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basics of a psychic reading ..
16-06-2013, 12:52 AM
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basics of a psychic reading ..
Basics of a reading

Using all these clues will help determine the best way to start the reading. Usually though the psychic reader will start with something general. A good opening statement is, "Oh dear you're having a few problems at the moment aren't you." (The tone will be very sympathetic.) It will probably be difficult for the customer to decide whether this is a question or a statement. Even if it is not said as a question it is clear that a response from the customer is required. Another good question is one that might apply to all three of the areas mentioned such as, "You seem uncertain about what course of action you should take. I feel that another person is involved and that's why you're hesitating." This is going to be true of virtually anyone visiting a psychic and the customer will almost certainly give a useful response. The psychic's next move will depend entirely on the customer's reply. If it is confirmed that they are indeed having doubts about something then it's just a matter of moving into the right area. The psychic has a one in three chance (health, wealth, relationships) even if no response is given.

A lot of what psychics give you is known as character reading. They tell you all about yourself which, for the most part, you will probably agree with wholeheartedly. However tests carried out by psychologists would indicate that most people are unable to distinguish a false personality assessment from a genuine one. Particularly if the false one is more flattering. Essentially then this amounts to worthless padding.

For any psychic it's a fairly safe tactic to begin with a character reading before trying to rush in and risk making an embarrassing mistake. This can even be the main part of the whole reading although it may be used as a sort of warming up exercise. For instance a comment on some general character trait as in, "You can appear to most people as very confident but deep down you feel just the opposite" is meant to convince the customer that the psychic has real insight into their character. The character reading will almost certainly contain enough flattery to make acceptance by the customer virtually guaranteed e.g. "You have a lot of love in you and this isn't always appreciated by those close to you." It's very reassuring to know you're right and everybody else is wrong. Another favourite is, "You're a very spiritual person yourself, quite psychic in many ways. You should try to develop your powers. You're certainly a very caring person. You could be a healer." All very nice and complimentary.

Further development of the reading will depend on the age and sex of the customer, and their marital status. The first two will be obvious and the third if not indicated by a ring will be found out by gentle probing from the psychic.

As an illustration assume the psychic decides to start in the 'relationship' area and thinks the customer is worried about a son or daughter. They are not silly enough to jump in and say, "I see your daughter's playing up again. She's still hanging around with that bloke from the chip shop isn't she?" Instead they will try something a bit more general such as, "I sense some difficulty with a relationship, possibly a younger person." Notice that they are quite vague in their terminology. If it turns out that it's not a son or daughter it would still be correct if they are merely having trouble with someone who is 'a bit younger'. For example if they had argued recently with a younger work colleague.

At this point many people either obligingly jump straight in and confirm that they indeed have a daughter who is being difficult or they give non-verbal clues such as facial expressions which will help the psychic decide if they are on the right track. If there is no response from the customer they might ask directly if there is a problem with a child in the family. They will ask this as though they are simply trying to clarify things (communication with the psychic realm can be difficult after all) and if they are wrong they will open things out a bit by asking if a friend is having this problem. The following imaginary dialogue illustrates this.

Psychic: "I'm getting something to do with a younger person. A problem of some kind is causing family tensions."

Client: Non committal.

Psychic: "Have you a daughter?"

Client: "Yes."

Psychic:"Have you been arguing lately?"

Client: "Well, she just goes out all the time when she should be studying for her exams."

Psychic: "I thought so. I felt a powerful female energy in conflict."

Looking carefully at the psychic's words they never said that;

It was a son or daughter - just someone younger.
It was family that was being discussed (although it would be logical to assume so) until the psychic asked about a daughter.
They had a daughter or even that the customer had been arguing. These were just clarification questions.

Yet many people would say that, "He knew straight away that we'd been arguing and I never said anything. There's no way he could have known." If the client is a woman who looks old enough to have a teenage son or daughter then they almost certainly argue at some time or other. It would be somewhat unusual if they didn't.

Psychics nearly always talk in this vague way. By twisting words and subtlely altering their meaning it leaves open lots of ways to get out of a tight spot. If, for example someone had not had a daughter but a son then they might respond with, "Oh I felt that it was a younger person but I also see a girl involved in some way." If their teenage son is having problems with his girlfriend, which is quite possible, the psychic is just as correct.

Can you spot a patten here of how these fakes work ?
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16-06-2013, 09:11 AM
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RE: basics of a psychic reading ..
I am curious as to how you would know how readings are conducted?
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16-06-2013, 09:23 AM
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RE: basics of a psychic reading ..
Research! Study! How else do we learn anything ?

The fact haven't had a reading face to face does not stop me looking at it and logically breaking it down.

The men and women who put man on the moon had never been to space but they researched enough to do it!
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16-06-2013, 09:31 AM
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RE: basics of a psychic reading ..
Research how?
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16-06-2013, 09:49 AM
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RE: basics of a psychic reading ..
Explain every term in the english language we maybe here sometime!

Research.. View video,read books,speak to people,the internet ...research..
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16-06-2013, 10:11 AM
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RE: basics of a psychic reading ..
So you can give no real personal opinion then?
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16-06-2013, 10:14 AM
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RE: basics of a psychic reading ..
Yes .. My personal opinion is clear and plain for all to see.. I've posted over 600 times here.. You really must keep up!
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16-06-2013, 10:24 AM
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RE: basics of a psychic reading ..
I will say again. So you can give no real personal opinion then?
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16-06-2013, 10:25 AM
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RE: basics of a psychic reading ..
These threads of Chris's are the most informative I have yet to see this forum. Yes indeed, this is how cold readers operate. Another example of a cold reading goes as follows:-

Psychic: You have strong connections with a man in your life (I say man because it is 80% women on here?) you have not had closure with this man as I sense tears and sadness?

Sitter. Yes your right there is a man

Psychic: This man keeps changing his mind all the time, he blows hot and cold, I feel tempers have been running high and he has gone?

Sitter: Yes. I haven't seen or heard from him in ages. What's going on?

Psychic. This man cares deeply for you. Problem is he is thinking with his head than rather with his heart. It's all one big misunderstanding, he needs to be on his own to think things through as he never planned to get involved in a serious relationship. But this man will come to you because there is that soul deep spiritual connection between you. At the moment pride and issues with somebody else is holding him back, but you are both meant to be and blah blah..

The rest would be things like a journey or holiday you were planning or even a house or career move but definitely changes ahead and major decisions. One thing I have found is that a psychic can never answer a direct question, it will all be down to the sitters free will. But you can google cold readings and see for yourself how easy it is done.
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16-06-2013, 10:34 AM
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RE: basics of a psychic reading ..
Gilly.. I have stated time and again have never had a face to face reading.. Two psychics on this forum tried and failed to give me a reading.

My personal opinion is all psychics are either fake or suffering from a mental illness!

Is that clear enough..

Please don't make the mistake of claiming my opinion is not personal.. By me typing and claiming this as my opinion makes it my personal opinion..

Is this clear?
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