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best reading I ever hadi
27-07-2014, 08:02 PM
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best reading I ever hadi
:heart: I would just like to share a beautiful and healing reading I had it was at my local spiritualist church and it was what confirmed to me that spirit do communicate with us and this reading took place long before I got involved with having phone readings and I believe it is at a spiritualist church where you will
Receive the best evidence of spirit twenty years ago I became pregnant after trying for a baby for many years I had various fertility problems and this pregnancy was like a miracle to me better than winning the lottery sadly I lost the baby a little girl and I became very depresses one day at work I was flicking through the paper when I was drawn to a notice about a visiting medium taking a service at a spiritualist church I had never been before but felt compelled to go I took my seat that night before the service began and felt a strange warm sensation that felt a little like electricity travelling up my body from my toes to my head the medium took to the floor and my friend said she is staring at u she is coming to u she then said my name which is quite common I expected half a dozen people to stand up but they didn't she stood in front of me and gave lots of evidence but not what I wanted to know as she walked away I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed and as I thought that in my head she spun round and came back she said I haven't told you what u came here to find out I won't say what as its personal but within the year OK she also said who is and said the name I would have given my daughter she also said I am being given the 11th and there is a light around this date within the year I was pregnant with my son and my dad passed away a couple of months later on the 11th of march she also said there was a lot of love and healing in the room for me I believe the sensation I experienced was spirit healing my body I won't go into details for all the sqeamish men out there lol but something ceased to happen for many months after I lost the baby but started again the day after which enabled me to start trying to conceive again some will say its just coincidence but I know what I believe sorry for rambling just wanted to share my experience
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