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Addiction To Psychic Readings, Relationships and Mechanism Of The Addiction
11-10-2014, 11:58 PM (This post was last modified: 12-10-2014 01:00 AM by jmpsychicservices.)
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Addiction To Psychic Readings, Relationships and Mechanism Of The Addiction
I am writing this post as well on this forum and have just written it on my blog , as I have found one thing prominent in my journey in helping people on their spiritual path through readings, not coaching as I have not come across this while coaching people as they generally would not do a reading for the reasons I am about to place. In some ways this post is an extension to my previous post of decoding and the chain of trust, but I wish to address this issue on my blog as well. At the time of writing I can find very little online and nothing in one place that can tie in why people get addicted to psychics over this issue, and by knowing what happens and the mechanism of action could help prevent people getting stuck into a very unhealthy spiral.

A common question I get asked on the psychic chat line I work for, (not so much with booked readings but on the chat line this is a common question, yet again this will be explain below) is will an ex partner get back with them.

Now the reason why this became a concern almost for me very quickly is that many people are told they will get back together, and in their desperation and pain of the split often call up for many many readings in a short space of time, and the addiction can go on for a long time. 'Relapses' can even be had, it is not unlike any other addiction. The addiction of which I speak could probably extend to bereavement sometimes, although I have yet to experience a single one addicted to mediumship readings personally, and have done quite a few in my time.

What is happening to the person is this: They have been split from their partner, or in some cases they wanted the split then decided against it. Desperate for good news, they telephone a psychic. Now many psychics I have found will tell you in no uncertain terms that you will get back together. I myself had this experience last year, when I went through a painful break-up although I only had a couple of readings. My situation I was forewarned by a spirit guide 2 days in advance of the discovery of infidelity and his subsequent running off with the other guy. The psychic many times also has the extreme desire to keep the caller happy and not distress the caller further. Science has proven that can be measured, when someone is put in contact with a person they still love, in any positive way it creates a rush of dopamine in the brain, the 'reward' monoamine neurotransmitter in the brain.

There is a lot on a spiritual level that happens but i will focus on what can be measured in a lab, to help a reader of this writing to get a good understanding. By receiving good news from a psychic, the client will get a rush of dopamine almost as good as the person coming back literally, the promise they will. Of course, once metabolized and cleared from the synapse, the stress returns.

They need another 'fix', and the cycle repeats. But how is the psychic coming to the conclusion? There are many possibilities. Possibility #1 If an non genuine psychic, they can be just telling the caller what they want to hear, anything otherwise often results in the caller hanging up and many psychics are paid by the minute. Or I will go onto the chain of trust in information from spirit that i referred to in my previous post, which brings me to possibility #2 the psychic really wishes to please the caller, and it can distress the psychic hearing the caller in distress. So they get information from spirit, which passes from spirit (spirit/superconscious ) down to their sub conscious mind, and down to their conscious mind, the part that is communicating with the caller, but also the part that fears distressing the caller.

By cheering the caller up which will trigger the feel good sensation in the psychic (dopamine reward trigger as well, and this is very addictive sometimes and sub consciously they know good news will cheer up the caller) they misinterpret the information they get as the caller and their ex getting back together, an actual incident I read that shows possibly this at work is an account of someone who had a reading, a link to the thread where the topic was posted is Here, The psychic picked up many details that pertained to the situation that would later happen and misinterpreted it would be with the caller, but instead was with the caller's ex's new partner. But the details about the situation were accurate, the missing part was it wasn't the ex's relationship with the caller.

A genuine psychic I believe, where decoding went wrong down the line, most likely a mixture of subconscious and conscious mind. My previous blog posts describes a reading or communication from spirit should I say about a family friend where my decoding went awry at the Conscious Mind stage, I am certain based on information I was given that then led me to expect and mar the final bit of the communication.

