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Mediums & Psychics..
18-12-2013, 03:50 AM
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Mediums & Psychics..
Mediums and Psychics are people who pretend to channel the spirits of the dead,,sometimes they pretend they can communicate with aliens..angels and even 'God'..

They claim to have other powers as 'Clairvoyance' but mostly focusing on being able to contact and speak to spirits.. 'Mediums' have been exposed as frauds many times.. but this pernicious group continue to con desperate peopleout of their money..

They have developed various techniques for fooling their customers.. they claim to speak directly to spirit.. Generally the way they get sitters to believe in them is through cold reading where they will fish for correct answers and make random guesses according the behavoir of their subject..

They start out with vague statementsand wait for a reaction.. This technique is well documented and can get impressive results,, but make no mistake,.. this is a trick.. Another common tecchnique is hot reading where they will research a subject beforehand or even plant somebody into an audience to eavesdrop on conversations and then pretend they have no knowledge of it and make out they are getting through to 'Spirit'..

There are a number of 'Mediums' and 'Psychics' operating today on the phones and own practices.. I find this so sickening as they often prey on people's grief, many visitors to 'Mediums' are desperate to talk to a lost loved one.. the fact 'Medsiums' pretend they can do this is just sick.. it doesn't matter if.. as they claim.. they only tell people nice things to comfort them.. it is still fraud and they are making money out of it..

The famous magician and illusionist 'Harry Houdini'went to several mediums to contact his dead mother but he became enraged when each was an obvious fraud.. He offered a large cash prize for anyone who could prove they were a genuine 'Psychic' but not one single person was able to claim it.. Frauds were exposed.. the interesting thing is.. 'Houdini' wanted to believe in it.. he desperately wanted to contact his dead mother..

Some of the famous 'Mediums' on TV today such as.. John Edwards.. Colin Fry.. Derek Acorah.. if you watch them you will see they will cover up when they get things wrong.. and it happens often.. Accorah is a showman who pretends to be possessed for the TV cameras.. Ofcom have investigated him and the show.. it is advertised as entertainment they could not be charged.. Funny thing about Acorah.. is that even amongst the 'Medium' community he is seen as an ah and a fraud..

It is satisfying to see these people exposed and yet when they are confronted they always seem to deny any wrong doing claiming they are completley genuine.. These frauds are greedy money grabbing parasites who refuse to give up their money..

Don't listen to the one's here who are promoting 'Psychics' they don't care about you.. Look at the below linj..)
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18-12-2013, 03:08 PM
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RE: Mediums & Psychics..
I happen to know of somebody who has met Derek Acorah., and believe me, he is genuine. I have had many readings from Psychic TV. I'm amazed at how spot-on they are.
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18-12-2013, 11:26 PM
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RE: Mediums & Psychics..
When I was 19 I split up with my ex fiance.. we had this on and off relationship... and this was vastly approaching one of the off times. I was sitting round my friends after having a huge argument with said guy when her ex husband who I didn't know that well said "Come on I am taking you to my mum she will sort you out".

Off I went to guys mum. She was having a development circle when he frog marched into her lounge. I felt a right numpty. The people in the circle couldn't wait to get hold of my ring and see what they could pick up off it, and they were fairly accurate in things about me. Then they all went and it was just me and the lady who I will call Mrs B. We were brought tea, and when the door closed she said to me "You got a letter this morning didn't you? But don't panic, the smear test results isn't the big C, but they will need to monitor you for life"

I swear to god I went as white as a sheet and nearly fell off the chair. I had not told a soul about the results and had in fact ripped the letter up and thrown it in the bin.. a bit like if it wasn't there it wasn't happening. No one new other than me.

She then went on to say a lot of things, all of which have come true. She told me I would have two children. I argued this with her as I was told I wouldn't be able to have any. She was adamant there would be two. And lots of other things that have all happened.

There is no way this woman could have been a fraud.

The problem is, skeptics are so blinded by their own ideas and thoughts, by their need to be heard and need to put down the beliefs of others, that they can't see there is so much to this world that we can't understand.

