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Patterns and Cycles
16-06-2013, 03:53 PM (This post was last modified: 16-06-2013 03:54 PM by Icemaiden.)
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Patterns and Cycles
It doesn't matter how great we believe our lives to be, we all have negative patterns and cycles, things we repeat over and over, our fall back for when things are perhaps not going so great.

The main one highlighted on the forum is readings, and many are very quick to judge that negative cycle, or to attach names to it, without perhaps realising that within their own life, there will be some form of negative patterns... it may not be readings... what the pattern is, is totally irrelevant, it's the fact it exists that holds importance.

I may not have lots of readings, but I will openly hold my hands up to negative cycles... I know they are there, I know what I do, and I know the trigger and cause... but what I find disheartening is when people seek to judge when they know their own lives are not perfect...... because no ones life can ever be perfect.

We all have good runs, bad runs, a shower of luck, and a shit storm we have to ride through. This is life..... it was never meant to be easy.. and a lot of the time it can be damn hard. Whether we believe life is about learning lessons, or simply the time between being born and dying, every moment of our life counts....

Negative patterns and cycles.... its not as simple as to just break them, move on, and never think about them again. They always fester, they are always there... the reality is, we can break them, move forward, but they never fully go away, not really. But the difference is, as we move forward, we recognise them, we learn about our own behaviour, our own triggers, we have an awareness that we didn't have first time round and this helps when we all fall back into old patterns.

It's easy to stand in judgment, to condemn, to see people or situations a certain way. We have all done it to some extent.... and no doubt at some point every one of us will be guilty of it in the future.... it's called being human, and human nature is something that none of us can escape from.

However, given we all have our own demons, we all have our own cross to bear, our own scars, our own patterns and cycles..... when we judge and condemn another, the only thing we are really doing is judging and condemning ourselves. After all, everyone lives in a big metaphorical glass house and is in no position to be throwing stones.

Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. ~Voltaire
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