The person who is recovering from their loss is delaying the process by continually ringing psychics as by not weaning from the dopamine reward response to do with their ex, and by constantly having it reinforced, the 'comedown' results in them calling more psychics to have it reinforced, they sometimes end up in 1000s worth of debt. But there are psychics who can and do remain detached throughout their readings. I myself get no pleasure out of temporarily supporting an illusion of a caller or client and I will always say what I get, as I get it no censorship and I give this warning at the beginning of my reading, and I know a few who will give this type of view as well. By being told what they do not want to hear however, it triggers a stress response, including releasing of cortisol, a stress horemone in response to stress. They do not get the dopamine fix. It can even trigger the bodies fight or flight response in full swing, the sinking feeling which is digestive system slowdown, tunnel vision among other things, in essence preparing to fight or flee from the situation.

I have had callers hang up, burst into tears, curse and swear at me, say how other/most psychics said the opposite, or sometimes go quiet. Now I always say that it should never be taken as gospel and that they need to make their own choices and never wait for someone to come. By not supporting an illusion they will do one of two things: Never contact you (or the line even sometimes again), the bad but true news can make them avoid doing what caused the response, how biology is wired. Or contact you later when they have cleared their head and gotten over the loss. Because the biological mechanism of the client and most human beings supports the reward mechanism when told good news even when the predictions do not come to pass, they can get stuck over and over and over again, it rarely looses potency until after a long period of time, a bit like taking a drug that induces similar responses in the brain, the longer you do it, the more you need to get your fix.

What the person really needs is counseling and support while they get over the loss, not psychic readings, and it is this same mechanism why they will never book readings in this sort of state in advance usually, because they need the 'fix' and reassurance *now* and it takes a lot to detatch yet be supportive. I get no rush out of pleasing a caller on news that won't come true, as it is doing more damage to the caller in the long run, even though it cheers them up 'here and now' Another sub-type of this, is asking the psychic when someone will come forward to meet them or will they be alone, by believing they will be alone and not meet anyone or by not doing any actions (such as going out and dating or doing it online) they are manifesting the waiting for it to happen, rather than the actions that make it happen.

By being told the happily ever after story with an unknown person it can induce the same responses in a lesser fashion but to a genuine psychic (by genuine I mean someone not making up lies KNOWINGLY for financial gain) or one who can decode information reasonable well will often be able to avoid this trap, but so many mainstream ones struggle to avoid this issue in the decoding chain of trust for the here and now of will my ex get back together, so as not to distress the caller and preserve the well-meaning psychics dopamine response, pleasing the callers can be just as addictive as it is being pleased as a caller. (Spirit / Superconscious -> Subconscious -> Conscious) The brain is our decoder for this reality, and therefore observing what mechanisms that are known that cause such issues, and that can mess with the decoding of information from the spirit world, it can help us get a better understanding!

I feel this is an issue that needs more addressing in the chatline community especially, and also to make the victims of such addiction aware of what is happening to them where the readings are accessible by dialling a number and 4-digit PIN of a reader or being put through to the next one. Vulnerable people can be pulled into mountains of debt, like some people can be in debt with drugs, gambling (which is the same mechanism), alcohol, gaming addiction or among other things. A gaming addiction I did have when I was younger, being taken away from it induced an extreme stress response and only after not gaming for a year back in 2009 until 2010 can I do it safely in moderation without causing harm. A psychic reading or coaching session is meant to uplift and help propel one on a spiritual path, being addicted to readings defeats the whole object in the first place. Just how games are meant to be fun and not addictive, just how alcohol is meant for a fun social night out not addiction and dependency.

Footnotes: Monoamime Oxidase Inhibitors, such as can be found in the herb Arctic Root / R. Rosia slow removal of dopamine from the synapse by inhibiting monoamine oxidase, therefore slowing metabolization of dopamine in the brain and increasing available dopamine. By slowing down the dopamine metabolizing it would slow the need for the next ‘fix’ down and also generally increase the level of dopamine so a rush of it is less needed.

