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Some thoughts on readings
01-04-2014, 06:14 PM
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Some thoughts on readings
Hello I'm new to the forum but I've been reading for several months and enjoy many of the discussions.

I'm going to post some observations in the next few posts. I hope they interest some of you. I'll start with a few of my experiences, then some general observations and finally a lighthearted post called 'readers we have loved' ie the most awful ones!

Years ago, when I was very young, some friends took me to see my first fortune teller. That is straight up what she was; a little old lady sitting in her kitchen, purporting to tell people their future. Nothing about freewill changing her predictions, nothing about spirit having no sense of time - she just gave you everything she saw/picked up - illness and death included.

She didn't map out our entire lives, she only picked up random things but each was specific to each of us and each was a major prediction.

Over the next 10 years everything she predicted happened when she said it would.

She called herself Astra and was old and ill even when I met her so she is likely long deceased now but she certainly spoiled me for future 'psychics'.

After her I occasionally tried other women sitting in their kitchens. They would get the odd, irrelevant thing right eg the pregnancy of a colleague I barely knew but mostly they were rubbish.

Looking back I don't hold with the idea that independent readers are automatically better than telephone readers or that they have more integrity (even though I accept that commercialization of the psychic world has turned it into an unscrupulous money grabbing business).

In my experience most of these readers had no psychic ability. They worked in quite deprived areas and happily fleeced their neighbours (and us outsiders) for basically rehashing Linda Goodman's Star Signs or offering a bit of flattery - 'you're very intelligent' or 'you always put other people first.' (Does anyone ever respond to such comments by saying, 'er actually I'm thick as pig shite and horribly selfish?!)

After these hopeless readers I largely lost interest in readings for a number of years. Then I discovered telephone lines...... (I'll write the next part in a separate post so it doesn't get too lengthy here).
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01-04-2014, 06:43 PM
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RE: Some thoughts on readings
A few years ago I met Michele Knight socially. She gave me a mini reading. I thought it was pretty profound.
In the years I had not had readings I had become successful in my career and had a frenetic life which at times was also quite exciting. Like many people who live at a frantic pace I had slowly lost touch with my emotions. I didn't often question why I lived as I did - I didn't have time. But clearly at some level it I sought rest and more, dare I say it, 'meaning' to it all.
Mk's reading struck something within me.
I discovered her site and began to have readings. Later I found the Circle. Much later still I found Psychic Sofa. There's no doubt there were periods when I binged on readings and spent way too much. That subject has been dealt with a lot on this forum so I won't dwell on it.

I've had 2 situations that I've asked readers about.

In respect of the first, the MK and Circle readers got the validations wrong and not a single prediction ever came true. Not one. Not even the ones I didn't care about.

With the second situation a few of the Sofa readers got validations right. However they predicted outcome x. Instead outcome y happened in shocking and dramatic fashion.
Like many of you I was angry, disappointed and totally disillusioned. 'All readers are charlatans, fakes, bleep, bleep, etc.'

However, I still had some need for them. So I tried a few independent ones. I will post my views on particular readers in other threads where it will be relevant. But, broadly, most were hopeless. One or two even tried to tell me that they were above 'end of the pier, gypsy type readings'. Translated that meant they couldn't tell me anything about my past or current circumstances or make predictions for my future!
They could, however, tell me all about how we were entering the new age of something or other and I had to make my contribution to the consciousness of the collective whole and - whatever.

(The best readers of this bunch were a pair of twins I literally came across in the street. They were setting up a pretty bad stall. I stopped and asked how much they charged. £10. Having paid far more to connect with someone's mung bean eating collective consciousness I thought, how bad can they be?

They were delightful. They read together, finished each other's sentences and made me like them so much. Without me telling them a word about myself other than my first name, they accurately picked up my work, personal and general circumstances.
They made predictions which several months on I can see indications of coming true. I can't yet say they were wholly right but I won't be surprised if they are.
Interestingly, they described a situation (an unusual one) almost exactly as a few of the better readers on Sofa had described it. And it was not a description that was general or would be used to describe a situation like that usually).

(I'll continue in the next post so this one doesn't get too long and difficult to read).
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01-04-2014, 07:09 PM
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RE: Some thoughts on readings
Although I had huge disappointments with the telephone readers, in retrospect I can see that most, even some really bad ones, gave me something; a line, a tip, a piece of advice, a book recommendation etc that resonated with me. Even a bad reading led me to explore something further about myself or life in general. I even learnt and qulaified in two therapies for which, if I have time, I can take on a paying client. These clients tell me I've 'changed their life' which is a great thing to hear. Ironically I use one of these therapies to wean myself of having readings if I feel myself slipping back!

It was a complex process and one I can only comment on in a simplistic fashion here.
But the readers I used were really a medium (excuse the pun) through which I got back in touch with my emotions, my passions, the things that fulfilled me.

