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Dear Telephone Psychic Owners
01-04-2016, 12:39 AM
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Dear Telephone Psychic Owners
Dear Owners of Psychic Telephone Lines,
This letter is addressed to the Michele Knights, the Elizabeth Rose, Psychic Sofa and many many others that I and many others have used for a long long time.
I am wondering how you sleep at night? How often you check on and make sure your staff are doing the right thing and how you check their psychic ability.
You are responsible for the promises they make, I’m not talking about the predictions, but the fact that they promise to be psychic, that they are right, that they can tell the truth of a situation and that they make promises of the outcome to us.
I am going to admit my own part in this path, I was in an incredibly vulnerable place 3 years ago, dealing with many things in my life and out of loneliness and a need I picked up the telephone. Ironically it was not about a relationship, I was single and happy with this but when this person I spoke to promised that someone who was in my life (described them really well) had hidden feelings for me and would come forward. Believe me at this time this person was giving me all these signals.
So that was it, I was hooked.
Now, I am a reasonably intelligent person. I know usually know when I am being taken for a ride.
I have called nearly every reader on Michele Knight, many Psychic Sofa readers, Psychic Today, Elizabeth Rose, The Circle. Yep I called them all. They all told me the same thing, without being asked. They all promised that I would eventually get to enjoy this connection and it would all be alright.
Many predictions came true, many things they promised happened and I assumed like many others before me that if they could pick up a situation and could predict small things then I would eventually get my pay off.
So owners of psychic lines, how often do you vet your staff? Do you encourage these people to keep notes about their previous readings? Do they share information from psychic to psychic and how can you possibly sleep at night knowing these people make the promises they make?
How do you sleep at night knowing that people out there put their faith in the people you employ, that use your name, work under your name to gain their trust.
I take full responsibility for my part in this, for calling constantly but YOU, You and your psychics need to take responsibility for the fact that they make promises that don’t exisit.
You see I held onto to something that was toxic, I held the faith in something that nearly had me going over the edge because although this man never promised me anything, he did behave as if he loved me. But I would have let go a long long time ago had I not believed the many psychics that I rang. Some I rang weekly, they became my source of information and I believed that information.
Some gained my trust in many ways and I let that happen.
Some of the things I believed were this
“He loves you he doesn’t know how to show it”
“You are the only one that can make it work with him”
“He will come forward and tell you he loves you in April, March, September, Christmas time – repeat year after year....”
“He is depressed”
‘He is confused”
“He doesn’t want to ruin the friendship”
“He cannot live without you”
“Have patience”
“he is mean because he loves you”
The fact is this man never loved me. The fact is this man is a damaged human being who I was persuaded to hold on for for many many years because he was the one and only and nobody else was coming in for me.
The fact is this man was controlling and abusive and I didn’t see it because I believed the psychics that told me his behaviour was about depression and being confused. Trusted psychics from Michele Knight told me that he could not help the way he behaved because he loved me so much.
Don’t get me wrong, I made the choice to call and to listen and believe. But psychic after psychic missed that it was abusive and I was letting it happen. Something I will forever be ashamed of. I held on so tight because I thought he was the only option I had and nothing else was ever going to come in for me.
They may be right, I may be destined to be alone for the rest of my life, but being alone is much more preferable to being with someone that treats me the way he treated me.
I had a break from psychics recently, called again only last month to be told that he was coming back in and that he has missing me. I know this isn’t true, as soon as they say this I hang up. I also hang up if I am told that someone else is coming in for me.
Funnily enough, those psychics that held fast with their predictions, those that told me for nearly 3 years that this man loved me and was coming towards me, those ones have told me that he will no longer care about me and that he has moved on. Funny that, how they change their stories after I tell them what happened.
Please psychic phone company owners, please can you vet your staff, can you please make sure those that use your name and we have faith in you so we have faith in them are actually psychic. Free will is such a cop out when they make predictions that they “stake their reputation on” it hurts, the pain of losing the hope of this relationship hurts, the fact I let someone emotionally abuse me because I thought they loved me hurts and the fact that i have had to mourn the loss of this relationship time and time again when I placed me faith in people who promised me the earth.
I take full responsibility for my part in this; I would never encourage anyone to call a phone line, I would actually never encourage anyone to call a psychic. I called private ones as well as telephone lines only to be told the same story.
I have spent the last 6 months finding myself again, I lost my way for a long time and I am stronger now than I have been for many years.
But something that was supposed to give me strength, people that I should have been able to rely on - maybe not to the extent I did lol!
But please those that own psychic telephone lines, start thinking about your patrons a little and the lines we are fed. Do you have any idea of the damage your readers cause to vulnerable people like me.
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01-04-2016, 12:17 PM
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RE: Dear Telephone Psychic Owners
Parky99 whilst I sympathise with your story I can't understand why if as you say you had all these unsuccessful readings did you not stop? You say you had one after the other where psychics have told you the same thing yet you still continued.

In one breath you are saying that it was your choice that you rang the psychics yet on another note you are blaming the psychics for this. Why did you recently have another reading if your experience had been negative? I do not understand why you would want the phone companies to take notice of your grievance! I have had many good readings from The Circle, Michelle Knight, Elizabeth Rose - Lara and Sarah in particular and Psychic Sofa with Lauren, Truthseer and Amie Rose. For me those are good readers who have given me honest predictions that have happened for me.

I am rather surprised that you did not complain to Michelle Knights company. They are very ethical and would have refunded if your reading was not up to standard. All psychic readings are provided for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. This means that they are not to be taken seriously, there are bad readers I agree, but there are some legitimate psychics.

It seems to me that you are blaming psychics for the shortfalls in your life whereas perhaps there is a need to sort yourself out and look to seek help and counselling? I have not found that the psychics I connect with have told me about man problems as I have a partner. They focus on work, domestic and children etc.
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13-04-2016, 06:41 PM (This post was last modified: 13-04-2016 06:46 PM by Anna32.)
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RE: Dear Telephone Psychic Owners
They are all liars, phonies and cheats. Anyone who says otherwise, in my opinion, either doesnt have the experience with psychic readings, or is delusional.

I feel your plight Parly99. But see it as a blessing in disguise. Now you hold the key to work and develop on your self esteem and self confidence and try to focus and work on self improvement. It's a long haul, and you've taken the first step.

These companies don't care. They don't care at all about their clients. All they see is $$ and ££ and nothing else matters, so save your breath and energy.

Dont expend any more of your energy and time on these low life scum of the earth despicable pathetic excuses for human beings. they arent worth it
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