It could be stopped when one feels clear of the addiction. I am interested to see if this could help combat such addictions, i must note I am not qualified to give medical advice, this is a freely available herb and should be used as directed on the bottle. I bear no responsibility for any issues that could arise due to misuse of this herb. I know it should NEVER be mixed with antidepressants such as Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) MAOIs were formerly used as antidepressents in their more pure forms in the past, but are seldom used now. To anyone who is considering trying the herb for combating an addiction I would love to hear some stories and have permission to use the data to write about it, anything that can be freely available to help people in these situations is a big help to anyone.

This is all I am writing for today, but it is an issue I need to put fourth, after all.

Love and Light to you all! <3

This text may not be reproduced anywhere else, in whole or in part without due credit given, but it can be referred and linked to.

© Jacob Mayes 2014

I have posted it here, as I feel it is very relevant to a few people here. I will be updating my blog with more posts, but information relevant here I will also post. I have copied and pasted this from my blog. Any comments or discussions welcomed

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12-10-2014, 12:13 AM
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RE: Addiction To Psychic Readings, Relationships and Mechanism Of The Addiction
Jacob, your posts are interesting but please can you break them down into shorter paragraphs. A huge block of text is hard to read, especially on phones and iPads. Thanks.
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12-10-2014, 12:59 AM (This post was last modified: 12-10-2014 01:01 AM by jmpsychicservices.)
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RE: Addiction To Psychic Readings, Relationships and Mechanism Of The Addiction
Not a problem, sorry I have only just got a laptop again and am still getting used to the switch having used a tablet for over a year, almost refreshing to have a laptop once more as I am always traveling and not often at my PC. I have edited this post and the respective blog and am going to keep a closer eye on that.

I will ensure I do that in future thanks for pointing that out : - )

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12-10-2014, 01:37 AM (This post was last modified: 12-10-2014 02:12 AM by jmpsychicservices.)
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RE: Addiction To Psychic Readings, Relationships and Mechanism Of The Addiction
(12-10-2014 01:19 AM)Yasmin Wrote:  Hi Jacob. I have to be honest and say I don't understand what you're actually getting at. To be fair I think people are aware that they may have become addicted to psychics and I don't understand what crusade your on. Yes, I've been there, spent lots of money on psychics in the past but haven't had a reading for well over a year. I'm certainly not a bitter person, it's just annoying when companies (phone chat companies) hard sell and we the public are taken in by it all. We know its addictive and I think most of us know WHY it's addictive, it's because love is a very powerful tool, something very emotional and it temporarily screws people up. That's the reason why people become addicted. When we're told lies at a very vulnerable time it can be more damaging than ever.
You sound more like your into psychology rather than being a psychic. I'm sorry, but most of the psychics cold read, that's the basis of it. There's 25% genuine psychics out there, if a fortune teller is the real deal and has a gift then there's no need to go into the whole philosophy of a reading like you're doing. Yes, most know the common question asked is about love, we know all of those things, your not telling anyone anything they don't know. There's no need to go into a blog of half a page describing why the reader doesn't get a connection with someone. If a psychic is the real deal they'll connect and pick up things even if a person is skeptic and I'm by no means a skeptic. I'm just not easily fooled.
The companies are to blame, they probably know readers cold read, I think that's the major concern. I'm probably one of the few people on here that doesn't NEED a reading because I don't believe in any of them.
Ok, you say you have concerns for people who are in that desperate state of mind, then for Gods sake meet half way and stop working as a psychic. You know, you want to do some study and do a psychology course if you want to help people. It's interesting, but in all of your blogs you've NOT ONCE made any criticism towards the company LIVELINES UK that you were employed by. On the contrary you have been very defensive about it. For god sake your still working in the psychic industry. A readings a reading, we don't need the fundamentals of how a reading works. Sometimes a genuine, and I'm talking about genuine one, doesn't know how it works.
I really don't understand at what your getting at. Some of what you say sounds patronising. But good luck to you in what you want to do for the future.

