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Where's the Supa Psychics ??
18-06-2011, 02:48 PM (This post was last modified: 18-06-2011 02:51 PM by Kool Kat.)
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Where's the Supa Psychics ??
Apologies... just had to post new thread becuase ...Yes! Where's the Supa Psychics that used to be on Psychic1st ??
I read some of the comments about Psychic 1st, I agree with each of the criticisms, I feel bad to name anyone particular psychic, but I can see how boring some of them are, especially 2 males!! Apologies BUT Im only commenting constructively & neutrally, doesn't anyone find the whole show set up and psychics soooo BORING!!?? That aside, quality of psychics - new AND old is very bad, sorry it's fact, same people on every day who present in a boring way and psychic answers are not very good either. It can be changed with good constructive managing, so why isnt anyone really watching and changing it! And where are the super psychics, the real deal amazing mediums and psychics... yes like Leslie Edy! Claire Richio! OMG gorgeous Sky Silverston amazing psychic & presenting is amazing!! That girl had me and my friends glued, as well Lydia Lane, good and funny too! These are the real deal of the psychic world! Had readings with many of the psychics and found the above to be kind of the cream. But I fear theyre not back because ofcourse, looking at what IS presented on Psychic 1st, it wouldnt do their reputation any good.
What is going on with this show, TV is meant to be a little entertaining at least, but it looks like theyre at home in their pyjamas having a chat with someonen totally unimportant and insignificant...instead of paying customers.....yawn
Come on psychic first make it watchable TV please!
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