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About time the psychics have their say
01-08-2015, 12:43 PM
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About time the psychics have their say
Psychics on this forum have been used as scapegoats for long enough. Good for agoodpsychic for standing their ground i wish i had done the same earlier on this year instead of finding myself intimidated by a few members and forced to delete some of my posts on the thread----one size doesn't fit---- it was in the beginning of the year i put a post out. i have one example that was left in my draft box, but unfortunately the rest are deleted as i felt i was put under pressure, wish i hadn't of done this now. An example_

Yes, it's fair to say that a lot of callers do put the phone down on the reader if they're not told what they want to hear. I can understand they're frustration, but it's not the readers fault if they don't see the outcome that's wished for.
They're not all abusive, there are some callers who are grateful for the truth, in many cases its a load off their mind. There's always two sides to every story, from the readers side we don't often get the opportunity to have our own say. There are of course a lot of cold readers who work on these sites, and some readers don't want a customer to have a hissy fit on the phone so they'll go along with what the caller wans.. This is classed as the reader being intimidated by the caller, therefore, the caller may be in a distressed state so the reader will take the easy option for a quiet life -- letting the caller take control over the reading to make things fit.
The problem is the callers that become abusive will maybe come onto this forum and slate the psychics as one member has. There have possibly been a few members on this forum who have behaved this way?
Of course I know I'm probably talking about a small minority of members. I do feel for the people who are hopelessly clinging onto someone where there is no future. I try to help these people find their future path where they can meet someone new.
Every client has their own unique circumstances, nobody's the same, you can't put all people in the same category.
I can understand miserable that you're confused with many conflicting readings. It could be that you need cord cutting? its difficult to say, as everybody is so different. Too many readings can be very conflicting and can make your circumstances more confusing.
I'm in a long distance relationship myself and have been in that situation. Star111, I don't really understand your question? Yes, personal relationships do develop, some don't. I think people are wrong to be rude to a reader and in some cases people can become abusive. People have a readings to bring a glimpse into their future, they don't always want councelling. I'm sorry Star111, but I don't tell people what they want to hear, I am NOT moi either

I am still in the psychic industry, i work for an american company now but did work for psychic sofa. The above post was referring to a very very abusive caller i had who was actually an ex member on here complaining that psychics told her what they wanted to hear. I will mention no names but all i can say this caller was a regular of mine who told me about this forum and who she was on here. turned out to be absolutely nasty person. When i told her the ex would unlikely return she threw a mega mega hissy fit shouting and swearing on the phone. i could have complained to the admin because we dont have to take that sort of abuse from ANYONE, but decided not to as this was a regular caller. Gilly attacked me for this saying i was out of order and of course the rest of the members followed suit. this member hasnt posted here since last year. Feel free to attack please because i wish i had stood my ground then. The behavoiur of some callers is really unnacceptable. i take private clients in and NEVER have i experienced the rudeness that some callers rant at phone psychics. As for the ex member, well, shame on you and i bloody well hope she has seen this. Mathew hopkins put out a you tube video showing a fairground gypsy doing a very shoddy reading. Can i just say that a private reader or a gypsy would have booted that ex member out the door as fast as you could throw her with behavoir like that, then i doubt most of you would behave in that downright atrocious way in person, its only over the phone you feel you can talk to a reader like that. Also in that video clip on the phones we dont have things so easy as the gypsy. The client was at least polite, phone callers want every single little detail, even when your ex last went to the toilet lol. It gets a bit much sometimes. I think for psychic sofa a 20 min call is about a fiver after they take out there admin fee. i dont work for that company any more thank god so i dont have to handle that horrific caller ever againBig Grin