On the one hand that sounds great.
On the other I have to say it was the most painful, horrible experience of my life, even worse than the two situations I had asked readers about in the first place. I also certainly got my rest. The more I went inwards, the more my outer life stagnated. Intead of feeling 'spiritually enriched' I was bored rigid. Having finally experienced this life which I had obviously subconsciously sought, I knew it wasn't for me.
Yes, I've learnt things but nothing earth shattering - it's been more the equivalent of learnign that what you thought was purple might be better described as mauve - interesting but, frankly who cares.

There are people who will tell you that self discovery is hard and painful but worth it. There are people who will tell you that when their life was at its worst it was the best thing that happened to them because they learnt so much about themselves.

I am not one of these people!!!
If that means I come back as a slug for the next 10 life times then so be it! I have enought insight, values and understanding of myself to enjoy this life I have. I've gained a little more of each to add to the pot. I don't really have 'spiritual' aspirations beyond that.

There are readers who professed to be shocked when I said that to them. As if I'd suggested genocide! They said I should relish my 'spiritual journey' however hard it was. They then told me they had been on their own journey for 20 plus years! A few were honest enough to admit that their life in this world, however, was - well, not what they might have hoped for.

I don't want to be like that. It's as simple as that. Perhaps I had to have readings and everything that flowed from them to appreciate my life. Maybe. It seems a huge Thor hammer to crack a small monkey nut but there you go.

(in the following posts I'll note some general observations and 'readers we have loved.)
Thanks to anyone who reads what I've written so far.
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01-04-2014, 07:34 PM
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RE: Some thoughts on readings
In general terms I don't think anyone can really tell you your future.
However, we all have some innate 'psychic' ability. We get messages through dreams, intuition, even just random thoughts. Since time began there have been people who try to harness these messages and predict the future.
At one time only kings and rulers could afford to hire seers who would spend their lives developing skills with which to advise the king whether to go to battle or make some alliance.
The ordinary person had to rely on a wandering gypsy to tell him that he would make his fortune in 3 years.

Now we often expect someone who picked up a tarot set last week to not only tell us when we will get the right man/house/job but also what colour shoes we'll be wearing at the time!

In truth, I think a reader has to be able to do 3 things:

1. Correctly decipher and interpret the messages they get
2. Correctly piece them together because they are often fragmentary, cryptic and hidden.
3. Correctly create a linear narrative from them so that it makes sense to a client.

That's a tall order. The rare reader can perhaps do all 3 very occasionally but not always.
The good reader can do 2 or more sometimes.
The average reader can do 1 or more sometimes.
And the shite reader can't do anything ever!

The problem is that when readers do it for a living they have to pretend to be able to do it all day, every day and they simply can't. Hence the hit and miss nature of most readings.

I also think that even very good readers only pick up a few things at any session. Maybe only enough to fill up 5 minutes but because we book for 20, 30 plus minutes they learn to pad the reading out with psychology, standard lines, chit chat, lines they've picked up from self help books etc.

In my experience the things that have rung true have often been in a throw away line that neither I or the readers thought much of at the time. It's just been a seemingly random thought that cropped up as we discussed the main issue. With hindsight on a couple of occasions, in my readings, I have really wondered what the predictions might have been if I had asked the reader to explore that throwaway line instead of what I was focusing on.
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01-04-2014, 10:19 PM
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RE: Some thoughts on readings
very interesting read and your observations are the same as I have experienced with readings.
I do believe though that snippets of the future can be seen but not mapped out. With all the readings I have had, only a few odd predictions have happened for me.
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02-04-2014, 10:55 AM (This post was last modified: 02-04-2014 11:12 AM by Hangingpants.)
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RE: Some thoughts on readings
I find this thread very interesting Pomegranate girl, I can personally relate to a lot of what you say. I to have had clairvoyants predict actual events and timing, in my case they have been from readers who work privately. I've even been given warnings and actual names of people to avoid which have proved correct. This was from a reader many years ago called Sue Ann. Also had Spiritualist/Medium when I was a teenager who gave me uncanny messages that were awesome. Amazingly accurate.

It's very difficult to find those sort of readers now, partly because readings have become more mainstream over the years, and of course the entertainment only disclaimer. But a reader should in my opinion be able to warn the client of any possible obstacles or people, not give random sayings out of a bag. I've had illness and legal matters predicted from good readers past.
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02-04-2014, 01:20 PM
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RE: Some thoughts on readings
Thanks Gilly. Thanks Hanging Pants (would love to know the origin of your name lol)

Despite all my readings, I do still believe that snippets of the future can be picked up. Unfortunately, often these snippets are trivial things we don't care about. Or they are just a small cog in a bigger wheel the reader can't quite grasp so they seem meaningless. In my case too, I've sometimes actually missed the relevant prediction on occassions because both the reader and I have been focused on a different narrative.

It's taken me time but I've learnt now to not have a reading when I'm at a low ebb or seeking something specific about a set of circumstances. Ofcourse that's easier said than done because most of us seek readings when we are low and in desperate need of something we want.

