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Pet hates about psychics
18-09-2016, 11:00 PM
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Pet hates about psychics
Hi all, I was just wondering what your pet hates are when talking to a psychic. I know I probably have loads more but the three that really stick in my throat are :

1. When they start the reading and tell you stuff YOU ALREADY KNOW! eg, you must be a shy person, and you must be career driven, you must be artistic, you had a break up, you lived house, have you just bought a new car bla bla bla... YES! I already know that and I'm calling you about the future not the bloomin past!

2. When their all singing and all dancing profile says some crap like (literally) "I remember being born" or "I have spoken to and heard spirit from a very young age" yet when you speak to them all they do is shuffle a pack of cards and no sight nor sound of "spirit" whatsoever and so their profiles do not reflect anywhere near the truth at all.

3. When they start falsely complimenting you e.g. "You've got such a lovely energy about you. You must have loads of friends and people coming to you for advice. In fact you should be doing this" - and so the ploy here is to get you to start lapping up the compliments and wanting to stay on the phone, for obvious reasons.

I wonder if any of you have any pet hates you want to get off your chest.
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