Yes, Gilly, put your penneth worth in because i dont give a sh-t what you or your old minions think. I wont post on here but i think most of you are very bitter people who use phone readers as a scapegoat for your problems. There are some really nice callers from psychic sofa that i do miss, thankfully there not all bad. There were some members who were actually nice including your ex is coming back, star111, Enrico and a few more. This post isnt directed at you its directed at the spiteful ones who want to get a life and stop blaming psychics. Thry have a huge chip on there shoulders. Thats me done my rant is over. Nothing more to say.
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01-08-2015, 12:58 PM
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RE: About time the psychics have their say
Yes Ithink you make some fair points about how psychics have been treated, some of the stuff on here is defamatory at times, no individual deserves that treatment for doing a job, however their biggest enemy is the psychics who promise, and that is a big word, things that can never happen, they keep people hanging on for one reason only, financial gain and that is cruel. The blaggards and phoneys ruin it for those doing a genuine job. But you are right psychics deserve their say but so do all the poor mugs who have been fed a heap of BS because they simply believed what was advertised, whether you agree or not they have my sympathy before the bruised ego of a psychic.
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01-08-2015, 01:02 PM
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RE: About time the psychics have their say
i now see your post is aimed at the over negative stuff which i think is also a fair point well made.
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01-08-2015, 03:02 PM
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RE: About time the psychics have their say
Good for you Mitzi I agree completely with what you are saying.
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01-08-2015, 04:06 PM
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RE: About time the psychics have their say
A very good post Mitzi. Whilst I do understand some people's frustrations I don't condone rudeness. I've never been rude to a psychic, if I feel they aren't getting through to me I'll ask to change readers or simply put the phone down. I do remember the conversation on the thread, I didn't indulge to much in the discussion as I felt it was a lot of hype.
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01-08-2015, 06:06 PM
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RE: About time the psychics have their say
Two-penneth here.
Just for the record I have not once been spoken rudely to a telephone reader.
The post you are referring to and obviously stewing over for so long was out of order. You used a customers personal details to try and prove you are a genuine psychic. Just as it would be out of order for someone to put personal details about a readers private life on here.
You were not ganged up on if, I remember rightly there was a balance for and against your post.
If I had two penneth for the amount of times I have seen "no one forces you to phone a psychic" on here I would be very rich. But has soon has it is pointed out that no one forces a reader to answer the phone for money you are up in arms.
Most people just want a reading where the future can be seen honestly and when they find they have just been told a fairy story they are entitled to warn others about the reader. If all you readers stop feeling so badly done to for a minute and look you will see plenty of good feedback for some readers on here and some of it is from genuine customers.
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01-08-2015, 06:40 PM
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RE: About time the psychics have their say
I agree with points made by both Mitzi and Gilly... on the one hand psychics have often said on here that people don't want to hear stuff that doesn't fit with the outcome they want.. and on the other, members have pointed out they have all been fed fairy stories that haven't happened..... it is one of those catch 22 situations I guess.

Negative feedback is only wrong if it crosses the line, and while some has crossed the line, a lot of the negative feedback makes fair points... posting anyones details, whether member on here, psychic, or caller is wrong,, regardless of who is doing it....
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01-08-2015, 10:10 PM
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RE: About time the psychics have their say
I have got to say it seems since readers have joined this forum it has turned into them and us. There really is no need for the title of this thread "About time the psychics have their say." This is not what this forum is all about, why have you turned it into a war? I joined this forum to try and find answers as I suspect many others did.
I honestly believe some people have been gifted (or feels like cursed) with a psychic ability. What I object to most is the fact it has been turned into a money making scam and anyone can be paid to read for vulnerable people.
Some of you who claim to be psychic try and paint me as a nasty trouble maker but if you really did posses the ability you would know I am not. For all you know I could very well have the gift.
I went through a terrible time and fell for the trap of believing I could find the answers on the phone lines.I just want to warn others not to make the same mistake I did.
Yes I know every one should be able to make a living but not when it involves giving people false hope.
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02-08-2015, 10:00 AM
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RE: About time the psychics have their say
Agoodpsychic, before you start jumping in to attack me you really need to get your facts right. Mitzi's posted on the One Size DOES NOT fit all!!!! thread details of a forum members reading. She did not state anything about the member being rude, abusive or lying. This was another readers account of her own experience.
Mitzi was not attacked by me, I pointed out it is wrong to disclose these details on the forum.
Mitzi deleted her post and more readers joined in to attack me for pointing this out.

Why don't you follow your own advise and start your own forum. You could whinge till your heart's content about paying customers.
I am on no crusade as you blatantly are.
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02-08-2015, 11:24 AM
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RE: About time the psychics have their say
Good for you Gilly!

Agoodpsychic you have not come peaceful on this site at all. I gave a testimonial about a readers and you were quite nasty. You encourage people to have readings when they are trying to come away from it. It is a dangerous and expensive habit.

If you don't like the fact that customers post true reflections of readings on here then don't come on. Simples.
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