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Can readings alter outcomes?
02-07-2015, 10:07 AM
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Can readings alter outcomes?
Bit of a mind twister but I've been thinking and wondering if sometimes what we are told in a reading has an effect on the future if the advice in that reading is to act a certain way.

For example, I was told by Shelly that I would get stronger over the next few months now i am feeling a bit better than I was but is this self fulfilling prophecy, it's in my subconscious what she said, or would I have gotten better anyway?

Another private reader that I used told me to be patient and that there would be no changes until July. So have I been waiting patiently because of what she said or would I have waited anyway? Was it destiny that I spoke to her because I was meant to receive this advice to steer me in the right direction or would future predictions have happened anyway without the reading giving me any insight?

Bit complicated. Hope someone understands what I'm getting at!
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02-07-2015, 11:44 AM
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RE: Can readings alter outcomes?
In short- no. You are the only one that can change an outcome. No future is set in stone.
What a (good/genuine) psychic sees/feels is what is the current direction.

I have had readings for the past +30 years and that is what I have been told.

Hope this help.
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02-07-2015, 12:05 PM
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RE: Can readings alter outcomes?
Green Velvet

So two things could have happened here.
You did something to change the direction in the time between the first two readings and the last one.
The third reading was not giving you the right impression maybe on that day the reader was having an 'off day' and was not connecting well with you?

(02-07-2015 12:00 PM)Green Velvet Wrote:  DogLover11 I appreciate what you are saying but it is the prediction bit that I don't understand. I had three readings with the same psychic who I thought was very gifted. In the first two readings she kept seeing the same scenario - somewhere by the sea, sunshine, laughter etc. but then in the third reading she said she could not see contact at all and I would have to be a lot more proactive. Now if someone is really seeing something, like an actual snapshot of the future, how can it suddenly change further down the line? It is as if that particular scenario never existed. This is something that has always puzzled me.
Also how can a psychic make a correct prediction that doesn't come true until many years later? Surely if free will played a part the outcome would have considerably changed by then? This would point to such a thing as destiny.
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02-07-2015, 01:28 PM
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RE: Can readings alter outcomes?
(02-07-2015 12:14 PM)Green Velvet Wrote:  DogLover11 no I did nothing to change the direction. TBH I did not find the third reading as good as the first two. It was a lot more rushed and had far less detail so maybe she was just having an 'off day' - I hope so.

Green Velvet, you say that you had three readers who you considered gifted at the time all gave you the same outcomes? Would these outcomes predicted have been about an ex? You see, these are standard statements that readers give out, they'll always start with that ex where doors haven't closed. Most of us who ring hotlines are usually enquiring about somebody, not necessarily an ex but perhaps a current slow going relationship. I have found through past experience with readings they'll always start off with that old past flame, if they've hit the target the reader will take it from there.

Green Velvet, it appears that these readers you assumed were gifted were just going through random statements. The future I feel is set in stone, my motto is "what is to be will be" >> we probably have choices but cannot change what is ultimately to be. I feel in my heart that there may be some genuinely gifted mediums and psychics around the world. Then we have to say to ourselves if that were the case "why are so many of the worlds atrocities that are going on not predicted as a caution? Very good point - There have been clairvoyants who have had genuine visions, have warned the media, have been laughed off, not taken seriously.

I have had quite a few phone readings from hotlines at my own risk. To live by what a sales reader on a premium rate hotline predicts is nothing but utter irresponsibility and foolishness. We all try these things once in a while when the mood takes us, especially if we are open minded individuals and our lives are not going on track.

The predictions are not coming through for most, just small things that can be put down to guess work. Most here Green Velvet I'm afraid to say are clutching at straws, and yet I'm sure the majority of you all are intelligent people. If your lives are going up- the-spout, don't blame the readers if you continually use hotlines. I'm afraid to say there's no grounding in the predictions readers are giving you because they can't read the future, they will give you what they feel you want to hear. Best thing to do is to try to knock readings on the head yourselves and quit blaming readers. If they possessed any unusual gift they wouldn't be working on psychic premium rate hotlines.
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02-07-2015, 05:24 PM
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RE: Can readings alter outcomes?
(02-07-2015 04:24 PM)Green Velvet Wrote:  Pussycat87 I had three readings with the same reader which is what I said in my post. I was simply saying that I find it very hard to understand why in the first two readings she saw the same picture where I was by the sea in a crowded place. She also mentioned she could hear voices and laughter in the background. In the third reading (I had three readings with her in the space of a few years) she saw none of the above and simply said I would need to be the one to take the initiative i.e. contact him myself.

As I said before if you are really being given a 'glimpse' of the future then how can it suddenly all change? Has this ever happened to anyone else on here? It would be interesting to know what a reader thinks about this.

I agree with you that the future is determined, to a great extent, but what I was asking is why did this lady twice give me a detailed picture of the future and then it all changed in the third reading? Was she really seeing the future in the first two readings or perhaps her imagination got the better of her - who knows.
I am NOT blaming her and although I am sure many of the readers on premium rate hotlines are no more psychic than my goldfish I still think a few of them have a gift. In the first couple of readings she gave me enough details of my past and the person I was asking about to convince me she was genuine and not a fraud.

Sorry Green Velvet, I misunderstood your previous post.

From past experience of my personal readings I have found most of the readers I have called tend to get the past right. Again, a few generic statements that I have found fit 80% of the general public. Quite often the are just comprehensive guesses that a reader will hit. The readers either make a hit or a miss, when we look back realistically at these so-called validations we have probably without our knowing mumbled a yes and a no when the reader fishes subtly for a response. We convince ourselves they are genuine.

Green Velvet, you have said in your own words that the same reader changed her statements. Forget the picture the reader described, I have had readers describe photographs of myself and the settings with another. By the sea is a very common theme that brings back nostalgic memories. In the first two readings she was giving you what you wanted to hear. In the third reading she saw none of what she previously described for you because she forgot who you were and couldn't remember what she had previously predicted. The-proof-of-the-pudding-is-in-the-eating. She was no more psychic than you or I am, obviously well versed in comprehensive statements.

I'm sorry if this disillusions you. I've found this out for myself. I have no vendetta against psychics, we use them at our own risk.
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02-07-2015, 06:11 PM
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RE: Can readings alter outcomes?
I have to say I think the phone line is psychics are very hit and miss. And basically can talk a good talk. I got sucked in and have spent loads on them over the last month or so. Big mistake. All it does is fill your head with different scenarios. And yes something's will be true because of the law of averages.

Saying that I do believe in psychic abilities and I do believe in fate. If something is meant to be then it will be. There's no doubting that.

And maybe it's just me but I also seem to have a good intuition about things. There's been lots of times in my life I have had a gut feeling and it has come right. I think there's a lot to be said for instinct. So trust yourself.
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