Going back to Astra, her correct predictions for my friends were all very specific to each of them and they were about major, life changing things.
For me she picked up the issues around me at that time which are no longer relevant to me. I was very young then and my life has obviously changed a lot since. I wish I could find someone of her calibre now.
However, she picked up one thing about me, something that has been a huge dream of mine for years. She said it would get going properly in 2003 and she made a very big prediction about it but said it would take time.
Bear in mind, her reading was in the 1990s.
In 2003, out of the blue, I did get an opportunity around it. It was indeed the first step on a particular road for me. And things have developed since but slowly.

No other reader has ever picked up on this aspect of my life despite it being very important to me. In January this year I had a reading with Jodie from Sofa. Out of nowhere, she suddenly spoke of it. And made the same prediction as Astra, albeit using different words. She didn't refer to it again in the reading but it was like something she had to mention before she continued with other subjects.
Now, I'm not saying Jodie is like Astra. I found the rest of her reading so so. But I found this point very interesting. Especially since I hadn't asked about it and we didn't discuss it any further.

Also, I think we sometimes ignore our own intuition. When the shocking and dramatic thing I mention above happened, I had a sense of foreboding for about 2 weeks prior to it. I didn't know what but I knew something was up and it wasn't good.
I spoke to 2 readers who picked up nothing. Maybe another reader might have picked it up. I'll never know.
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03-04-2014, 01:17 AM
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RE: Some thoughts on readings
The problem readers are having now... is the fact that reading for a caller on the phone lines has become somewhat routine... rather like an assemy line in a factory...

I have worked as a phone reader myself in the past... now I work for myself privately... It is difficult now to find psychics such as Sue Ann and Astra from the nineties.. They did actually have some good readers in those days who could give their clients what I call a "proper' reading that were accurate..

Private readers usually take bookings... Therefore it's fair to say the reader has time to clear their energies when they read for the next sitter... Also another thing to take into consideration is the fact that they 'can' talk about Heath issues.. pregenency matters ...and finance...

These are all major factors that in my opinion should be covered if they crop up for the sitter.. the sitter should not really ask questions to start with... they should wait and see what comes up in the reading.. that is of course if the reader is resonating with the sitter.. if they aren't.. then the reading should be terminated..

Questions can actually block the reader.. I know.. because I went through all these problems when I used to read on the phone. People are insisting on timelines.. Being given what they want to hear... In fact I found the whole role as a phone reader bordering onto the ridiculous at times.. In some cases the callers have conducted the reading the way they have wished it to go.. which is why the service is what it is today..

A psychic on the phone is stuck to all sense and purposes.. All people want to hear about is questions answered about their love life.. maybe career as well slightly lesser.. Phone lines are just love hot lines for sales and entertainment only now which is why it's gone down so much... Readers can be doing back-to-back calls.. Sometimes one straight after the other so the even the few genuine reader hasn't had time to clear their energies.. Private readers have the time to do this.. The readings are conducted in a better atmosphere..

I know that maybe some people will dissagree.. But many readers that work on the phone have little or in some cases no experience.. Yes, there are genuine ones.. but even they can't talk about the things that should be included.. I always believe a good psychic will always use the words 'will happen' not a 'could happen'.. warning is given to the sitter if they do see someone or something blocking their path..

Yes, of course there are little snippets in readings that crop up that the sitter may disregard.. but thats because most callers only want answers as to when their ex is going to return etc., often good idea to jot down everything.. But I became very disillusioned working as a reader on the phone which is why I opened my own holistic shop where I take bookings for readings in my own booth.. I'm very strict and say 'no questions please' to start with.. They get a proper balanced all round reading. A clairvoyant/psychic/soothsayer is 'not' a love crisis hotline.. at least in my book they're not..
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03-04-2014, 01:06 PM
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RE: Some thoughts on readings
Thanks for your comments, Sarah. They're all good observations and I agree with much of what you say.

Ultimately we all just want to find that reader who has genuine psychic ability and enough personal integrity not to run it into the ground. I simply don't believe anyone, however good, can provide the same level of reading day in day out, all day without replenishing their own energies. Sadly, only one reader has ever admitted that to me and she makes a point of taking days out if she feels she's not providing a good enough service. She's on the phone lines.

However, the reality is, if a readers gets a reputation for being good, they get inundated with clients and I suppose the temptation is to keep going while you can. Just as there are readers on the telephone lines who are permanently on a call, there are independent readers who practically have a waiting room of clients they take one after the other.

You sound like someone who takes your responsibility to clients seriously, which is great. I wish more did.
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04-04-2014, 10:18 AM
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RE: Some thoughts on readings
There seems to be an element of snobbery about the gypsie on the end of the pier*..I have had many an accurate reading from.a gypsie* they dont harp on about free will, they tell you about health, pregnancy etc and what will happen.

Gypsies are very accurate in what they predict, much better in my opinion than many of the tv psychics..

I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour, but heaven knows I'm miserable now. ***** Morrissey
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