When I was about 11 I think I had a dream that my mum was in a car accident. I saw her metro at a specific junction where I grew up having a head on collision with a council lorry and I saw the windscreen smash... I was terrified by this dream as it was so real. Told my mum who told me not to worry about it, a few days later she had the accident, at the junction, head on collusion with a council lorry, the windscreen went through. I have had many dreams like that since... once I had a dream about this guy with blonde hair in leather trousers propping up the bar who spilled a drink on my arm then licked it off.. totally bizarre dream. Went to the club, guy in leather trousers at the bar.. same yellow shirt in my dream, pissed as a fart, spilled beer on my arm as I was trying to get served... went to lick it off but I moved my arm before he did.

All psychic ability is is an extension of our senses. It is the ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses...... it has been constructed into something totally insane by the TV and media..... and of course skeptics who don't actually understand it. It isn't a direct line to the future.. it is simply the ability to see information in some way that we shouldn't be able to see and can't really explain.

Everyone has this ability.. some never use it, some are aware of it from a very early age, some become aware later in life.. some have no awareness but choose to look further into it and develop.... it is an extension of our own senses.. after all, from the day we are born we survive based on our own intuition.. we know as babies to cry because someone will come and feed us or change our bums etc etc... well we were not told this, there isn't some baby 101 going on in the womb so we all get fact sheets on how to survive once we are pushed out... we rely solely on intuition.

The problem is, so many people buy into the gimmicks of the whole psychic thing that its real meaning gets lost. Like in every profession there are some fakes... but then you get bad plumbers or bad electricians and bad mechanics.. all doing the same as bad psychics.... they are fleecing people who they believe to be vulnerable... but we should never judge a whole profession or a whole group of people based on the actions of a few.

Things like phone lines are simply a business.. there only concern and agenda is to make money. They make money from repeat callers.... its now been exposed that they even take notes on callers, especially those who phone regularly... which is probably why readers will deliver similar time scales. The idea of readings has changed vastly over the years.... from something that was meant to help people, to something to be used to find out exactly what another is doing thinking feeling 24/7. And companies like PTV draw the viewers in by the hard sell..... little texts where they are left wanting more and encouraged to phone in once the little text has been answered.... its the hard sell.. like a double glazing company trying to sell windows, or a market trader trying to tempt you with his wares.... PTV and all phone lines put profits before everything else.

Yes there are some good readers on the lines, but also a lot of people who simply do it for a few extra quid.... who buy a deck of cards, learn the meanings, and off they go reading. I once had a phone reading quite a few years ago now where the person was actually flicking through the book to get the meanings, I could hear them turning the pages, and because I read the cards myself knew the meanings even though I don't read with generic meanings.. I found it hilarious. I could have ended the call at any point but was just finding it funny. I have also had the odd phone reading that has been so scarily accurate it has given me goose bumps.

You can slate all psychics and mediums if it makes you feel better. But why are you not out exposing all the dodgy plumbers and other workmen who usually prey on women and fleece them for stupid amounts of money? Why are you not out on every forum exposing them? I mean they too need exposing don't they?

There is good and bad everywhere.. the key with readings is to have them a few times a year, to not rely on them for every answer because no psychic in the world has the answer to everything.... to understand that actually, if you are getting a fluffy reading the chances are the reader is simply telling you what you want to hear, and to perhaps not be as specific with questions... ie is my ex going to come back? Well a psychic has two choices then, to tell you what you want to hear or to give you the truth... a good ethical psychic will give the truth even if you put the phone down on them or walk out or whatever... a bad psychic who is simply in it for the money will tell you what you want to hear.

A psychic can only ever give a guide to the future, because we make our own future. I see readings as a guide.. ultimately it may give me an idea of what's in store, but I sure as hell don't live my life by them. I am the master of my own destiny and I make things happen in my future by everything I do in the present!!

Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. ~Voltaire
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19-12-2013, 01:48 AM (This post was last modified: 19-12-2013 02:10 AM by Troubleshooter.)
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RE: Mediums & Psychics..
Ok.. Icemaiden.. Your ex's mum was part of a development circle.. So this means she could have discussed your health anxieties beforehand to the circle in question.. especially if healing and development go side by side were you looking anxious and worried?)

So.. The prediction about your health scare could have been mentioned in the circle.. Could you be unwittingly exaggerating your experiences?) all the predictions that came true.. how many didnt?) how long was your sitting?)

Illness.. House moves.. Career changes are common parts of everyday lives.. 2 children is a very common guess as its a nice compact even number.. Basically this woman made a hit.. Probably using body language you were unwittingly giving her..

Confirmation bias is a tendency of people to favour information that confirms their beliefs.. Not only is everything fortune tellers do explainable through rational thought.. there is no feasible way for anyone to be able to predict the future.. It goes against everything we know about physics and biology..

'Fortune Tellers' are either deluded or charlatans..

Of course we think for ourselves and organise our futures.. That's if we are intelligent human beings.. I make things happen for myself.. But we don't make our own future cos none of us know what's round the corner.. I could be run over tomorrow.. have an illness.. Lose my job or relationship.. We 'Plan' our futures.. Icemaiden.. You live in a fairy tale world..

The dream you had was probably a nightmare that you panicked about.. Again.. as this happened some time ago perhaps your memory is unclear about things?) we all occasionally have vivid dreams.. Usually their controlled by our fears.. Perhaps you were worried beforehand about your mums driving?)
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19-12-2013, 09:11 AM
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RE: Mediums & Psychics..
4got to mention.. Yeah, I know there's lots of con-men around in other professions..I'm on a 'Psychic' forum here.. not an electricians or plumbers.. You sound like that wind-up merchant planted here - 'Sorro' !!!!!!!
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19-12-2013, 03:15 PM
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RE: Mediums & Psychics..
When my son's were five years old. We were going to spend xmas with a friend and her children. I had naturally discussed xmas presents I with my friend in advance (what we were and were not getting that sort of thing).
I knew that my friend had bought her boy a mega drive (I am no gamer I think that was what it was called). Her sister had been in the USA the previous month and had got it for her there, as the price was way lots cheaper than here in the UK.
On the morning we were going, I was all packed, I went to do up the bag, and I saw a control for my son's own games console in the bag. I took it out and continued getting ready, when we were going I looked and he had re put it in the bag. I asked him why he was packing it, I didn't want him to take it, thought it would probably get lost in transit at some point then he would be crying that he couldn't play his games when we got home. He said "Aaron's is broken, we need to take mine". I knew that Aaron didn't have his games console yet as it was wrapped up nicely under the xmas tree, and anyhow he didn't know he had this present let alone my own 5 year old son!
My son argued with me insisting Aaron's was broke, he needed to take his. I naturally got cross and it got put away where he couldn't get to it and off we went.
Well, next day (xmas morning) all children happily opened their presents. Aaron thrilled with said games console, and it was set up only to find.....that as it had been bought in America, the controls were not fit for british adapter (I cannot get technical about is as I am not a techie and plus this was some years ago) so effectively the games console looked good, but was useless for him to play due to not having a british control to play with!! My son, told me he knew it wasn't going to work and it was my fault as if he had his control they would have been able to play on Aaron's new games console! this was in fact true, we was gobsmacked, I had told them the fiasco I had with my son, determined to bring his controls with him.
He had no way of knowing what his little friends xmas gift was, and certainly had no way of knowing that the controls that came with it were null and void. He didn't understand why they would not work, just that they wouldn't.
How do you explain that one? I have a few unexplained incidents, this is the most striking to me, but from that day on, I became convinced of psychic ability even from a little child. I am sure you have an explanation TS, I would love to hear what it is!! Perhaps I have exaggerated it, remembered it all wrong, or plain lied? Whichever, that is the truth.
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19-12-2013, 04:55 PM
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RE: Mediums & Psychics..
@TS..... I wasn't looking anxious or worried... I was stressed over the train wreck relationship but other than that I have one hell of a poker face.... and she was specific.. she said don't worry you haven't got the big C.. and mentioned a letter I had received that morning with concerning results... and she was right, I have had to be monitored yearly for life, up until a few years ago it was every six months.

