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18-08-2015, 09:00 AM
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Just a little warning!

Please be careful with personal details on this site. Certain members have lost perpective - this is a forum. This is not real life.

I won't be posting again.
Due to some unhinged members, who have uncovered information on social media sites, and showed NO SHAME by posting what they read on here! (Absolutely vile behaviour!) icemaiden and YEICBH have permanently left the site.

Asha, as a nurse you should know better - and as you also threw my name around here, asking if I know myself (what a silly move!). You should follow a code of conduct, you clearly are not and I could go further with this - there are laws around your trolling, and laws within the NMC. Your behaviour is NOT acceptable.

Futher to all people who have paid for healing from Tim D.
I was the one who exposed this man for the crook he was!! In the very early thread I knew he was vile and was extorting money from vulnerable people - thankfully many people came on the site and told their experiences. Unfortunatly because the thread turned silly, it was removed legally.

As for my 'bullying' well. I'm sat behind a phone typing this. I've not directly harmed anyone. I have not psychically or mentally caused anyone pain, and if I have take it up directly with me. Ask Asha for my personal details Wink
Or inbox me on this site - we can talk through it. I don't want the cut and paste because I won't read it - or try to reason about it. You can't reason with unreasonable people.

But enough! What was once a good site, with good people. Of course we had disagreements, we were all at varying stages of hurt, psychic use etc.
Things didn't get bitter and nasty then, but now it's just obscene and I think anyone who comes and reads all this will turn the other way! That was not my doing.

Thank you to Pussycat for standing up for me and the others in a different thread. Smile

I've come along way on my 'psychic' journey, I still have readings but only use tried and tested (by myself) readers. I'm happy to share on an inbox if anyone wants to know. I am in a good place in all areas of my life. I don't need readings - they satisfy my curiousity of the occult, because I will always have an interest Smile

Ps some people (the trolls) may think they have 'won' here - I could stay on this site but I don't want to be here. I have no input because I don't know the psychics people are using anymore. I have nothing to contribute.
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18-08-2015, 09:39 AM
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RE: Warning!!

Please stop being ridiculous.

1. Here's what Amber Gems (AKA icemaiden) and one of your friends posted :

Unveil Their Identity, what they give out give them back.

It’s easy for people to be gutsy when their identity is hidden. If you do some digging, you can probably find out who the troll really is. This doesn’t mean waging war on the person. What it does mean that without anonymity, they may be a little more hesitant to troll your forum or blog.

So, it's OK you blaming Asha for revealing the details of members of this forum but icemaiden (AKA Amber Gems) is encouraging that behaviour too through the above post. How come you haven't censured her? Is that because you know who Amber Gems really is? Isn't this a case of double standards?

For the record, I have not divulged anyone's personal information to a third party nor would I.

2. You say that you are leaving the forum and not posting again. Are you also retiring your multiple accounts too such as Rats Nerros et al?

3. You claim that: What was once a good site, with good people. You also wrote: Things didn't get bitter and nasty then. You live in cloud cuckoo land. Yourexiscomingbackhonest (one of your friends) on a post he wrote just before he left said that this forum has never been any different in the past to what it is now. There were major disputes then and there are major disputes now. The reason that you prefer the past times is because the three of you bullied the people that disagreed with you and drove them away. Now you can no longer do that.

4. You may only be typing words onto a screen but one can do much harm. OK, let's go with your scenario then. That's all I'm doing so what's the big deal.
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18-08-2015, 09:48 AM
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RE: Warning!!
I don't think anyone takes any notice of the rubbish that has been posted about you and other members on here. Some twisted individual has found this site and finally has something to live for.
I imagine people have been sent pm's in the past and given away details of members private life. Just goes to show that you should not really trust anyone that you only know through a forum.
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18-08-2015, 09:51 AM
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RE: Warning!!

You need to think about why some people are on this site, why some people are on this site and why some people are on this site.

Would you like me to explain or can you think this one through all by yourself?
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18-08-2015, 09:54 AM (This post was last modified: 18-08-2015 10:03 AM by Star111.)
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RE: Warning!!
Thanks Gilly.
It's passing the point of being silly now - in fact it's laughable. We are all different people with different opinions.
Jenny, I'm not going to try and reason with someone who can't be reasoned with. Your mindless ranting is stating that YEISCBH and I should have the same views and opinions, just because we are friends?! I mean really??
And I asked you to take it up with me through private messages so we can talk it out. I'm not hiding from anyone - im being open and transparent. Please do the same. I have no idea what I have done!
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18-08-2015, 10:02 AM
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RE: Warning!!
I'm also being accused of being rats nerros.

