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The Moon
13-11-2016, 09:37 AM
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The Moon

Chat will remain enabled as long as it remains civil.
Automatic Bans:
1. Verbally attacking other chat users
2. Using Racial Slurs of any kind
3. Spamming the chat box (including constantly repeating your beliefs with no substance)
4. Bashing Religions
5. Calling the live stream fake (We take time out of our lives to bring you this feed, if you believe it to be fake, as if we have time to do that, please remove yourself from the live stream)

Paul and I stream the moon to the world to help educate and give people a rare look at the moon that they may have never seen and to look for anomalies that otherwise would not be seen. We would be doing this whether we have 1 viewer or 1 million viewers. We do this as a service to those who, like us, are natural explorers and want to learn and converse about Earths only natural satellite... Luna A.K.A The Moon.

Scope Operation: Paul- Miami FL
Celestron CPC 10" Scope
80mm ED Carbon Fiber For Wide Field Viewing
Celestron 130mm Refractor Medium
Orion Starshoot HD Web Broadcasting Camera
**plus some secret attachments Smile**

Imaging and Optics: Keith- Pennsylvania
NASA OnEarth Imaging software
FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) Software
DON 3.1
(These are not all used during streaming, some are used in Post and/or Setup)
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