Stopping work as a psychic is tantamount to stopping working at a shop that sells alcohol because a few people are addicted, I work as a psychic but wish to put time and effort into helping people who ARE addicted. Psychic readings are like games, drugs, gambling, alcohol they can be used well, but can be addicted to as well. Most readings I do are empowering and many are positive, especially booked ones.

Me and you will never agree and I do not wish to turn this into a long debate with you as the last thread got removed maybe it got too heated, I can work as a psychic and also be working to help people who are addicted get out of their addiction. And as for philosophy its more science that explains the mechanisms that can be explained that way, if i went into the extreme details of quantum science explanations that would be too much on a forum like this, but I am trying to explain the scientific, spiritual, and physical fundamentals as I understand them. Its almost like explaining how the readings 'work' but in this case how the biology of a vulnerable person is responding making them addicted, as it does ANY OTHER addiction. And the psychics biology. We won't agree on this and I have no issue with you, but we will not agree so we need to agree to disagree. We have two brain halves for a reason, we can't just explain everything in an airy fairy or a strict scientific or judgmental way, we need balance to be shed on a situation. And with regards to the skeptic business, take a look at this: http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/21st_centur...lec13.html and see what you think, and this is hard science, but without the spiritual component they are missing a point. a SINGLE photon of light is fired and it splits into two and goes through two slits.

The moment it is observed or attempted to be proven or measured, it will not split and only go through one. Repeatable under lab conditions. As quoted from the text: "The formation of the interference pattern requires the existence of two slits, but how can a single photon passing through one slit `know' about the existence of the other slit? We are stuck going back to thinking of each photon as a wave that hits both slits. Or we have to think of the photon as splitting and going through each slit separately (but how does the photon know a pair of slits is coming?). The only solution is to give up the idea of a photon or an electron having location. The location of a subatomic particle is not defined until it is observed (such as striking a screen)."

Remember the spiritual worlds fundamentals and quantum physics as a lot of spiritual stuff is happening at a quantum level... Trying to 'prove' it is observation resulting in the same thing that happens here. That experiment can be repeated in a lab.

Another item from the text:

"The fact that quantum systems, such as electrons and protons, have indeterminate aspects means they exist as possibilities rather than actualities. This gives them the property of being things that might be or might happen, rather than things that are. This is in sharp contrast to Newtonian physics where things are or are not, there is no uncertainty except those imposed by poor data or limitations of the data gathering equipment."

Yet again we are interacting on the quantum level when psychic and other frequencies are concerned, and this is one scientific reason why it is impossible to get predictions that are 100 percent accurate. Just because I am scientific doesn't mean I am not spiritual, both can go hand in hand. You get many scientists who dismiss spiritualists, and vice versa as well. I am not defending ones who give misleading information WILLINGLY but there are so many fundamentals as you are already judging without even having looked at any fundamentals, you are however going on your relative experience.

And I havn't criticized the company, as I have no beef with any of them. Do you know they have put in every effort to block numbers from some addicts when they have been reported as being constantly distressed. But not only this, I am not going to fire both barrels at any company or anyone, I havn't got time to start criticizing people, I can say my opinion on ethics but its just that, my opinion. You evidently don't agree with that and thats fine, all I have been trying to do is put forth a potential solution and information out there on a serious problem, like any industry. I have a good friend of mine who is an alcoholic, addicted to alcohol. Lovely guy, he will not help himself as he feels this is his solution. He has always been a kind gentle soul as well. I am there for him and we have a laugh, but only he can help himself and we have discussed that. I will never judge him and will be there for him, but I would never get dragged down with anyone, he has made improvements and he had an awful childhood which played a role in this. Hence why judge only if you wish to be judged yourself. I have done and will do my bit for him. I am not campaigning however for the banning of alcohol.

The ones that charge over 50p a minute i see have an issue and i think that should be a legal cap for premium numbers, £1.53 is too much but that is my opinion.

And I don't extend calls by purposely keeping them talking, and I know full well by posting what I post addicts who want a certain outcome will likely not risk a reading with me for this reason. I want a reading to be an empowering thing, not something someone 'needs' and I intend to do my bit to help make that so, even if its a drop in the ocean, every little helps.