Someone said, a silly comment - that Rats is Star spelt backwards .. Therefore we are the same person.
I think it was only written in jest!

It has been taken aboard by Jenny, who thinks I am that person. Always asking for proof, but posts accusations with no proof.

all you are achieving is making yourself look more and more desperate and unhinged. Again. Take any matters up with me privately! Though this won't happen because your crusade is nothing but vicious trolling.
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18-08-2015, 10:31 AM
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RE: Warning!!
Also!! I want to point out, because icemaiden has now blocked me on a social networking site.

Asha said she has seen a video of icemaiden.
Icemadien is only friends with myself and YEICBH on it.

I have not given the video to ANYONE!! I highly doubt YEICBH has either. I'm unsure what her privacy settings are, or whether at some point they were open.
I have not even seen the video.

I'm writing this to prove that the lenghs forum users go to is very unnerving - that video can not have been obtained easily (according to icemaiden) .. I think perhaps who ever sent this to forum members have looked at friends of icemaiden and had a really good look through their fb pages. If the privacey settings are as icemaiden states they are - private - this is the only explanation.

YEICBH has also defriended me - that is the paranoia which has been built up because of all this!'
So cheers you nasty vicious person, people.
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18-08-2015, 10:33 AM
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RE: Warning!!
To you Icemaiden -
I did not do this, I'm disappointed that you suspect I did. But I understand you taking precautions.

This leaves me very sad.
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18-08-2015, 12:46 PM (This post was last modified: 18-08-2015 12:51 PM by jennytailia.)
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RE: Warning!!
I’m flying out at stupid o’clock in the morning for some well-earned R & R. This will be my last post. I have done what I set out to do. I haven’t even packed and I also need to go shopping for some odds and sods.

Everyone has their own reasons for being on this forum. Here’s mine:

I joined the forum a while ago to explore the psychic side of life. It’s the wrong forum I now know but back then I didn’t. I was open minded back then as regards psychic ability. I politely asked some questions. I thought that they were quite innocuous. Apparently not. I was immediately attacked by icemaiden. I responded positively but it made no difference. In came more attacks. Then Star111 joined in as did Imacolincookfan. Various others also joined in. Back in those days what I didn’t realise was that people had multiple accounts and what looked like a majority was actually a small proportion of the forum. I responded positively again but the attacks just kept coming. I couldn’t understand why no one was defending me. After all what had I done? I do now, they were too scared of being attacked themselves so they kept quiet. Strangely, I had PMs from members who suggested that I get some readings from some good psychics. The PMs said that the psychics were so good that they would blow my mind and convince me of psychic ability. They told me that they could recommend some good psychics. It didn’t stop the bullying though. Oddly, were my posts criticised? No. I was criticised personally. I was also accused of having multiple accounts. If I remember correctly, I was accused of being Erin?, George K? and Miss Saigon? Plus many others who’s names I forget. I remember those three particularly because they were the ones most frequently used by my accusers and the ones that were most memorable. Who the hell are these people anyway and why I should wish to be any of them God only knows. I now realise that my accusers didn’t believe what they said either. They just used it as a way of discrediting me personally. They didn’t know anything about me so they made it up. In the end I deleted my posts and left very confused . I had no idea what the hell was going on. I’d also been bullied, belittled and chased away. You couldn’t make this up – it’s far too weird.

Since then, I’ve read about psychic ability. My conclusion is that it’s been investigated for over 150 years and all that has been found are fraudsters and the delusional because that’s all there is to find. Psychics will try and convince you otherwise but then, they would, wouldn’t they?

I dropped into the forum occasionally and finally put the pieces together.

The forum is rife with psychics pretending to be ordinary members. They read what members post and target certain ones. Those that come onto the forum and disagree get bullied, belittled and chased away just in case they cause members to stop believing in psychics. I was one such member. I was bullied. I was belittled. I was chased away. These bullies have no idea how they make people feel. It’s horrible. You are made to feel as though the whole forum is against you and therefore it’s you that’s wrong. Meanwhile, the psychics who are pretending to be normal members start to befriend other members. This has been commented on by several members. Then the PMs start. These contain recommendations of supposedly good psychics. As if. Actually, the recommended psychics are the ones sending the PMs. I was targeted in this way when I first joined the forum.

There was a time not long ago when advertising was unashamedly blatant on the forum. That was when icemaiden2 and her minions reigned. I can’t believe how they bullied people like Asha, Popsicle, Dom, Hangingpants and others. I was disgusted. I knew exactly how they felt. Icemaiden even had the nerve to deny the bullying even though there was ample evidence on the forum to prove otherwise. She didn’t care. She even bullied someone who is dyslexic. That’s sick.

