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be on your guard
01-03-2015, 11:19 AM
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be on your guard
we've seen all of these people who promote themselves as psychics* they pretend they have powers to read your character, even make contact with the dead* despite all these fantastic claims theres never been 1 successful demonstration in labs. the psychic pretends to know what they're doing, usually they pretty confident pushy people, peraps some have been playing the role as reader for so long that they actually begin to believe that they really are divining their sitter. the success of the reading depends much on the sitters cooperation. they are going on character reading because most of you who ring a psychic are going through sum emotional or work stress* the sitter will then try to fit the reading with his/her life. you then play right into the psychics hands unwittingly. remember the reader always has an alibi just in case things dont click with the sitter. its always the sitters fault not the psychics, could be the excuse given is the sitters minds closed off which blocks the readers info from spirit, or probably make you think the faux par might have sum meaning after all*** so when the sitter looks back on the reading they think *how did they get that* forgetting that you gave the reader valuable clues. yep, most will swear *i did not tell psychic a thing* yet when these readings have been researched it is found that you've told reader about a thousand things but choose not to remember. the good reader is the one who cunningly or unwittingly forces the sitter to search his/her mind to make sense of the statements@@

*Rocking through the nite*Rolling on the floor*When they hear you screaming*They'll be breaking down the door**
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