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Something to consider
22-07-2014, 05:51 PM
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Something to consider
I guess these forums are split into 3 distinctive groups. The first group, and I am going to stick my neck out here and say the smallest group are those that have had experience of significant predictions coming in. I would guess they are the smallest group based on the fact that we only hear about these predictions at rare times.

The second group are those that get small predictions that come in. This is a much larger group and the end result is that these individuals are happy to wait for the major prediction because these smaller predictions act like a roadmap for them. This group tend to swing from being believers as little things transpire to complete skeptics when the thing they most want fails to materialize. They also tend to belong to a group that actually enjoy getting a reading.

The final group is the posters were nothing ever materializes, these poor unfortunates cannot buy a prediction. These often have followed the trends (ie had a reading with someone highly recommended) they tend to be the most skeptic on here due to experience, they also tend to be the people with little recent experience of readings as they have given up (not always but generally the case) This is the group I wish to consider, I feel I fall mainly into this group, although I do dip into group 2 sometimes. So what are the reasons behind their lack of predictions. Each reason is plausible, but of course could also be totally incorrect. One must consider each one and then accept or dismiss it based on their own experiences.
1) There is no such thing as psychic phenomena and anyone who experiences what they believe to be PP are basically experiencing random events that were luckily guessed at by individuals claiming to use psychic powers.
2) These individuals possess a poor karma and it is this karmic energy which blocks predictions.
3)This group tends to be made up of people hoping for impossible predictions (ex coming back after getting married and starting a family with new partner, baldy ageing men with no teeth hoping to cop for a 20 year old supermodel etc)
4)These people are victims of just using the wrong psychic, if they had gone to better ones the truth would now be with them,
5)These individuals blocked out what was told to them in the early days and simply choose to remember only the good news readers.
6) It was their fate to be where they are now and readings have no connection to the spiritual reality.

I apologise in advance as I have to accept that this might be a negative thread but I feel it is worth considering.
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22-07-2014, 06:07 PM
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RE: Something to consider
haha! That actually made me laugh!

I am not sure today which category I fit into. My prediction to all in the outside world (even on psychics) looks like a high possibility. But then I am not waiting for an ex to come back and nor am I a middle aged man with no teeth or hair (well so I say).

I think that sometimes it is down to the interpretation we take from our readings. I write every single thing down (can type at 100wpm so easy for me) I never miss a thing.

This is why when predictions happen I have it written down.

But still waiting for the big one, unlikely now, and about to give up hope.

I would like to ask a question to all who read this, If IANICF doesn't mind?

If you have decided that your big prediction is not going to happen can I ask how long it took you to realise this and what you did to recover.

I think I am on the edge of a realisation here
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