Then recently icemaiden2 and her minions got attacked. Others joined in. Personal details were leaked. I then decided to repay icemaiden2 and her minions for what they did to me. I wanted her and her minions to feel what I, Asha, Popsicle, Dom, Hangingpants and others had felt. Now they do. You can't reason with these people. They are far too emotional to respond to reason. They believe in superstitious nonsense and things that go bump in the night for christ sake. You can't expect them to be logical and respond to reason.

Their accounts are now settled in full. I now am satisfied that justice has been done and been seen to be done. I am now finished with the forum.

It’s now up to others to keep this forum honest – well, as honest as this forum is ever going to get.

I also wanted members of this forum to see and to understand that they don’t have to run away from bullies like icemaiden2 and her minions. It’s not difficult to stand up to them. They are not intelligent. Otherwise they wouldn’t bully others.

I dare say that icemaiden2 and here minions will simply create additional accounts and continue to post. I can’t do anything about that. What I can and did do was to show members that they can stand up to bullies. I should have done this when I first joined the forum. There again, we all live and learn.

Take care everyone and stand up to bullies.
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18-08-2015, 01:13 PM
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RE: Warning!!
Okay Jenny you win, I am taking the bait!!!!!

I have one user name... Icemaiden2.... Icemaiden the original account was banned by the spam bot when I responded sarcastically on a spam thread. I am not amber or anyone else, I don't have the time or the mental unbalance to create multiple accounts. I have something called a life in the real world. And lets face it, I would much rather spend time with my kids, my other half, or my friends than sit on here with multiple accounts.

Now all of the multiple accounts who keep joining simply to attack me... you win, you have caused enough trouble for me, star and colincook to all no longer be friends on facebook, because you have managed to cause enough paranoia that we no longer trust each other over personal details.. so well done, give yourself or selves a dairy lea triangle... does it make you feel good? Did you get a thrill? Did it make your sad pathetic life have some meaning?

I honestly wish you would get psychiatric help, because the way you are behaving is unhinged, deranged, and quite frankly getting really un nerving.... is this the plan, to un nerve people? Lets face it, I don't really care that a video of me has done the rounds, the night was damn right brilliant and I had a right laugh... did it really get your goat that I have a life outside of this forum, unlike some of you who seem to spend every waking minute attacking me under many MANY user names. Did it make you feel really good when you scared a child by mass phonecalls on my mobile number? Is this really the behaviour of a sane person?

I am not a bully and never have been... once upon a time in this forum you could have a disagreement it would all blow over... but now if you dare to question or disagree with the person/persons who has taken some unhealthy obsession over me to a whole new level of unacceptable behaviour, then you are attacked by the vulture accounts....

This is a forum, it is not real life... maybe, just maybe if you took yourself or selves off your pc and went out into the real world then you would get a life and have no need to take over a forum.... it is insane behaviour of a level that is completely unacceptable and is actually against the law.. stalking is against the law, internet bullying is actually against the law.... I find you so pitiful that all you have in your life is some nasty obsession with me that I can't be arsed to take it further.

Do you not realise that only your multiple accounts and a minority of people find your behaviour okay.. the rest of the forum finds it distasteful.. but anyone who says enough, who says seriously people get a grip, I am suddenly them under another user name... it couldn't possibly be because your anger, bitterness, hate and venom is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of people who simply want to post on here.

So fill your boots, keep posting, keep baiting, and keep obsessing over me.... I close this browser down and don't give you lot a second thought, you close it down and think up ways to attack me... who does that make the nasty bully... certainly not me.... I am opinionated yes, I believe in what I believe yes, but bully... no....

Stop playing the victim, get yourself help.... see, you win, I don't want to post here... three people are no longer friends and doubt each other.... so good for you or you lot... you must feel so proud of yourselves.. at least, you will for a little while... soon enough the empty loneliness will creep back in... and you will move on to another forum, doing the same to another member there... only they might not be as thick skinned as me...

Just because this is the internet does not mean people have free reign to cause reigns of terror to a person or individuals.

You see, I don't care you have all seen a video of me... I just care that my privacy was invaded.... I don't care who thinks I am ugly... my boyfriend, kids and friends don't have that view, and it is there opinion that counts.... I don't care if you dislike me.... your opinion is not really registering on my radar.... however, I do care that I have been stalked in my personal life by members or member of this forum... that is unacceptable, against the law, and if it continues I will take police action... because your behaviour is becoming more unhinged and that could potentially make you dangerous... so yay you win.. well done... does it make you feel really good? Is your life now complete that you have bullied every regular poster off in one way or another?
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