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I Despair
10-09-2013, 11:07 PM
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I Despair
People that post on here never cease to amaze me... They all grumble about 'Psychics' yet they all continually ring.. ring.. ring.....
People who are ringing 'Psychics' are in desperate need of help!!

Do none of you realise that these 'Psychics' you all speak about are advertising on here posing as a punter!!

If it wasn't for you feeding these charlatans then this legalised theft would cease to exist!!!

Do none of you have a life other than watching 'Psychic TV'??

This time next year would I find the same people posting? Going through the same boring old posts????

Try and rely on your own judgement for a change..... Who knows.. you may even become interesting.. Are readings your life??
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11-09-2013, 12:01 AM (This post was last modified: 11-09-2013 12:13 AM by Dancing Dolly.)
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RE: I Despair
I hate to say it but TS does have a point. Maybe it could have been said in a more diplomatic way. But I do agree that people should be responsible for making their own decisions.

It's also true that psychics are having an easy free ticket to advertising on here, as we have seen from posters recently advertised. It's not particularly healthy for others to recommend psychics either, especially as there are people who are addicted, which only adds to further temptation.

I agree, that far too many are asking psychics for answers for ridiculous things now, and the whole psychic scene is being ridiculed. Readings are only meant to be used as a treat.

I couldn't even afford to have readings continuously at those shocking prices, so HOW do most of you afford it?

Think before you pick up the phone the ££££!!! you'll be worse off! Tongue
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11-09-2013, 10:28 AM
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RE: I Despair
Right..... Let us look at this logically..

Yep..... Agreed people have become obsessive and addicted to these crooks..

Addictions are recognised regardless of what it is the patient is actually doing.. It comes under obsessive and compulsive behaviour.... Anxiety and depression cos there is usually root cause to the persons obsession which can be treated like any other for an addiction..... Prob through counselling sessions.....

First patient has to recognise they have a problem... Most think this behaviour is normal..... Ringing 'Psychic' when they know they are being fed bullshit yet keep ringing regardless.....

Yeah.. Few of you guys do work on here..... But many here on benefits.. with not enough to do and too much time on hands... So they watch 'Psychic TV' during the day.. think of ex who has got life of his own...

Person has too much time on hands and won't find hobby.. .

It makes me sick cos its tax payers like me who are paying for these crooks..

So far I see that 'Psychics' have told all these people pack of lies.. People won't help themselves... They are content to live their lives like this..

It's as I said... People are deluded and need help!

Try free counselling.. The Samaritans or your local GP!!

You may not like what I say but I only tell you what the public outside this forum think..

Yeah readings for laugh at seaside once in a blue moon fine... But come on guys/ladies... This behaviour is a standing joke.. But it ain't funny is it???
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11-09-2013, 08:05 PM
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RE: I Despair
As you can see I have been accused of talking dribble cos I try to warn people to not part with their money to scum bags and crooks.

I do not make assumptions.. I 'Know' there are 'Psychics' on board here.....

Their job is to try to ridicule what I say because they know I speak the truth...
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11-09-2013, 09:35 PM
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RE: I Despair
The assumptions which I refered to, were the ones saying people are living on benefits.

Not that I'm disputing their are plenty psychics on here, but how do you 'know'?

Yes you probably do speak the truth, at the same time, would you go onto a Christian or catholic forum and start saying it is rubbish??

As much as there are conmen in the industry, I agree.
I agree, there are some very lonely and vulnerable people, and no it's not right for them to get ripped off.

At the same time this is a belief, a faith ... Don't try to desroy people's faith. I've been shown time and time again, things can be predicted, and things are fated.

Behind the predictions - there is a reasoning for why things happen to us. Just like in buddium, or any religion. life's unfairness at times can in a sense be explained, or I feel it can now - where I didn't have that grounding, because before using psychics, studying tarot etc I had no faith.

So troubleshooter, yes 90% of the time I agree! But in reality for most on this board, this belief system runs deeper than you can imagine. x
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13-09-2013, 12:05 AM (This post was last modified: 13-09-2013 12:25 AM by Troubleshooter.)
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RE: I Despair
Star... Of course your disputing everything I say.....

Do I need to show you evidence of these 'Cons'??? Many of you have admitted this yourselves!

I have much to offer as a discussion for those prepared to listen... but you are not!!

Can you show evidence that 'Psychics can predict the future'! Can any 'Psychic' on here read me??

Star... If you look at my history of posts you will see my reasons as to y I hate 'Psychics'.....

Do you not see that you are not tedious on here?? How you all repeat yourselves again and again and again...

Spiritual? Where? I see no evidence of people with 'Spiritual Beliefs' on here.. Most of you are too wrapped up on when the 'Psychic' predicted when your ex returns??? Or when he will ring you???

I am a member of a forum that is against 'Psychics' And yes.. 'Psychics' come on there and try to preach but don't stay..

I am not here to be liked and patted on the back with a.. 'Well Said' what you get from me is the truth...
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13-09-2013, 12:33 AM
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RE: I Despair
Spirituality have nothing to do with psychic readings.

The majority of questions raised by viewers on television shows like psychic tv are potentially the most shallow and least spiritual, materialistic questions anyone can ask.
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13-09-2013, 05:33 AM
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RE: I Despair
I haven't got the energy to bother. I have my beliefs, you have yours.
I won't be replying to you again trouble shooter Smile
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13-09-2013, 08:43 AM
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RE: I Despair
You asked me Star.. so I tell you how it is..

People refuse to hear the truth.. so they bury their head in the sand when somebody tells them they have problem.. too trusting and naive..

Ok guys.. Understandable you may try a 'Psychic' to begin with.. But not normal to keep on doing this..

One year from now the same lot of you will still be on here talking the same dribble.. Waiting on these crooks promises which never come!!

Psychics will do their best to undermine me.. Making me out to be forum idiot cos they know I speak the truth...

Listen to what Urak is saying as this person speaks from experience.. Yeah, shallow and materialistic is what 75% of you guys are on here are.. You are the ones right who keep 'Psychic TV' on the screen??? Keeping 'Psychics' employed.. Yeah odd few maybe spiritual but most here use spiritual beliefs as a shield to cover why you ring 'Psychics'?

'Ask' your ex personally what's going on.. Isn't it better to lose pride than get in debt???

But I must go to work.. I have no time to sit on my arse.. It's tax payers like me that are keeping these 'Psychics' afloat..
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