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Wake Up
06-11-2013, 09:06 PM
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Wake Up
I have noticed since my absence here, people who have said they are disillusioned with 'Psychics' are still searching.. searching.. searching.. for that fairy tale ending..

Many of you people are in need of help and guidance.. mainly because you're esteems are so low that you are unable to make decisions for yourself

Instead of consulting a charlatan who will take your money and give you bullshit.. why not consult a counceller or failing that the Samaritans?)

I do understand that many of you genuinely need help to come to terms with your relationship problems.. this is were these rip-off merchants are there to take your money.. and you are placing your trust in these crooks..

Many of you are on benefits (not all of you I agree) but those of you that are I say get a hobby and put your energies into something constructive.. Yes, you may say its none of my business.. but people here on benefits who are phoning 'Psycics' makes me angry because its the tax payers money from people like myself who are paying for these crooks..!!!!!

There's people who have been members here for over a year still at the same stage they were then..

Believe it or not I am on your side.. I'm not here to be liked and if you notice it is the 'Psychics' in disguise on here who challeng me.. But I'm not put off.. 'Psychics' are parasites who have no talent or conscience.. yet I'm considered the baddie and the'Psychics' are the goodies..!!!!

Wake up.. and see the light.. Once in a while for a laugh is acceptable but to keep on using them because you can't make a decision shows weakness in yourself..

If you look at some old threads we had 2 'Psychic' members here who spilled the beans and openly admitted they were nothing more than fakes and exposed secrets of the 'Psychic' industry.. They were 'Masked Psychic' and 'Miss Saigon' who Icemaiden driven off .. I've no respect for those two crooks.. But at least they gave people here the truth.. which you ignored..

Don't be fools.. These people can't read your future.. You're pAying for their holidays abroad.. Ask yourselves when is this reckless expensive non productive pastime going to stop?
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07-11-2013, 10:38 AM
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RE: Wake Up
I'm offering to pay a 'Psychic' who claims to have a 'Psychic' gift..

You lot telling me I'm ignorant.. Then someone prove me wrong..

I will take back what I said if one anyone can give me proof?
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07-11-2013, 02:12 PM
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RE: Wake Up
Hi, Ts. I haven't been on here for months myself, mainly because the posts have been the same old flat boring topics.

I do actually agree with a lot of what you say which is why I had to reply. But maybe if you could put it in a more friendly manner then people might start listening to what you have to contribute to this forum.

I am pretty much sceptic myself when it comes to psychics, but having said that I do firmly believe there is so much we don't know. Forget the sales psychics on phones because their not what I consider to be proper psychics, and like you say, if they possessed such a gift they'd hardly be working for those companies. But I'm sure if you searched hard enough you would find that the genuine ones do exist somewhere. Unfortunately the psychic profession has always been an attraction for con artists, always has and always will be, now more so than ever with the phone chat psychics which have sprung up in the last 10/15 years. It's a magnet for people who are wanting to make a quick buck,.

There's very little we can do about it because of they are covered. But I had a reading by a gypsy in the street in the summer time. I gave her a fiver and she read my palm. I wasn't expecting much but she did actually give me so much that came true in the space of 5 minutes. She asked no questions but talked at a great speed. So, yes, I do believe there are some with a true gift.

I can understand your frustration when people continually ring psychics even when they know their being fed crap. But then again, it's their money, so who are we to tell them what they can spend it on. I think these must be people with money, because most of us wouldn't be a le to afford the prices they charge.

I also agree with you about the tarot. I can't see how a deck of cards can read a persons future. You could pick different ones the next time, it's what I call children's fantasy and card games, nothing more, nothing less, but crystal balls and palm reading I do believe in to a certain extent.

It's not so much that people need help. I personal believe that many have lost their direction in life. Society's changed so much in the space of 10 years. Spiritualism doesn't have the same meaning as it used to, it's now become more self- indulgent.

Think before you pick up the phone the ££££!!! you'll be worse off! Tongue
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07-11-2013, 05:30 PM
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RE: Wake Up
(07-11-2013 03:34 PM)gaby99 Wrote:  [quote='Dancing Dolly' pid='21927' dateline='1383829927']
I agree with you. Most of these people are not genuine.
Im sure some good ones are in the lot but probably dont get noticed.
I have got interested in tarot cards because like many i want to understan how it would be possible to predict the future.
I have noticed a few things to my surprise:
It opens up your intuition. When i say intuition i mean that for some very strange reason it brings in you thoughts as if they were facts and not guesses.
I had this twice and twice i was right. Keeping in mind that i didnt know anything about the people i was trying to read to. These were very specific things that only them would know.
It was a little shock for me i must say because i wasnt expecting any of it.
So something i want to explore more to see what comes up.

I dont think they can predict the future but they give an idea of the current situation and i dont know why. I have turned this around in many ways. Asked many people, gave them some spreads i got and others and all of this seems to converge. Not sure what it is yet but i want to look into this further.

I understand what you mean about tarot cards used as a tool for intuition. Yes, I do agree possibly they can open up a part of your third eye, but then if that's the case it's not just tarot cards that can do that job, it could be done with say for instance children's cards, flash cards, snap cards the list goes on. I don't believe tarot cards have any mystical properties about them any more than I do with a deck of Happy Family cards, it's just that they look more impressive for the reader.

A clear bowl of water can also be used for that purposes. Perhaps the reason why the tarot has answered what your thinking could possibly be explained because your thoughts and brain is influencing the answer subconsciously? I once for a laugh plays with a pendulum, it gave me all the correct answers as it swung for the things I knew about, but for future events it was totay off. I do actually believe it's your own brain waves which influence the answer. Maybe I'm wrong but that's my theory.

I can't remember who, but somebody on this forum once said we all possess psychic ability. I personally don't hold with that, I believe every human being possesses intuition. We would HAVE to, to make decisions and go with our gut feeling. But actual psychic ability? Absolutely not, I'm talking about REAL psychic ability. There are only a selected few I feel possess this.

But no, I don't believe the tarot can read the future. I think what does come right is just pure coincidence.

Think before you pick up the phone the ££££!!! you'll be worse off! Tongue
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08-11-2013, 11:07 PM
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RE: Wake Up
There all fake!! All of them! There is not one genuine psychic, never has been.....
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