I had gone into premature labour with my daughter and had a placenta abruption on route to theatre. Sadly Becki Died and I had to be resuscitated several times before they had stabilised me enough to take me back down to theatre for the life saving second op. I had some serious internal scar damage as well as damage to my ovaries, I was told in no uncertain terms that I would never be able to conceive or carry a child full term. And yes, I got a second opinion on that and the second opinion was the same. My two children are miracle babies as no Doctor can explain how I managed to conceive let alone carry them full term..... she was adamant there would be two children, two boys.. I argued this as I knew different.. so no this wasn't guess work, nor was it a good little number, or just luck, she was adamant I would have two with a significant age gap... I had two, and my eldest is nearly 15 my youngest is 6... big age gap.. and she also said they would be boys... they are....

As for the dreams... that was not an isolated dream.. it happens a lot.. randomly... but it happens. And no I haven't got confused.. my whole family talk about "that dream" whenever we have a get together....

Of course.. there was also the year that me and my brother both went out shopping on the same day in different towns.... we hadn't discussed what we were buying, and we bought everyone the same presents with the icing on the cake being the fact we didn't just buy my auntie the same photo frame, my brother bought the girl one in the set and I bought the boy (teddy frames)....

Then of course I saw my Aunt in my hallway as I went to the loo, the next day I was told she had died.

Just because YOU can't get your head around there being some form of psychic ability, doesnt mean that ability in some way doesn't exist... you are far too jaded by your need to tell us all how wrong we are to consider that actually, you might be the one who isn't right?

Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. ~Voltaire
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19-12-2013, 05:15 PM
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RE: Mediums & Psychics..
While your explaining Dom's you may as well explain mine, also going back years..went to see a medium she had a message for my mom..tell her Jim said hello. Jim had recently died and was a lifelong friend of hers. Had a message from a Carl..said i dont know a carl..she just said girl at work, tell her im ok..yep girl i work with..her friends brother Carl had died in a car crash. Had a message from my moms next door neighbor..she gave both 1st and surname. Before you say she researched me before hand..when i made my appointment to see her all i gave her was my 1st name. I remember that reading like it was yesterday quite honestly it shocked me. Quite agree most phone line psychics are parasites, but that lady wasn't no fraud.
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19-12-2013, 10:27 PM (This post was last modified: 19-12-2013 10:40 PM by Troubleshooter.)
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RE: Mediums & Psychics..
Dom.. Games are very important to children. Most boys a few years ago all wanted 'Games Consoles' .. Maybe your son expected that your friends son would get a console for Xmas as probably everyone he knew got one?)

Hadn't it occurred to you Dom that your son was more worried and concerned that it 'May' have been broken?)

He guessed.. There's yor answer..

Children can be wiser than adults!!!
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19-12-2013, 11:18 PM
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RE: Mediums & Psychics.. do you know you weren't looking worried?) your scare could have been mentioned in a healing circle or something?)

All the rest was down to guesswork.. Perhaps you are not remembering the reading as it was cos you were so thrilled to be told something you were pleased to hear?)

There were probably lots that the 'Psychic' got wrong.. But you have blocked this out cos your only remembering the bits she got right?)

Ok.. She insisted you'd have 2 children cos if she backed out of her original statement.. it wouldn't look good. She was probably fishing all way through.. maybe you gave her answers without realising it.. It's the art of persuasion..

There will be a logical answer to your vivid dreams.. Science can explain a lot.. Why does a watch stop when the owner dies.. An experiment was made in 1665.. A number of clocks were hung on a wall.. in a short period of time 3 clocks all synchronised with each other.. This is known as entrainment.. the same thing can be done with brainwaves..

There will be a rational explanation for your vivid dreams..
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