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Past Life Readings
13-06-2014, 08:07 AM
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Past Life Readings
I've had a few past life reads over the years, been told the most amazing stories, have to admit I disbelieve them now I've become more cynical. Readers can just make up any story if they have a creative imagination, you have no way of proving or disproving this existed?
I now through experience know I've been fed rubbish, had a story made up about me. I have come to the conclusion now that past lives are non existence. The mind is powerful. Whatever someone desires can be manifested in their mind. If we go looking for memories of a past life, the mind will create one.
What you desire you will find.
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13-06-2014, 11:13 AM
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RE: Past Life Readings
I once had regression hypnotherapy, I would have never believed it either (I thought my mind was imagining it) but in one of my past lives I was being chased, and someone was torturing me and kneeling on my chest. At that point I felt a big weight on me, started gasping and the hynotist immediately brought me back.
The pain convinced me x
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13-06-2014, 05:59 PM
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RE: Past Life Readings
I'm sitting on the fence with the subject of reincarnation.. I believe in some cases there are rational explanations for this whilst other times there have been incidents which have been unexplained. There are some experiences that cannot be explained - for instance children's memories!!!
The more obvious explanations for why people remember incidents from a past century under hypnosis is vivid imaginations. If we have a good imagination we could possibly remember stories we have read that are deep rooted in our subconscious minds that come out under hypnosis.
New Age therapists promote past lives under the guise of personal growth, encourage people to create delusions.
It has been researched that many patients who recall past lives are most probably living on false memories. These could be memories from experience of this life. That's one theory, but guess it all boils down to none of us being any the wiser. Even science can't come up with any rational beyond doubt explanation that opposes the existence of reincarnation.
It just annoys me when people delude themselves claiming they were a prince/princess or Elvis in a reincarnation which makes the whole belief of past lives a joke.
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13-06-2014, 10:21 PM
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RE: Past Life Readings
I don't know if I really like the idea of reincarnation, it would be a horrible thought to imagine when we go we have to go through life and learning all over again. To be honest I'm not interested to learn about my past incarnations if they exist. They are not relevant to my life now.
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