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Is nicola c the real deal
20-09-2015, 07:56 PM
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RE: Is nicola c the real deal
(19-04-2015 07:53 AM)lilone Wrote:  Thanks Pearl.

Wow there is a lot of negativity about psychics on here.

I am now happy to just see what unfolds.

Regardless I really enjoyed my chat with Nicola. I found her really motivational and in some ways she has made me more determind to get on with my life. While sharing that my ex will be back in touch she also empowered me to live for me ... oppose to waiting for him. Nicole G was the same.

I have considered a lot and read a lot on this site and I guess I am not of the view of all psychics are bad ... maybe some are ... and I have experienced that ... but just like people not all are.

Personally I like Nicola C and Nicole G. Not just because they said my man was coming back but because they encouraged me to focus on me ... sonething that i have found hard to do because of my issues not there's.

So maybe we're angry at psychics who don't make it all better immediately ... but really isn't that down to us Smile Just a thought. Smile

Also ... maybe people can predict the future ... maybe they can't ... I do believe that how we behave has a massive impact on life generally ... and to.think thst free will and our pehaviour doesn't have an impact is unrealistic and I think a lil bit silly.

So that's my thoughts for the day.

Good luck in your seeking ladies Wink

Hi Lilone, just found this thread online and I was just wondering how things turned out with your man.
I had a reading with Nicola C only last week and my reading was exactly like you described your reading with her, i.e. he will come back, I need to focus on myself etc. I felt so elated and positive after talking to her and now I just feel duped and stupid. I only found this thread as I was going to put positive feedback on her page on The Circle and found that her profile is gone.
I am similar to you in that I had a few readings on the site and they have all been similar. I now feel that I probably would have moved on a lot sooner had I never called for a reading. Sad
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11-10-2015, 06:28 PM
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RE: Is nicola c the real deal
Hi Chrissy

My reading from nicola has come true to date. He has been slowly coming forward for some time's been a very challenging time. But there's been a shift ... as predicted. Contact is speeding up, I've seen him.and I can see the possibility of this turning into something within the time scales she's shared.

When we last spoke she said that I could relax as it was all happening ... and that's how it feels ... like slowly slowly he is moving into my life again.
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12-10-2015, 06:18 AM
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RE: Is nicola c the real deal
I do think that time frames are hard ... very slippery. I hope tgat you find your happiness. .. maybe not through readings if they're not working for you. But I do hope you find it!
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