We have had to have this done on a few occasions. They don't make the choice to call up for a psychic, just how a person who sells alcohol doesn't chose what the person does with it.

I agree some kind of limit needs to be imposed on how many times a certain number can call, If someone is worrying about an addiction a step to it could be to add premium rate barring on your line. As you have to jump through hoops to have it removed, it might help stop the 'urge' to dial out. Credit cards only have so much of a limit, telephones can be run up 100s on premium-rate calls with no limit.

But here is what I am saying, reality is governed by many fundamentals, many of which we are still discovering on a quantum level, many which spiritually can be explained but not by science in the conventional way. I am attempting to convert what I know spiritually into what is proven and known scientifically, to not only help validate it but to aid in understanding.

Don't get me wrong I really feel for those who are addicted to readings and I will do my utmost to aid those who are, while giving those who are not empowering readings and assist them in connecting with spirit and to embrace the parts of themselves that are yet, untapped. And i keep saying in my posts no one is better than anyone else, we are all equal. I am trying to bring some clarity to the situations that are going on and that seem hot on this forum. And I am not going to criticize anyone unless I can show reference to what I am criticizing them about.

If i had a rude reader who say swore at me for example, or a bad experience with a company customer service, i would make sure the recordings were out for all to hear if I wasn't able to get the situation put right and i would put them out there for information only not to flame at the person, even if I had not recorded it on my end which I usually do, a freedom of information request would be enough to get the recordings, but if one lacks HARD evidence exploting is being done on purpose by anyone, I will not criticize anyone and

I do not judge either, more i would put it out there as a heads up not to criticize. Chat line companies are out there to make money, but any person who gets through to me I know that i give them what they are paying for, a psychic reading and I do not get paid that much but its well advertised so a good way to get some clientelle, and I work well over the phone. I will not work for a chat line where i can potentially earn more because the prices steep towards unethical for me. But that is my opinion, Not what I am getting paid but the cost to the end-user. I am doing the path that empowers me and I know I am following a code of ethics, whatever some might say otherwise. I will not knowingly, or willingly exploit vulnerable people. And I wouldn't put hours of my time into writing the information I do if I had any reason to do that either.
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12-10-2014, 02:24 AM (This post was last modified: 12-10-2014 03:07 AM by jmpsychicservices.)
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RE: Addiction To Psychic Readings, Relationships and Mechanism Of The Addiction
(12-10-2014 01:55 AM)Yasmin Wrote:  Working as a psychic reader for a company where you are the actual product does not even compare to an addict sympathizer who is working behind a shop counter selling booz, cigarettes, and lottery tickets. Ok, so your readings are empowering??? That says it all. And no, your thread wasn't removed because of anything I've posted, it was more than likely removed because your heading was too wordy and too many advertising links in it.

Well I hope they are empowering to those I havn't had complaints from the ones that go in depth, and I mean this nicely, you are merely trying to twist my words with that post to support your version of events, as we will not agree.

If you take one look at the quantum physics stuff you will see hard data that backs up what I am saying about NO psychic can predict 100% accuracy, GENUINE OR NOT! it cannot happen and that being a skeptic and trying to 'prove' it can also cause issues, I highly suspect that line of physics can say alot, and I am not trying to use it as a get out of jail free card and it concerns me what i posted could be used as such by some, thankfully it would take understanding of that to do so, and most looking to make a buck are not going to waste their time with it, those genuinely interested in such subjects or furthering their spiritual development or just curious would. But I am just saying it should be considered.

