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More porkie pies from psychic today
18-11-2016, 01:18 PM
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More porkie pies from psychic today
I have used psychic today regularly from 2010 to 2013 after that my interest decrease I no longer call them now I can't even watch the shows it almost makes me fall asleep.
Back in 2013 I sent them a text asking if me and a certain guy would ever talk like adults and resolve our differences and I got a really rude text saying if I "tried it would backfire on me and that this guy was not looking for the same thing as me"
I didn't think too much and decided to just leave it, then a few weeks later I tried again and got a similar response saying "let sleeping dogs lie I hear".
Well I got so scared that I decided to just leave it and I wouldn't even say hello to him in the street and he thought that was weird, I also texted psychic sofa or O'Mara psychics I forgot which and they said that we would be able to talk at some point and that he even wanted to start things again (don't know about that) Jan on the circle said that he thinks I am taking the micky out of for not speaking to him but I was really serious.
Lots of things happened ....
The reason why this guy wouldn't apologise is because I too said many hurtful things to him and they didn't pick up that instead they gave me a load of bs.
Shortly after the referendum on the UK membership of the EU I spoke to him to tell him how to get a permanent residency card or a British Passaport and there were no problems there.
Yesterday I felt it was the right time for us to talk and I was very frank and he replied back saying the normal stuff and he apologised for treating me badly.
I would live to put a picture of the text here but I would expose ourselves too much.

I am posting this to show people that they are so wrong and I am sure many of you can relate to this.
I have not given up on reading but I am no longer confident about phone reading on these premium lines because they share information and we don't know who replied to these texts.
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