Love and Light, J x
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RE: Private telephone readings Please contact by PM
Haha let's look at the facts shall we.. None of the above statements can be checked can they ? There just what someone has writen.

You have to ask some real questions of someone claiming to be psychic that can't tell one person from another Amir/chris chris/Amir

In the interests of fairness why are there no comments of where you got things wrong? Are you that good? If so why are you working on a psychic line for minimum wage?

Your thread just looks like over kill to me because you know you looked really daft yesterday! Lol

But if people want a reading for you.. They should make up there own mind.
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17-05-2013, 09:05 AM
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RE: Private telephone readings Please contact by PM
(17-05-2013 08:55 AM)Olive101 Wrote:  Do you know what Chris, it's called FAITH. Some people have faith in religion, some in sport, we have faith in psychics to a certain level. Who are you, some idiot that hides behind his computer to make disparaging comments about people to question their faith and what they believe in. You are nothing but an insecure, pathetic, small, minded, evil individual who obviously has a penis the size of a cocktail sausage. Leave us all alone. This is supposed to be a positive place to come for advice and support. We should not have to put up with you and your pathetic ways.

Hahaha what the hell has the size of my penis got to do with anything?? Ohhh get it that was an insult.
This Olive, is a public forum where anyone can join, if you don't like me views on psychics you don't have to read them.

There are plenty of people that have been ripped off by psychics that post on here and get nothing by way of there money back or even a sorry!

Are you religous by any chance?
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17-05-2013, 09:29 AM
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RE: Private telephone readings Please contact by PM
Why would I take advice on where and what to post from someone that has such "faith" in psychics.. If you can't work out there all liers then I have to question any advice you may give!

So thanks but no thanks
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17-05-2013, 09:53 AM
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RE: Private telephone readings Please contact by PM
Its such a terrible industary! How can people continue to be conned by these people???
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17-05-2013, 10:00 AM
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RE: Private telephone readings Please contact by PM
no offence but this website/forum is meant for discussion on psychic things. not a place for a psychic to advertise. with all due respect to you eleanor, but any new person who stumbles on this forum come with a big baggage of hope and stress. and by advertising here you're (atleast in my eyes) targeting the vulnerable individuals. i mean come on! i don't either believe/or disbelieve in psychics. neither do i blame them for my foolishness(spending on phonebills and calls) but this i think can be blamed on you, if some one does contact you. if you say you're as great as your testimonials then well i see no reason why you'd need to copy and paste on this website for any form of self advertising. =S

When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head and laugh at the sky - Buddha.
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17-05-2013, 10:05 AM
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RE: Private telephone readings Please contact by PM
Makes me cringe seeing someone tout for work like this .. If sheso good why the overkill with the opening post?!?
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17-05-2013, 10:28 AM
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RE: Private telephone readings Please contact by PM
I agree with Browneyes. Eleanor this looks like an act of desperation putting your glowing testimonials on your thread. This forum is what it is; a discussion forum where many people are trying to break the habit of readings..

The fact is you made a fool of yourself yesterday by falling for that mischievous trick Chris set up. We all have to admit it was hilarious? But Eleanor, it looked suspect from the word go. Like 80sgoth I don't believe all the complimentary feedback on these sites. Friends and family often send these in.
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17-05-2013, 01:49 PM
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RE: Private telephone readings Please contact by PM
When has this been a "discussion forum"???
With all due respect hangingpants as I have nothing against you. But if Chris can come on here and try to convince the world that psychics are all fake, Eleanor has every right to advertise herself. Why not?
I can see why you would think it is desperate but it could also be about Eleanor just starting her psychic business from scratch all over again after taking possibly 6 months or so off. You have to start again someplace and why not by advertising on here?

If Eleanor makes a living off her readings, after taking 6 months off maybe she needs to get going again. And messaging a random new comer (Amir) and asking if he would like a reading is how you go about this.

Chris is a personal trainer. If he took 6 months off work (for whatever reason), when he returned to work he would do whatever it took to get his business going again. Including offering his service to anyone who walked through the door. I know as I used to be a PT too.
I'm just trying to make a point. There could be many reasons why Eleanor took time off. It appears she is just trying to get going again.

Well that's how it looks to me.

I havnt conversed with Eleanor about this but will always give her the benefit of the doubt. She does not hide behind an Alias. She is who she is. She is a lovely woman who has helped me in the past and her predictions have always come true for me, some staggering.

Again Hangingpants, no disrespect, I just want you to see it like I do.
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17-05-2013, 02:11 PM
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RE: Private telephone readings Please contact by PM
Oh and Olive. I loved your post on here Smile

I think we all have very unrealistic expectations of what psychics can do.

I have no illusions. They are not superhuman and any of them can be made a fool of. They are normal beings like me & you who have a gift they have to really concentrate to Chanel.

To expect a Psychic to be perfect is very unrealistic.
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