You need as many facts as you can before you even try and make a judgement as you are, without facts judgements are baseless at best, a waste of time at worst. I posted a positive review on a reader other than myself, i simply would not do it if i was trying to force clients on the same chat line to myself, as i would risk them calling her and not me, but I am not being dishonest, i posted an honest review. And if I am violating forum rules I have kindly PMed the admin to see if I have and what is, so I know how to prevent a recurrence. Anyway to avoid any more issues anything you post in this topic unless it is positive and contributing I am going to just act as if I never read it and reply to positive posts, constructive criticism is fine, but pointless negativity is not needed. The idea of posting this information is for constructive information, not flaming and useless arguments that go off topic, as this is an issue I do wish to have some discussion on and I have put forth data to back up what I say, questioning such data is fine but twisting words and that is just a waste of time and energy. So I am bringing this back to the topic Smile.

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12-10-2014, 04:51 AM
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RE: Addiction To Psychic Readings, Relationships and Mechanism Of The Addiction
Your posts are interesting Jacob.They are a familiar pattern to an old member who was a psychic.I agree that science and spiritualism go hand in hand.Do you believe UFO's and spiritualism share a link?
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12-10-2014, 09:11 AM
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RE: Addiction To Psychic Readings, Relationships and Mechanism Of The Addiction
The only way a person will break the need for readings is to deal with the root cause of the need.... once that is dealt with, only then will a person be able to break away from the readings.

I think it's the false hope people often call for..... to be fair, a few phone line readers have tried to contribute on the thread, as well as readers who no longer work for them, and they have all said a similar thing, that when someone has that kind of need, or has some obsession or unhealthy attachment, they don't want an honest reading and will often seek out readers who tell them what they want to hear.... now maybe those readers genuinely believe they are giving an honest reading, or maybe like a couple of readers who have openly admitted this on here, just simply told them exactly what they want to hear....

I get the whole quantum physics thing and am actually a great believer in quantum physics and how spirituality and quantum physics kind of cross and over lap... but this is a very separate thing from readers who are giving the false hope readings, and people who have an obsession with an ex or live interest or are unable to move on and are wanting to hold on to hope so much that an honest reading would not be something they are ready to hear.

The only way to actually help someone to not have an over kill on readings is to help them move on from what is keeping them trapped in that cycle, but a person can only do this when they are ready.... to skate over the issue and just see the readings as the problem is just scratching the surface, people need to move on.. then comes the anger at the psychics and the need to blame the psychic... people often go from one unhealthy need, to unhealthy anger and the need to blame something or someone.....

To help someone move on from an ex would be to refuse to give them a reading on it if you felt they had, had a lot of readings. That would be the best help to give... to give them the advice of moving on, not readings.... to limit the amount of calls on one line would just make someone call another line, and then another, and with the amount of phone lines out there, a limit placed would be near on impossible, unless there was a cross over database.... but with a universal database could come universal note sharing and such like....

Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. ~Voltaire
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12-10-2014, 09:25 AM
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RE: Addiction To Psychic Readings, Relationships and Mechanism Of The Addiction
Hi Icemaiden
I am totally agree with you. i think having reading is an individual decision and we can not tell someone to stop it until the person him/herself is ready to do so and move on.
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12-10-2014, 09:45 AM
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RE: Addiction To Psychic Readings, Relationships and Mechanism Of The Addiction
I think sometimes the annoyance is that interesting threads where people are discussing often get rail roaded by this alleged brutal honesty and truth... but Yasmins truth may not actually be 'truth' just how he or she seems to see things... after all, the truth is often down to personal perspective.. we have all got into heated discussions, that's part and parcel of message boards... but it often comes across that a few simply want to derail interesting threads and cause and create drama, which gets a bit tedious at times.

Getting your point across is one thing, and there are ways to do that without being nasty or getting personal. Too many interesting threads where people are discussing different view points end up going down the pan simply because the odd one or two don't appear to want to discuss, which is a huge shame.

Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. ~Voltaire
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12-10-2014, 10:22 AM
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RE: Addiction To Psychic Readings, Relationships and Mechanism Of The Addiction
I actually thought that Yasmin did make some valid points .. But that doesent mean to say that I agree with her about everything. Its as ive said .. in the past Yasmin's posts have been quite brutal ..

Sorry to say .. but I 100% agree with Yasmin on this one ... I do find Jacobs threads patronising.
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